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  1. Today is a day at sea. We had our meeting this morning for all those passengers staying aboard for the next cruise. We will have to meet in the Princess Theatre at 9:30 on Sunday morning to be taken off the ship and then brought back on. You are allowed to get off earlier and go into town if desired. If not planning to do that, or planning to go off a little later, you have to meet at 9:30 so everyone is off the ship and they can zero it out. It sounds like it should all go smoothly. I'll post after with the results. Yesterday we were in St Maarten and we stayed onboard along with several other folks. Hubby did manage some alone time in a hot tub which was nice. Lots of folks sitting out around the pools but not many in them. We haven't gone to see any shows and last night was the first Comedienne. Hubby did not feel well so we ended up ordering room service for dinner and going to bed early. Missed the show. The day before that we were in St Thomas. We did a shore excursion with the ship. It was a panoramic island drive. The sky was perfect. We stopped at a few different places to get some pictures. The first picture below is of our ship on the right and the Crown Princess on the left. The second picture shows Water Island on the left and you can see a couple ships docked at the Crown Marina. The 3rd and 4th picture are of Magens Bay. It was so beautiful and definitely did not look crowded. This was about 3 pm. We enjoyed this tour. There were 16 of us on a mini bus with air conditioning.
  2. It doesn't feel like the new beds. They are pretty hard but I am sleeping fine. Only a little back discomfort when I first wake up. We sleep on a tempurpedic cloud at home.
  3. The buffet is great! Lots of choices and very big. Usually 2 types of carved meat, multiple main courses and sides. Last night at dinner (buffet) I noticed a crepe station. The guy was making crepes to order with all the trimmings you could want to add.
  4. We just boarded the Regal on Sunday, 31 March and they did not have us fill one out. Agree with Thrak that most people that were actually sick did not disclose this upon embarkation.
  5. We are in mid forward, Deck Aloha- cabin is A236. Balcony is much smaller than on Emerald and Ruby ships but it is working out fine. We sit sideways on it anyways.
  6. We had a lovely day while docked offshore at Princess Cays today. We did not go ashore as we have been here several times and hubby had some end of the month reports to do. We got up early and headed to the fitness center. Since this ship has it located above the horizon court, it is open 24 hours. We were there at 5:30 am along with a few other folks. After a good workout we headed to the International Cafe for a coffee and then back to the room. We had a nice room service lunch on our balcony overlooking Princess Cays. Here are a few pics of our cabin (premium deluxe balcony) and our view of Princess Cays from our balcony.
  7. Well, we made it on board without any delays. We got to the pier at 10:30 and were boarding at 10:55. The ocean medallion worked great. We dropped off our carry ons in our cabin and headed to the Horizon Court for a buffet lunch. Food and selection was great. After eating we went to the International Cafe to purchase our coffee cards. We then headed back to the room to see if our luggage had arrived and it had. Our cabin steward introduced himself and we chatted for a bit. He is from the Philippines and since I lived there for 4 years, we had a lot to talk about. Then it was off to the Princess Theatre (our muster station) for the emergency drill. Sailaway was a little late but no problems so far. We are very happy with the new on demand TV. You can apparently pause movies you are watching and return to finish watching them later. Thats about all I have for today. Tomorrow I will go and explore the casino for the question asked and enjoy the day onboard as we are at Princess Cays. We've been here many times and decided to just enjoy the fairly quiet ship instead.
  8. Got the follow up email: EMBARKATION UPDATE Please be advised that Regal Princess is now expected to arrive in Fort Lauderdale on time on Sunday, March 31, 2019, and check-in and embarkation for your cruise will begin at 12:30 PM as scheduled. Please refer to your Progressive Boarding schedule for your check-in time. HOORAY!
  9. Just got my updated email on embarkation: EMBARKATION UPDATE Please be advised that Regal Princess is now expected to arrive in Fort Lauderdale on time on Sunday, March 31, 2019, and check-in and embarkation for your cruise will begin at 12:30 PM as scheduled. Please refer to your Progressive Boarding schedule for your check-in time.
  10. Someone onboard the Regal now just posted on our roll call that the generator is fixed and they will be arriving on time tomorrow morning. Stated a dive team will do further repair once docked. Still unsure if they are going to have us embark later. Waiting for the follow up email from Princess.
  11. I just got the email too-super bummed. Glad it is not affecting the safety of crew and passengers but sad for a potential delay or even cancellation if it is something they need to repair. Will be on my computer the next few hours waiting for update.
  12. The email just said there is a "technical issue" and they are not able to go at full speed. Another email update is supposed to be sent by 10 pm EST to let embarking passengers know what time to show up.
  13. Thanks for your input! WE sailed the Grand a couple years ago to Hawaii and LOVED Alfredo's. Will definitely be partaking in it again. Haven't heard of Ocean Terrace so I'll be on the lookout for it once onboard.
  14. I haven't seen anything that we could order in advance but I will certainly ask once we are onboard and let you know.
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