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  1. There are 2 or 3 shade structures on Klein Bonaire, and that's about it. The island is uninhabited and undeveloped. The water taxi stops at the island and gives a few minutes to put your belongings on the beach, and then you get back on the water taxi and they drop you in the water to do your snorkel. You drift with the current back to the spot where they let you put your stuff on the beach. Water taxi returns to bring you back to the mainland and different times, you decide when you are ready to leave. It was around 20.00 per person for the water taxi. Woodwind was around 65.00 for thei
  2. topspot

    Island tour

    You can try http://www.h2obonaire.com/ We did a night snorkel with this company, but they also do island tours. DH and I were with owner Brenda. She is very knowledgeable regarding Bonaire and accommodating. Check out their website.
  3. We use these https://www.amazon.com/BPS-Storm-Lycra-Water-Socks/dp/B07D9CN932/ref=sr_1_11?crid=1ANKXMDCFTTMB&dchild=1&keywords=water+socks+for+wom there is a thin tread on the bottom, and once we get to the water our fins slip over them. You will need some sort of water shoes as the beaches have shells, small rocks etc. The socks that we use are not good for long walks, just getting from where we left our towels to the water.
  4. We did a land vacation after many cruises to Bonaiare. While there we parked our rental car at Windsock Beach (which is south and near airport), Eden Beach which is (north of the cruise port, Te Amo Beach (south of port) and Chachacha Beach (which is walking distance from ship but just OK snorkeling). The best snorkeing we did was Klein Bonaire, which you need to take the water taxi to the island, or with a company like Woodwind (which is an awesome snorkel trip) or Sea Cow which is the company that the cruise ships were using pre covid.
  5. My choice would be #1 followed by #4. Curacao has some decent snorkeling. We like to take the city bus to "the dive bus" and snorkel from shore here. http://www.thedivebus.com/
  6. They may not be answering emails/working during the Covid lock-down. Bonaire just reopened to tourism with some restrictions which you can find here https://www.tourismbonaire.com/health-and-safety I do know that one of the owners was receiving some medical treatment in The Netherlands, but they were still running the excursions and answering emails, but this was back in January when we did a land trip to Bonaire. If Woodwind doesn't work out for you, and you are comfortable snorkeling on your own, it is very easy to take the water taxi to Klein Bonaire. We did this one day. We have our o
  7. I've never stayed in a suite, but I can tell you the following thread has all of the info you will need regarding the mini-bar, what is included, and how to trade things out that you don't want for things you will use. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2619306-minibar-tradeout/page/2/
  8. Yes. The dome things are rentals (we've never used them so I can only say they are rentals). Lots of rocks in the water, so you may want some sort of water shoes for the children.
  9. On the following thread, post 4 and 6 give info on car rentals near the cruise port. We have only rented a car on our land vacation, so we rented at the airport. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2720537-transportation-questions/
  10. How was the virtual flourless chocolate cake? We were supposed to be on this cruise.
  11. Ha! I saw a picture of a person with full scuba gear (minus fins) pushing a shopping cart. The person wasn't going to even breathe the air in the supermarket.
  12. Go to princess website https://princess.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_3IPGcxcN0jSk6c5 You need your booking number to tell Princess what option you want. We used a TA for one of our Princess cruises and used this for both. Just waiting for the refund
  13. Yup. Once they start sailing again we have lots of FCC since we had 2 cruises booked during this 60 day time frame that Princess suspended saiing. We would book again with Princess even without the FCC.
  14. If you go to this thread https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2647035-bonaire-beaches-and-snorkel/ The last post has info on the closest place to snorkel near the port.
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