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  1. In Cozumel, we take a cab to The Money Bar. 12.00 plus tip each way for up to 4 people. It is free for chairs here, but they want you to order food and drinks. This is from Puerta Maya. Not sure where your ship docs. In St. Thomas we like either Secret Harbor or Sapphire beach for a DIY snorkel trip. Cab to Sapphire is 10/pp each way. It's been a while since we've been to Secret Harbor, so I'm not sure of the price of the cab. This is from Havensight
  2. Here is a link to the beaches in Bonaire https://www.tourismbonaire.com/bonaire-beach/te-amo We have cruised to Bonaire 3 times and liked it so much we are doing a land vacation there in January. We plan to take the water taxi to Klein Bonaire to snorkel from the beach there. This island has NO amenities. We will also do some snorkeling from shore on Bonaire. I will come back to let you know what worked for us.
  3. We found HAL kids/teen club to be very accommodating, especially when we did a cruise in January. There were less than 20 children on the cruise. We also had a great deal so we had our DD take a friend they were around age 14 at the time. The staff found out their hobbies and interests our DD's friend was very much into sound equipment, so the staff arranged for our girls to spend time with the sound technicians during a show rehearsal. DD was a dancer, and the staff arranged time with a dancer. The staff also arranged for all of the children to have a tour of the bridge, since it was such a small group of children. This was opened to all ages that the kids club served. Funny story on this cruise the four of us were waiting to be seated for dinner and a cruiser in a wheel chair says "Oh look, somebody under 90".
  4. DH and I board the Crown tomorrow. Thanks for the live from thread. We like to play trivia. We'll avoid the "professional" players, as though it is nice to win, IF we do, we'd like it to be because we knew something, not that we remembered the answers from last week.😀
  5. In Aruba, you can take the public bus (2.50 US each way) to Arashi Beach. Facing the water to your left, snorkeling is decent. There is now beach chair rentals and a dive shop where you can rent snorkle equipment.
  6. I could name one person who we played with on a few rounds on one cruise, years ago.on a Caribbean itinerary. She didn't look up the answers, but she acutally made another team member cry because of a wrong answer. She did write all of the questions down and took this paper with her, but didn't look things up during the game. We stopped playing with this person after the second or third game when she made someone cry because of a wrong answer. Fast forward 7 years later and on our last cruise DH and I see "mean player" recruiting for team members on the first game of the cruise. Definitely she is one of the cheaters looking up answers. What a shame that her enjoyment in life is winning (by cheating) those life changing prizes at Princess trivia
  7. I recommend the snorkel tour with Woodwind in Bonaire. Dee gives great instruction on snorkeling, and they split the people in the boat into smaller groups, each group has a guide in the water. The boat ride is very short, and the snorkeling is awesome.
  8. They will have you back in time. They drop cruise ship passengers before going back to the place where they dock their boat. It makes for a shorter walk back to the cruise ship. In October, we will be taking our third excursion with them this year. They will drop you at 3:45, and in 5-10 minutes (depending on how fast you walk, and where your ship dock ) you will be back onboard.
  9. We did the whale watching ship's tour in Dec. 2018. We did see lots of dolphins and 2 whales. The boat's crew spent a lot of time trying to find whales, but we finally did. It was crowded, but they stopped the boat when we found the whales and made sure we all got time and space to see the whales We had a weird experience in the beginning of the tour. There was a dead body floating in the water, and we had to stop to report it to their authorities. Toward the end of the excursion we found out the body was that of a person who had epilepsy, and the locals had been searching for him for over a wee k. As upsetting as the experience was, at least our trip helped that person's family know what happened to him...
  10. When you get off of the tender go to the left. There are some rocks in the water, and a covered pier like structure with a red roof that goes out into the water. Around this area there is OK snorkeling, but it is usually crowded. People up on the pier feed the fish. If you keep swimming along the shore, it gets less crowded, and you will still have some marine life. The snorkeling at Princess Cays is better than HMC in my opinion, but it is not great. I have also done the snorkeling excursion through Princess, don't waste your money. We saw more of a variety of fish snorkeling from shore on our own.
  11. DH has beard and mustache, he shaves a very small area between his nose and upper lip before snorkeling or diving to prevent leaks. He still keeps his mustache, the shaved area is about 1/4 of an inch. I have included a link below to information regarding the safety of the full face masks. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2634342-full-face-snorkel-mask/
  12. On the Caribbean Princess, in July, they had you go through the line and place the cheese, spinach etc that you want in your omelette into a little bowl. Hand this little bowl in to one of the workers in the line. You tell them if you want egg whites or the egg product that they use, and he hands you a beeper. When your beeper goes off, you go back for the omelette.
  13. Another vote for Bonaire, and if you are not going to do it on your own Woodwind for sure!
  14. Mitsugirly, We snorkeled with the whale sharks on a land vacation in Cancun. It was awesome. There was a family on our boat, the youngest was 6. She absolutely was in the water when her turn came. Not sure of an age restriction with a ship sponsored excursion, but your daughter would definitely be able to do it on a land vacation. I know you are quite adventurous, but there would be quite a bit of coordination to do this on your own from a cruise ship. It was awesome!!
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