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  1. So, will Carnival charge me 18% gratuity for a bottle of liquor I purchase in their fun shop onboard and will they charge me a delivery fee to bring it to my cabin on the last night of my cruise? And what about the liquor that I purchased in a port and Carnival holds for safe keeping?
  2. Wondering if there is a service fee, delivery fee or gratuity charge for liquor that was bought at ports or on board and delivered to my stateroom the final evening of cruise?
  3. Is there a wine bar or which bar to purchase a high end glass of wine before dinner on the Sunrise?
  4. Wish Carnival still had this as an excursion. Did the kayaking tour three years ago and would love to do it again. Too far from San Juan to feel comfortable to take a private excursion.
  5. Are there showers and a dry sauna in the locker rooms in the spa area that anyone could use?
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