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  1. You are completely wrong. Vaping is water. A vaporizer that mimics smoke, but is basically steam that is inhaled. The liquid that is used to create the vapor may or may not have added nicotine. There is no smoke or burning of tobacco. Vaping IS NOT SMOKING.
  2. I see that. I was looking at a photo tonight and then it dawned on me - why place her on the rail. The security / surveillance footage will hopefully show what transpired. I feel for the grandpa and entire family. It was a bad split-second decision that ended horribly. I can't begin to imagine the pain this family is experiencing.
  3. I commented a few days ago that none of us really knows the exact details of the incident. But one thing that doesn't seem logical to me is why Grandpa would have placed the child on the railing if the purpose for doing so was that the child wanted to bang on the glass like she had done at hockey games. In looking at pictures of the window area of the site where she fell, I believe the glass window area is floor to ceiling. Why not let the child stand on the floor (below the railing) look out and bang on the lower part of windowed area? The lower floor area windows are fixed closed and do not open. This would have been more like what the child would have experienced at a hockey rink. So, now I wonder why grandpa would have placed this child on the railing even if he believed the window was closed when she could have just stood and banged on the glass.
  4. I didn't say he was blind, only suggested that his vision might be such that he didn't easily notice the window open. Maybe he had sunglasses on and this impacted his ability to see the tinted glass wasn't there. (Window opened) Again, no one knows exactly what happened.
  5. And maybe they didn't go in search of hiring an attorney but he offered his services. Attorneys are known to do just that. Some sit and wait for a tragic event. Would you turn legal representation away in a situation as horrible as this if offered? My point was none of us know the full story and many are rushing to judgment and speculating. All we really know is that a young toddler fell to her death and the family is surely devastated.
  6. Seriously? No one knows if the grandfather has vision issues. Maybe he couldn't easily discern that it was an open window or see it as well as you or me. Maybe they were all so excited and distracted getting on the cruise that he wasn't as attentive as he should have been. Maybe an attorney was hired because grandpa was worried he could be prosecuted for dropping his grand daughter to her death. I don't believe the cruise line was negligent, but I also don't believe this family is making up a story or that they are now trying to profit from this tragedy. Accidents happen and We all make mistakes from time to time. I truly feel for this family, but I'm shocked at how cold and judgmental people are that have no idea what actually occurred. Who knows what details were first provided or by whom and if they were just plain wrong.
  7. I'm on a 21 day cruise as well this November. The cost of the new NCL upgraded package for a 21 day cruise (without the "free" perk) is $3225 (incl gratuity) PER PERSON! For both in the cabin it would be $6,450!!!!!! Now, the NCL "free" perk upgrade charge for the same pkg for 21 days will be $1,146 (gratuities and upgrade cost of $29/day). Gee, seems like such a great deal. However, compare these costs to Celebrity, which does NOT require both people, or all in the cabin to purchase a package, the cost for a 21 day cruise for their top bev package (purchased outright) is $1709.82 per pers. The price to upgrade the Celebrity pkg when receiving the free bev package as a booking perk (and nearly all cruises can get this perk at some point) the upgrade price would be only $346 for 21 days, including the 18% gratuity. What NCL is doing is outrageous. People will ultimately drink less or decide not at all and then look back and say their cruise was boring or disappointing. Not a smart strategy by NCL especially when the competition offers a better or comparable product for less. It's hard to get a customer back once they decide to go the competition. Retention is generally a main goal of any business.
  8. NCL needs to rethink this price increase and their highly inflated price of their beverage packages compared to their competition. Holland America's comparable beverage package is $44.95 per day (if you purchase prior to boarding) vs NCL's $99.00 per day. NCL's $99.00 per day cost doesn't include bottled water or any type of coffee beverage or higher end call brands that much of the competition considers standard - Grey Goose as an example. NCL's package price is more than $50 a day higher than some of the competition and they can't include a bottle of water that would probably cost them less .25 cents? Both Holland's and Celebrity's beverage packages include bottled water and coffee beverages. Additionally, Celebrity doesn't require both occupants to purchase the beverage package if one in the cabin selects and their daily price is significantly lower than NCL's daily rate. I booked my upcoming November NCL cruise solely for the itinerary. I understand the need for a company to be profitable and I don't begrudge a company or corporation making changes to improve their bottom line or trying to make an extra buck. But the customer must be kept in mind. What NCL is currently doing on both the individual drink pricing and their beverage package pricing is ridiculous and I believe the extent to which they have gone will ultimately drive customers away. Its clearly an overreach.
  9. We are booked on a 21-day cruise in November. I just checked the NCL website to see the price difference of the daily charge for the standard Beverage Package and the Ultimate Beverage Package. The difference is $34 per person / per day. $65.00 vs $99.00 per person / per day. The cost for two people on a 21 day cruise to purchase the Ultimate Beverage Package is nearly $5000. ($4,989.00). This is ridiculous, even for a 3 week cruise. A lot of people will consume less alcohol the longer the cruise goes. We received the beverage package package with our booking as a "free perk" along with a charge of $800 plus for drink gratuities. We will not be upgrading.
  10. No, we are doing the Jade on Nov 7th, 2019.
  11. Absolutely, especially if the cruise is more than 7 days. Drinks and beverages add up fast. I prefer not to spend my vacation keeping track of my consumption. However, after cruising primarily on Celebrity over the last few years, I'm very disappointed in the mandatory gratuity charge by NCL on the "free perk package". If it wern't for the fact that Celebrity didn't have an itinerary this year to compete with NCL's - 21 day Arabian cruise, we would have remained with Celebrity. $800 plus in beverage gratuities is a bit much and if you have a day where you only consume one or two drinks in a particular day, you end up paying gratuities for beverages you didn't consume or service that wasn't provided. Celebrity provides the drink package perk on many of their sailings without tacking on a mandatory gratuity charge. Reportedly, they cover the gratuity on the free beverage perk. We also make sure our Celebrity servers and bartenders are well compensated throughout the cruise.
  12. We just booked the November '19 sailing yesterday as 1) we prefer to try the Jade and 2) it was overall $1000 less expensive than booking the Spirit in February '20. Our third reason is the weather should be slightly warmer in November compared to February. One thing to realize is disembarkation for the November '19 sailing is on Thanksgiving day -11/28. If being home for Thanksgiving is important to you, then I would book the Spirit in Feb '20. Good Luck. I hope we see you and others. This is an awesome itinerary that rarely is seen or available and generally only on the luxury lines for considerably more money.
  13. I don't think the dates you provided for the Prinsendam drydock are correct. Prinsendam is scheduled for a 6 day sailing on 12/15/18.
  14. Thanks Jacqui for your input. Yes, we are well aware of the size. I think it's smaller than the first ship I sailed on back in 1988 - Sitmar's Fair Sea. It will definitely be different than what we are accustomed to, but I'm not worried that we won't enjoy ourselves. We prefer midsize ships, not mega. Bigger isn't always better. I am curious however, what a small ship like the P'dam is like in rough seas? We're booked in one of the original cabins - 156, I think. How are the balconies on this ship compared to the newer and larger ships? Again, thanks for responding and answering my questions.
  15. I have followed several of the threads and opinions concerning the Prinsendam. It has been several years since we cruised HAL (I think almost 10). Our last cruise on HAL was in Alaska and I recall finding the ship absolutely dead at 8:30 pm. I recall one evening being at Guest Services and asking where everyone was and their reply was, "In Bed". :o My husband and I have sailed Celebrity, Princess & NCL the last several years. Because Morocco is on my husband's bucket list, we booked the TA on the Prinsendam next March. This was booked before we learned of the recent sale of the P'dam. Can anyone give me an idea of what to expect on the transatlantic crossing as we have never done one on our prior cruises? What entertainment and/or activities are generally available in the evening hours? We do Select or "open" dining and usually eat late. Celebrity does a good job with things like Silent Disco and live music / performers in the various bars and lounges in the evening. What does HAL offer these days? We are not the type that will stay out way late or into the early morning hours, but we usually look for some form of entertainment after dinner and before calling it a day. Any info would be appreciated.
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