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  1. So … What would be the earliest flight time you would be willing to take leaving FLL on a ship that docks in FLL? Most of the ships I've been on recently, people have been disembarking by 7:00am. What are your thoughts on a 9:05am departure?
  2. I would take that offer. We have stayed near the elevator before with no noise problems. And you'll appreciate it every time you need to use the elevator!
  3. We are just off the Horizon (NYE Sailing). It was our first time as platinum. Our check in time was 11:30. Our UBER dropped us at the port at 11:15. We were through the check-in process and in our cabin at 11:30. Our luggage arrived in the cabin by noon. It was the fastest and easiest embarkation ever. Carnival really has this part down.
  4. Really sorry that happened. I've seen it before on more than one Carnival cruise I've sailed on and its heartbreaking. We're all human and we make mistakes. Congratulations on your marriage and best wishes. Oh, and if you ever thought you would get anything but negative comments from cruise critic people you're in the wrong blog. There are some nasty people here!
  5. I'm with you. I just asked what I am certain is a repeat question because the search format is not the same and I can't find my answer. I'm sure the nasty CC peeps will chew me up for asking a repeat question!
  6. I'm certain that this topic has been discussed before but this new search format is less than desirable and before the CC hounds pounce me, please forgive my repeat question as I can not find the topic! So a friend just off Victory discovered two $25 chips in his pocket when he got home. Can the chips be used on Horizon? If yes, I will trade him $50. for the chips and make him whole!
  7. So, my wife and I have never been to Curacao. Our port day includes an arrival time at 1:30 and departs at 10:30. What suggestions can people, who have been there, give to us with the later arrival and departure? Thanks for your help!:cool:
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