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  1. Hello, We will be on the Regal shortly in a suite and wanted to get your thoughts on the best approach to making reservations for the following: 1.) Promotional complimentary specialty dining (I can't reserve ahead of time since it is complimentary) 2.) Retreat cabana Is it best to use the concierge when coming on board, or going directly to the restaurant/pool? Thanks.
  2. We will be on Regal this Spring. Celebrity on the last few cruises, and first time back to Princess after a long-time away. We are trying an Owner's PH suite, and have a few quick questions please: 1.) I understand that opening night offers complimentary specialty dining. How do I make a reservation for that first night? 2.) Which dining room is Club Dining in? Is it possible to request the same table and waiter? 3.) Is it true that we can order an upgraded breakfast in our room? How is that done? Thank you.
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