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  1. Greetings Maris, Hi and hello . Today Friday - another week passed. At this point one day seems to flow into another. My husband is deemed essential and leaves each morning before 7am not returning most evenings until 7.30ish pm. I like most have not left the house in weeks never mind days and it just seems to go on. Hardly any contact with another human except the occasional phone call. Even groceries delivered to the door. Thank goodness for Instacart which is an amazing service I have started to use. I honestly never thought I would ever order my groceries “Online” but it does provide a li
  2. Hi, Greetings and thank you for a lovely review. Sailing in a signature Suite on the Westerdam with my sister a few years ago, was also once of the best/service experiences I have had whilst sailing. This was my sister’s first cruise so she had nothing with which to compare - she was in awe. The staff on board were simply amazing. Both my sister and I truely enjoyed the “old World” style cruising Holland American offers, but I will have to say that entertainment was a little lacking in the evenings. We also found food and service to be simply amazing and truely loved every bit of it. Would y
  3. kinder girl - You truely are an amazing daughter and human being. Copper 10-8 someone earlier mentioned you being an earth angel. What an amazing man. I would truely feel blessed to encounter the both of you on a cruise some time in the future when this is behind us and we are safe. I only found this thread earlier today and could not stop until the last post. I am feeling so moved and emotional, I have cried a number of times during my read. You are both such exceptional people who make the world a better place. I pray that your parents soon return to health and everyone stays safe. In all
  4. Hi, Maris. Still following. I have and am enjoying every entry you have made. I have followed from the very beginning. Maris in all sincerity - your writing is eloquent, entertaining and plain lovely. You are an amazing photographer, truely gifted. Yours are some of the best pictures anywhere on cc. I am hoping as I am sure others are too, that you will continue to make daily entries after your cruise blog portion wraps. Just on anything you may have to contribute maybe with pictures included. Possibly also about your fur babies. A daily distraction from the grim reality of the present would
  5. Pin boy-=Okay, enough now, you’ve said your bit, let it be . If you feel this way just stop reading and coming to this forum, but no, you keep at it. Would you be happy if this forum were shutdown and muted. I am sure cruising is not at the top of anyone’s priorities at this time. We are all mostly compassionate and thoughtful beings. At present we are all living under stress and fear. Cruise Critic is a source of escape and joy for myself and I think many other members. This is important for our mental health at this time. No one here needs to explain or apologise about looking forward to th
  6. Hi, good afternoon and greetings Maris. Just loving your daily posts. Love your pictures of the early sunrise, entry into ports etc. I too have always been an early riser and find such happiness in the morning quiet before the world starts buzzing about. Cruise critic is a great way to take a break and escape from the current daily stress we are all surrounded with . I am finding such enjoyment from reading especially your posts. BTW That picture of your fur kids truly is artistically beautiful - one of the best I have seen. I am cuddling on the sofa at present with two happy and snoring fur
  7. What a wonderful thing to do for the amazing Celebrity Crew members. Hopefully all ships from all cruise lines will do this for their crews.
  8. Hi Maris, Will a silky terrier and Paris a Parti-Yorky both rescues with such attitude and character. A tiny bit smaller than your beautiful two. Thanks
  9. So enjoying your review, great writing style and love the picures. Following
  10. Greetings Maris, still following. Can’t wait for your next post. Lying here reading cruise critic with both our fur babies cuddling. After the state of Emergency declaration here in Ontario this morning, hardly a car going by. Our neighbour hood has never been this quiet and trying to avoid any outings except walking fur kids and grocery). Your posts are so welcome and refreshing. Just love your writing style and the inclusion of many great pictures. Thank you so much , Linda (ps we are due to sail SJU- Bayonne 2 May on Celebrity Summit which most probably will not happen, just not officially
  11. Thank you for a truely well written report, looking forward to the rest. Please post soon. Greetings
  12. Maris, what a welcome review, so good to read when probably 99 percent of other posts all virus/cancellation related. Thankyou, waiting for your next posting. Your fur babies are just beautiful. Greetings
  13. OMG I am laughing, Thank you! What a great review. Love your much needed numerous writing. Agreed , we need to understand the serious nature of this virus and protect ourselves and those around us but this panic showing up in the frenzied hoarding and the constant media frenzy is personally driving me just a little crazy. Went out to do my usual grocery shop on Saturday (had originally had hubby call in at two different grocery stores on Thursday/Friday on his way home but he found mostly empty shelves). When he arrived home with this report and empty handed , my reaction was Whaaaaaaaat -
  14. Just a little tip Jim... Many times I would stress so much especially when travelling and about other things, all the what if,s . Maybe,s ect and after looking back at these trips a while back It became so clear to me how much of the joy pre-holiday I had missed because of this. My remedy which I have developed for myself leading up to our last holidays and daily happenings which come my way is this. You mentioned a note on the front door of things not to forget. Add this-At the same spot by the front door I either physically or imaginary put a shoe box (I call this my shoe box mentality) Onc
  15. Hello and greetings, so sorry to hear regarding your situation. In my humble opinion I would go to an officer on board and request information, advise and help straight away. You are already on board one of their ships - they should help you and I would find it highly disappointing if they cannot help you resolve this. Sincerely hoping for a good outcome for you. Please keep us posted. Grusse aus Kannada. Hoffe ihr bekommt Hilfe.
  16. YAY! Another Jim and Ian Adventure. Greetings Jim and Ian, Safe Travels and much joy to the both of you. Enjoy every moment and if you have one to spare - think of us poor cc members eagerly waiting each day for your posts, hopefully picture filled. Jim your blogs truely are amazing, entertaining and something I am sure most of us look forward to with excitement. BTW all of the above sincerely meant. We are due to sail out of San Juan 2 May on the Summit and am praying that by then things have improved and settled
  17. Agreed. Yes, we have to exercise caution and be vigilant but are they setting out to bring the cruising industry to its knees? Possibly bankrupt it? Where is common sense these days?
  18. Put me on a cruise ship and I am happy. That being said- Just Not S. Lady.I personally feel it is a disaster. After watching this video I feel depressed. IKEA seems class when compared. All I can say is Helllllllppp if this becomes the future for all new cruise ships.
  19. Hi and Greetings Dwayne and Kelly, just found this today and spent the day reading and loving your blog. This has to be the best most well written ever. Hoping you are having just the best time together with tons of happiness and joy. BTW you have such a talent for writing.
  20. Okay, so happy that Sara (previous post) found this review. This has to be my absolute favorite. The informative, refreshing and to the point way in which it was written together with beautiful pictures. Thank you so much
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