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  1. My daughter is on this ship (inside cabin). Food service has been slow and selections have been reduced somewhat, but she says there has been no shortage of food for them. Regardless, they are not very hungry because all they are doing is sitting around in their cabin.
  2. My DW and I are looking at a Sydney-Sydney New Zealand cruise on the Regal in January 2021. This will be our first cruise down under. I've been out of touch for the past couple of weeks and have just started to catch back up (babysitting a mother with dementia). What is the gratuity policy on a non-Australia based ship cruising out of Australia? Is this sale worthwhile if auto-tips are not a "thing"? Thanks for any info and I apologize if this is has already been covered.
  3. Island Princess has a wonderful library! Board games are stored in the library, but because of its size, this is not an issue. Many chairs for reading as well as tables for gaming.
  4. It can be a bit confusing. There is a decal on the balcony door which states that the balcony is not to be used while underway. Our steward told us to be mindful of the wind, but that we could use it whenever we wished. We were fortunate enough to always be sailing with the wind during our cruise!
  5. We used ours everyday and night on our 12 day British Isles cruise last summer. Very little wind throughout the cruise and a great place for our daily pre-dinner cocktail parties! We had L108 and M108.
  6. The item covered up on that deck (in the background) is the compass. You will see that it is amidships.
  7. I ordered the filet mignon and was extremely disappointed with it. However, the "free" petite filet on surf and turf night was delicious. This was on the Crown Princess 10 days ago.
  8. My dw and I were surprised to see a full menu today in the DaVinci Dining Room. Our waiter said they rolled it out a couple of months ago.
  9. So sorry to hear about this. This can be very disrupting, especially for afternoon naps. On a lighter note, be careful what you wish for...you know, when the drumming stops, the bass takes a solo...
  10. Oftentimes, Princess issued OBC is refundable. One example involves a move-down or similar offer.
  11. I guess I can't post the entire address here. It is vinow. Insert this after the www. https://www.*****/cruise/ship-schedule/
  12. Not a Princess ship at the time, Fairsea (later Fair Princess) in 1980. Princess bought out Sitmar in 1988 and she was re-named. The Princess pizza legacy came over from Sitmar. People would wait forever to get a fresh pie made for them in the pizzeria. That pizza was truly amazing.
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