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  1. https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/6302/ This story does a good job explaining. You have two mRNA vaccines- good to go. Issue is if you had one AZ and one Moderna, they are different types so no go for some cruise lines.
  2. Symphony Oct. 2 opened today. Earliest time (departure is now at 7:00 PM) was 1:00 to 1:30 PM.
  3. Nothing as exotic as what others have posted. We hope to go overseas at some point after we retire but one thing we did on our own was take the public bus in Antigua to Nelson's Dockyard. We walked to the bus station and the bus is more like an oversized van and found the right bus. Enjoyed the drive over as people got on and off for work and school. My husband ended up on a jump seat! We were at Nelson's early and were able to wander around, do the museum and talk with both boat owners and people setting up for an event. When we were ready to leave we just waited for the bus to come around ag
  4. Congratulations on starting your planning! That can be stressful but fun too!. Our two boys are now 22 and almost 28 but we started with them when they were in elementary school. Once they got to be the age your boys are we did two staterooms. You can do two side by side rooms (sometimes connecting with a door) or you can do one across the hall from you. This is what we did usually as we didn't feel we needed to get the boys a balcony of their own when we upgraded from window view only rooms. The boys never minded the interior room with no window. The website might force you to book one adult
  5. Thanks for the report. We made Coco Cay only once back in the day of tendering. It was lovely then, but my sister made the new one in Sept. of 2019 and had a ball. We we are sailing Oct. 2 out of Miami and it will be on the stops. Your report is getting me excited. Thanks for sharing your adventure.
  6. Allure of the Seas went into dry dock, May of 2020. She was to get a major overhaul, but then COVID. I can't post links to stories on what was done, and don't have time to type out what was done, but you have access to search engines so you can see what they ended up doing. We were supposed to be on her last week, but COVID ;). We have done Harmony of the Seas and would imagine a 12 year old as well as the family would love Allure. Lots to do for sure. Oasis class has the Aqua shows which are awesome, plenty of free food (Johnny Rockets is free for breakfast) and nice up charge places as well.
  7. We paid $79.00 in September for our Symphony cruise in 4/22. Just checked, it is now $179.00.
  8. Call! Look on line 4 weeks before and 4 weeks after your current cruise for something you may be interested in and then call and asked. Our son just yesterday did a lift and shift January 2021 to January 2022. He didn't think he'd get what he was interested in but he did. We also did a lift and shift from March 2021 to April 2022. We didn't know about the tool, but were happy we got our 1st choice as well.
  9. We've been booked on Allure since 4/19 in a 8D ocean view balcony. Original booking was at $2540.00 for two. Repriced for the fourth time today at $1677.00. Don't think Allure will be amped before that with that pricing.
  10. We usually tip equal to the prepaid gratuities, making each double.
  11. We have Indy booked for a 5 day Coco Cay and Labadee for 9/14/2020 out of Port Everglades. This sounds like a reasonable itinerary.
  12. Unfortunately the aft cabin dividers can not be opened.
  13. We went back and forth on which way to go. We ultimately decided to take the full refund because of a possible future bankruptcy.
  14. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/passports/passport-help/faqs.html
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