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  1. Chaperones in the same room is a major no-no unless the chaperone is the parent of said child or children. All major youth organizations now have rules about non-relatives sharing a tent/hotel room and even car rides with non-related youth! Seriously, would you let your child stay in the room with an unrelated adult? And there are organizations that do this, a quick search found a group willing to organize a cruise for marching bands and Royal, Carnival and Norwegian were all listed as lines who they have worked with. OP, I would suggest just working with one of those companies who will help you. I would ask them what they have done in the past to ensure that the participants follow the rules. They would not stay in business very long, or have continued relations with these cruise lines if the students/bands involved were a problem. The several sites I saw state that they do not put a parent in each cabin, so obviously when there is an official group tour booked the rules are different than if a bunch of kids wanted to do this on their own.....
  2. We had thought about that beach in Antiqua, but wanted to go to Nelson's Dockyard. We took the public bus to Nelson's and enjoyed it very much. In order to get to Church beach we needed to go back to the main bus terminal and switch buses, so we decided against doing both. For a total of $3 one way for both we made it to English Harbor and spent $8 each to get in. Had the place to ourselves for a few hours before the organized charter buses came. Would take the public bus in Antiqua again, this time to hit one of the beaches. Interested in learning more about the buses, this post might be helpful: https://www.tripadvisor.com/Travel-g147242-s303/Antigua:Caribbean:Public.Transportation.html
  3. Although you did tell them how awesome the services for kids are and they may have been planning on it they still may want to go ahead and do this. You don't know. We never took a vacation without our kids until the last one was in college (and boy, were they surprised when we went with out them 🙂 ). Several trips were with extended family that included grandparents....but grandma wasn't on duty 24/7 and often she had to tell us to go do something and she would watch the little ones. When you let them know this ship doesn't have what you thought it did, maybe volunteer to babysit one night if the couple would like to do something special. If they can't afford a balcony and you have one, maybe allow the little one to go down early in your room and let them have the balcony to enjoy (this is if you can carry the little one to bed without them waking up, not a problem at our house). If they can do a balcony, they may enjoy just having a bit of down time alone watching the world go by from their balcony.
  4. Barbados we really enjoyed Harrison's Cave. The cave tour is on a tram, and you kids might really enjoy it. We were on Freedom and did it through Royal. Ours included a jeep ride through the rain forest, which was very fun- but bumpy and fast. Thank goodness for a secure seat belt! They may have a different trip to Harrison's Cave as well.
  5. Just announced, teens aged 14 and older may go to the Thrill Park on their own. Parent's, check the cruise planner.
  6. That may or not be true. Our airport has commuter flights that only fly from here to O'Hare and then turn right around and come back. Of course, being a state capitol that may have something to do with commuter flights.
  7. The OP has SE GA in their profile, so I am guessing SE Georgia. I may be wrong. I doubt they will have snow issues anytime of year that they go, but ground stop t-storms maybe. With the first flight that gets them in at 7:55 AM I would expect they would know if they would be able to make it or not pretty early. If they can only leave day of departure, they may still stand a chance driving. We have flown from the snowy, great white north once on the same day. Also a direct, non-stop from MKE to FLL. Spring Break. Very early in the morning because we had no other choice. Our adult son could not have an extra day off of work to go a day early. We did a lot of praying that everything would be fine, and it was and we got off in FLL and right over to the ship.
  8. We were on her in April. She is one of our favorites, been on her 3 times. We don't have enough points to worry about D+ lounges or any of those extras and we weren't in a suite, but I can tell you our room was clean and comfortable. We didn't go hungry (and we didn't eat at any of the up-charge restaurants) and the staff was some of the best in the business! We splurged and got the Deluxe drink packages and the bartenders were all very good. Our favorites were at the Solarium bar and Bolero's. We tend to pick our itinerary first and then the ship and cruising out of San Juan to the Southern islands was something we had wanted to do for sometime, it just worked out to be on Freedom.
  9. Our first time to Key West our kids were 5 and 10. We rented bikes and rode around Key West, out to the Southern Most Point (the famous buoy) for a photo op and we took in the aquarium right down town ( a bit pricey but my boys got to pet sharks 🙂 ).
  10. Have done this many times. Below is the most current map of the port as a PDF. The shuttle is FREE and the staff friendly. Port_Facilties_Map_UPDATED_August_5_2016_967fef41-99cb-400e-a99b-a0bbb8b935be.pdf
  11. Layering is key as mentioned by bonsai3s. Being from the "north" we get layers and so we didn't have to buy really much. We took as a base long sleeve t-shirts or turtle necks, then a bit warmer base- for us sweatshirts/sweaters, then fleece jackets (which we bought in Alaska as a nice remembrance and pretty inexpensive) and packable vests (Land's End) to go over all if needed. For cruising in the bays we also had gloves/mittens and hats. We did not pack long underwear or tights for under our jeans. We cruised the second week of June. I do remember seeing many from the south finding the temps cold, but we left Wisconsin with the same weather we found in Alaska. As far as excursions, you should see if the ship offers accessible tours. If so, they have less walking. If you share where you are headed many on the Alaska board should be able to help you pick out things you could do in port. The views are amazing and so while you are cruising you might be just happy to sit and watch the world go by. Our ship also had many guest speakers come in and speak for the day we were in Glacier Bay.
  12. And remember to collect all of your bags at agriculture (again, a story for another time) 😉
  13. One tip. If you have not used a porter at the terminal to retrieve your luggage in the past. PR might be just where to do that. We did this past April. There is a different customs line for those of you who use a porter, and our porter got us a cab. We were quickly through the terminal (one we made it into the terminal.....but that is another story 🙂 ). Very much worth his tip- and we gave him a bit more as it was only two of us with three bags....some porters had a ton of bags with large families.
  14. Thanks for sharing! Very funny writing, and it sounds like you love Brandon very much! Glad he can see the humor in his misfortune. Keep writing.
  15. You do not want Kinos if you have flat feet. They are very simple sandals with NO arch support. https://kinosandals.com/
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