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  1. Thanks! I didn't know AT&T was one who would support it, and others (like me) often get good information just by following a thread. This day and age you would think something like wifi calling would be standard.
  2. Unfortunately, not all carriers support wi-fi calling- mine doesn't. For more information on wi-fi calling just Google it with your carrier and type of phone to get more information. You can make calls via Facebook Messenger, What's App, Skype if on an Android and of course Face Time on an iPhone.
  3. Unfortunately, she is in the pickle now. If this wasn't discussed prior to entering into the agreement I don't know what you can do. Did your friend use a TA or did she do all of this directly with Carnival? Do you have the booking number? If she used a TA, perhaps you can ask the TA for some help in this department, if no TA, with the booking number maybe Carnival will be willing to help you out. Has she shared any of the documents with you? If you have the booking information and the receipts for deposits and price per person you may be able to use that as proof of cost for travel insurance. Are you flying or driving? If flying, are you each buying your own airfare or is she taking care of this as well? The pre-paying grats isn't a big deal for us. We rarely pre-pay the grats because we often have onboard credit that we use for that at the end of the sailing. Just budget for your share of the gratuities. They will be posted on the stateroom account daily and a grand total will be available at the end of the cruise. You can put different credit cards for each in the stateroom tied to your personal seapass account for on board expenses. I am not sure if they can pull the gratuities out that way as well, but ask the hotel desk when you board. Best of luck
  4. Hi All, Our cruise leaves in 9 short days!!!! It is very port intensive- we don't have a sea day until day 6. If you have been on Freedom with this literary out of San Juan (St. Kitts, Antigua, St. Lucia, Barbados, St. Maarten) when did you have your Meet and Mingle? Thanks in advance!
  5. If it is Port Everglades there is a shuttle that runs from the parking area to the other terminals. http://www.porteverglades.net/cruising/arriving-and-departing/ "Shuttle service from parking garages to select distant terminals" We have done this at Port Everglades, and so have my parents. If you are getting off at 19, the main parking garage is where the shuttle picks up to take you to 18.
  6. We have only been to Coco Cay once, years ago. On both Coco Cay and Labadee if you have any of the drink packages (soda, refersh, delux) they all work on the island. There is also free beverages such as lemonade and punch. There will be a free buffet as well or other included food. The big pool is now open and is included. There are tons of free loungers on the beach, so you only need to rent something if you want to. When do you leave?
  7. Did you know that there are several bioluminescent bays in the PR? That might be fun. https://workationing.com/puerto-rico-bioluminescent-bay/ Not sure if you would have enough time.
  8. We too had the Mailman on our first trip! We had a grand time, my dad (Grandpa!) loved the rum punch to my mom's displeasure 🙂 This was prehurricane a few years ago. This year we are using them as transportation to Orient Beach. Cost is just a tad higher than a taxi, but we know we will get great rum punch, soda, beer and water as well as an entertaining ride.
  9. Yes, that is what I was figuring no way around the limit on carry on liquid and it would have to go into our one checked bag. Because I have seen how carefully bags are handled that made me nervous. Buying in the airport just doesn't seem as special 😉 We are going to Barbados and and next year Curacao, hence my interest in this question, Mount Gay rum I agree that it might not be worth the hassle.
  10. Hello all, I tried the search feature, as I can't be the only one with this question, but didn't have success- lots of posts on alcohol packages though 🙂 I haven't bought duty free alcohol when flying from ports, only when driving to ports. With baggage fees being what they are we try to limit the number of checked bags. This trip we are only checking a garment bag and using carry-ons. Tell me how you keep your booze from breaking in route. This trip we are flying from PR, so I don't think the rules are different than if we were flying from FL after getting off the ship. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  11. You might want to know which ships so you can check itineraries, but norhel is right, you can't book them on line. Ships with family ocean views (can sleep 6) include: Radiance, Voyager, Freedom, Oasis (as well as Vision of the Seas, Rhapsody of the Seas, and Enchantment of the Seas). There are family insides as well, they also sleep 6. Found on Freedom class and Oasis class ships. Family promenade staterooms on Freedom, again sleeps 6. After that you can consider suites or two adjoining or two connecting staterooms. Again if you go to book on line two staterooms adjoining or connecting the website will make you put an adult in each cabin, but if you call we never had an issue putting our kids in connecting staterooms without an adult in each room. Don't worry, if they make you do that you just switch the sleeping arrangements once on board.
  12. Royal does offer special pricing. Please see this FAQ page: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/qualifications-special-pricing Not sure about other lines.
  13. We have found the Royal Caribbean Singers and Dancers to be very good and they put on fun shows. In addition to shows every night in the main theater and the ice skating shows (which you need to check out- how they do what they do on that little sheet of ice!) you will find movies on the pool deck, and smaller game shows in some of the smaller lounges. Last year our group participated in a crowd source type game, I can't remember the name of it, It involved coming up with an answer to a question, writing it down and running it up on stage. The room then voted on the best answer. The lounges also often will have live music. Olive or Twist (the night club in the iconic Royal round deck) hosts silent disco events. If you want to find entertainment for the evening I think that there is something for everyone. Google Royal Caribbean Cruise Compass (that is the daily planner) and the name of the ship and I bet you will find many different ones to look at. They won't always be the same from sailing to sailing, but you will get an idea.
  14. On Freedom class ships the Schooner Bar is the bar with the piano. Music trivia and sing alongs. The English style pub on the promenade often will have a performer and sometimes karaoke. Late night adult comedy in the main theater if they have a comedian on board, a more family friendly version earlier in the evening and then there's the Quest. The Quest is something that you have to see to believe.
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