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  1. We had a Panama Canal cruise with Celebrity booked for Nov. 2020. Based on what I knew of the 1918 pandemic, we canceled in April 2020. Refund with no drama. 🙂
  2. We've done this excursion and will be doing it the week before you.🙂 We left our luggage out and did not have any problem. Unfortunately, I can't remember if there were multiple drop offs at the airport or what time we got there. We had no problems at the airport. I wore a t-shirt and capris but that was in the fall. Hold the baby alligator! I think a donation is requested. Don't know how helpful this is. I just remember the fun or really annoying parts of travel. 🙃
  3. Thank you for your reply. I had deleted the old passport before I scanned the new one. Thinking of just doing it on the web site also. Will the other features work if I'm still blue lane? (Assuming any of this will work when on the ship. 🙄)
  4. I'm trying to enter my new passport info. When I scan it, my first name/middle is flagged as invalid. When I try it manually, it still flags as invalid with or without middle name. I uninstalled/ reinstalled didn't help. I guess I need to find tech support. 😬
  5. If this were a more "normal" town with plenty of taxis, I agree. But the peace of mind may be worth the more expensive option. 🙂
  6. I think the on shore team running the testing thought that the test result page was all that was needed. Authorities at the dock disagreed. Everything ran pretty smoothly just slowly. Disembarked looked like it would go smoothly until we couldn't dock on time. We only had 97 guests, so that kept the waits down.
  7. Just got back from our Ocean Victory cruise. Once on the ship had a great time. We only received one water bottle after asking. Food was fine, but I'm not too fussy. DH didn't find out you could ask for a hamburger at lunch until late in the cruise. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. Doing the zodiacs was the best. We got close the glaciers and saw lots of animals. One group saw a bear. They also have kayaks, but we decided we aren't very good kayakers. lol We only did the pre-cruise tour in Sitka and saw bears at Fortress of the Bears (a sanctuary). It was still too early for bear excursions to see wild bears. Some people went on a fishing excursion and caught some salmon. Everyone that took the jet boats really enjoyed them. Now for the not so nice. Sitka taxi situation sucks. There were ten of us at the airport looking for a ride. One person was trying to call the taxi service but couldn't get an answer. Someone saw an idle hotel van. He talked to the driver and he agreed to take us to his hotel which was across the street from ours. The ship is docked away from town and not where the other cruise ships dock for their port stops. Not a big deal as they have shuttles. The big deal was a mis-communication as to what was required to embark. (Hint: not just the covid test results.) We had our paper ticket but some had packed theirs in their suitcase. If that wasn't enough, bags were manual searched and every one was wanded. Needless to say we left a bit late. 😕 Disembarkation turned into another fiasco. We were almost at the dock when we went back out into the harbor. After 2 hours we had 2 tugboats push us to the dock. Once we actually left we didn't have too much problem. The port terminal was a madhouse. Once we pushed through that we made it to the train and zipped to the airport and through their lines.
  8. I don't expect them to test before getting off. They didn't want to test before boarding. The other lines are not testing on board before departure. We have appointments at CVM near the pier.
  9. Everyone entering Canada needs to fill out the ArriveCAN app. You input passport and vaccination status for Canada. There are threads detailing the app elsewhere that are more detailed.
  10. Thank you for your review. I'm disappointed to hear the captain didn't go to the glaciers. I expected they may have supply chain issues being new to the region. We will be doing this cruise June 7, will see if more kinks have been ironed out. 😉
  11. We just received our documents for our June 7 Alaska cruise today, May 21.
  12. According to the docking schedule Victory Ocean will be at the North Berth, Canada Place. Where that is exactly I don't know.
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