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  1. The excursion goes to Rainforestation Nature Park.
  2. We are now docked in Cairns. Beastly hot! Myster is going solo to the Aboriginal Rainforest Journey. It's a 5 hour excursion and I would absolutely melt.
  3. Hoping to find them at Tha Fish on the second day in Cairns. 😁
  4. Yesterday was a sea day. Day we were in Airlie Beach (Whitsunday), Australia. Photos from the sail in... Here comes the rain.... We had no excursion booked for this port. The tender ride was expected to be a little long and the weather was not appealing. We stayed onboard. It did clear up in the afternoon. Tomorrow we are in Cairns, Australia for an overnight.
  5. The excursion was not quite as described. We did walk with a Ranger. Unfortunately, the group was quite large and it was almost impossible to hear the Ranger talking about the various plants. We were given a drink and then seated at tables to sample the nuts and spices used in Aboriginal cooking. There were 3 sauces made with the ingredients. The pesto-like one was the best. The tour description had said the Chef would offer cooking tips and cook kangaroo, emu and crocodile. No cooking lesson and we were given shrimp, chicken and beef to try with the sauces. The tour description needs a hard edit.
  6. We're currently steaming toward K'Gari (formerly Fraser Island). Tender operations are scheduled for shortly after noon. Myster and I are booked on the Bush Tucker and Medicine walk with a Ranger. Should be interesting!
  7. Interesting! Do you know if anyone got a koala? We got koalas in 2019. 😁
  8. Today we are in Brisbane, Australia. Sunrise photos of the sail in..... The excursion we had booked for Brisbane had been canceled due to the lack of interested participants. Since Myster had some back issues this morning we did not get off the ship. We had been here in 2019. Last night another Silversea gift was on our bed when we returned from dinner..... A cute little emu! 😁 Tomorrow we are in K'Gari (Fraser Island), Australia.
  9. Yesterday we were in Newcastle, Australia. We did the Historic Pub Crawl excursion. We visited 3 pubs and a brewery. In each location we had a choice of lager, pale ale, wine or soda. The guide told stories of the history of Newcastle that were very entertaining. First pub was the Lucky Hotel..... Next up was Bartholomew's where we also enjoyed nibbles with our beer..... Next was the brewery Foghorn where we had delicious pizza..... Lastly was Clarendon Hotel where there was live music..... We really enjoyed this excursion. 😁
  10. Today was our second day in Sydney. End of segment 2 and beginning of segment 3. Day was grey and rainy. We decided to stay on board. Yesterday, Myster took a solo excursion to Featherdale Sydney Wildlife Park. Here are some photos from that adventure..... Ibis... Blue Penguins.... Tomorrow we will be in Newcastle, Australia.
  11. Luckily that was not the main event! 😁 It was very dark at shortly after 5:00 am. Very sure-footed entry!
  12. I set the alarm for 5:00 am this morning. I saw the pilot perform his perfect jete to board then I took a shower. Some photos from the early morning sail in.....
  13. The Silver Shadow just sailed under Harbour Bridge. With Eos' pink fingers providing a magical glow, it was a special treat!
  14. Thank you @MrsWaldo! Are you boarding the Shadow in Singapore?
  15. On a curious note....folks may remember that I requested a special dinner featuring crayfish. Response was that the Chef did not have access to crayfish. This morning I was reviewing the dinner menu for the Restaurant tonight. Guess what! Crayfish is an appetizer tonight. After almost 3 days at sea, where did the crayfish get delivered? Air drop? 😅
  16. Thank you Lola! We'll see how this plays out! 🥰
  17. Beautiful photos! Thank you for posting them!!!!
  18. Thanks @turtlemichael ! That's what I remember as well. In 2016 it was a bus shuttle from White Bay Terminal to Darling Harbour.
  19. Thank you Lola! It seems we are docked at White Bay. We're not sure at the moment whether there will be transport to Circular Quay. We'll see how this plays out! 😁
  20. Whoa! Those are steamy temps! We'll pace ourselves! Thank you for the heads-up! 🥰
  21. Today is a sea day. It makes for boring reading. Here are more photos from Pukeiti Gardens..... Tomorrow is the last sea day before arrival in Sydney, Australia.
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