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  1. Thank you. I was thinking of the rainforest in Cains, but still not sure which of the other two ports (I know they are tenders) would be better to leave from. I think we have to go with the ship excursions. What would you do in either Airlie Beach or Port Douglas if you did not go to the reef?
  2. Our first cruise stops At Airlie Beach, Yorkey Knob (Cains) and Port Douglas. Which of these ports is best for seeing the great barrier reef, and why? And is mandatory to do it through the cruise line, or is possible to do private excursions for this? I know that times in port are limited, and it seems like in this particular case, it may be better to go through the cruiseline. Also, what excursions would you recommend in the ports that you do not go to the GBR on, or would you visit more than one time? Thanks for all responses.
  3. Wow, a lot taken out of context. I just meant that I had never spend so much on airline tickets before. I have certainly spent more on cruises. Just shocking as we will be spending 23 days in a balcony cabin, and the airfare still costs more than that.
  4. I bit the bullet this week and purchased Premium Select seats on Delta. We're paying more for airfare than for the two cruises. The day after I purchased, the fares went up $1000 pp. I did delay our departure by a day to get the early flight. I also randomly searched flights every month leading up to our flights. Only one set of flights was sold out in Premium Select. And the fares were all over the place. But I did not see any fares as low as what I purchased, so I am somewhat satisfied. Also, I had looked into Princess EZ Air, as I was told the fares are usually pretty good for international flights. Not in this particular case. At the same exact time I purchased, the cruise line airfares were significantly higher than buying directly through the airline.
  5. Definitely something to thing bout in the future, but it would not work out for us at this time.
  6. Business class is only a few hundred dollars less than first class, so way out of our price range. Would consider the round the world tickets at another time, but we're already gone for a month, and we'll just want to get home.
  7. Thanks! I don't even like long trips in the car, so I'm scared about being in a plane so long. I think we've decided on premium economy. Prices were "great" yesterday, up $1000 today. And I'm realizing that even though our cruise fare is pretty good, everything else is going to be much more expensive than on other cruises.
  8. Thank you both. I've put in a google flights reminder to check for airfare on both dates. I guess we'll be leaning towards staying an extra day. Flights seem to connect in LAX for Delta. Another question. Is there a best time to book airfare to Australia? I know for domestic US flights, there is a sweet spot, and I noticed that for flights to Europe too. We're 9-10 months out from travel each way right now, so I'll wait, but I noticed more seats being sold over the last few days.
  9. I know that IN Australia there is a credit card surcharge, but Princess charges that too?
  10. Experienced flier who has never been to Australia and looking for some advice. The thought of being on planes for 24 hours makes me feel uncomfortable just thinking about it. While I'd love to fly first class, it's just not in the budget. For those that have done this, is economy totally unbearable? Is it worth the upgrade to premium economy? Any airlines that are more comfortable for the long flight? We'd be flying from MCO to SYD round trip. Also, I've seen some better priced airfares on Delta. Unfortunately, the only flight leaving Sydney is at 10:25 AM. Is there any possible way to make this? I know we could stay another day, but we are doing a week in Sydney before our cruises. Thanks for all advice!
  11. We have OBC for our Australia cruises and were told that we would be given this in Australian dollars, rather than US dollars, so that is actually less credit than we ordinarily would be given. Are the charges on board also all in Australian dollars? And will they charge our credit cards in Australian or US dollars? Thanks.
  12. We were on the Sky Princess in December. Not having traditional dining was the biggest complaint of everyone we talked to. Even though we had a reservation for the same time every night, we often waited for a table. The servers were completely rushed, and the dining experience was not what we have come to expect from cruising all these years. We missed meeting other passengers and discussing our days each evening, and getting to know the servers, and them getting to know us. The best thing we did was the afternoon tea, where we asked to be seated with others. Definitely bring back traditional dining!!! (My post cruise survey was all about this.)
  13. Wow, thanks for all of these thoughts. We are doing a BTB in Australia next year, both round trip out of Sydney. As DallasGuy75219 mentioned, our cruises are linked, and the return of the first cruise and the outbound of the second cruise are greyed out. The two one ways come to about the same price as the round trip directly through the airline. But it is significantly higher than the round trip price I get from looking at the first cruise and putting in the dates that we actually need to fly (not logged in to my account.) That's interesting about the insurance not covering the air for one cruise and not the other. Is that even if you use the Princess Platinum insurance? I was under the impression that if we booked through EZ Air on International flights, our rates would usually be lower than if booking on our own. Both cruises have had flights open for round trip bookings. Caribill, good points that I will take in. I'm thinking I may have to call EZ Air after the holidays. And I agree it is good to have the flexibility to book each as a one way flight. Except when it costs $2000 extra.
  14. Will do that after the holidays. Just wondering if I was missing something online. Thanks.
  15. I've been checking airfare prices using EZ air using a round trip starting before the first cruise and returning the day of the last cruise. When I log in and actually book these tickets, it only allows me to do one way tickets. That ends up costing me over $2000 more than booking a round trip. Is there any way to book as a round trip through EZ air when I have back to back cruises booked? Thanks.
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