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  1. Thank you, very helpful! I guess I didn't look back far enough in my search, as this was from almost a year ago.
  2. I did a search in the forum and could not find the answer. Even though the roundtrip railway was just released a few days ago, the slots for when we are in port are all full already. I did see that there is availability for taking the train up and bicycling down. I was not able to find information about this on the Norway best website. Has anyone done this? We would be in port on July 2, 2024. Are the bicycles included, or do you have to make reservations on our own. Would the weather be acceptable that time of the year for bike riding? DH and I both ride bikes weekly, but we live in FLAT Florida and do not have the experience with the hills. Any insights would be very helpful. Thank you!
  3. It's great to see your review. We did this cruise, after the Australian cruise in November. What a great experience! and we had Santosh as our assistant server too. Our server, George, left the ship just prior to your cruise. Hope to get back to your part of the world someday!
  4. Thanks! We will probably stay overnight in Southampton, as we've spent a lot of time in London in the past. And I like to be closer to the cruise port on embarkation day.
  5. We're about 6 months out from a roundtrip cruise from Southampton. I've sailed out of Dover, and found flying into Gatwick to be much easier. So for Southampton, is it better to fly in to Heathrow or Gatwick? I can flights available for both. We tend to use public transportation. When I google map it, it's evening in the US, so it's showing me middle of the night options in England. thanks for your practical experience.
  6. I can confirm that, as I live in Orlando, and my airfare R/T to Australia is more than my 23 days of cruising.
  7. Disney is expensive all over. But you get what you pay for. If they were the same price as all other cruise lines, I would be sailing them much more frequently.
  8. Thanks. Do I need to shut his account down? Or will it just become nothing eventually?
  9. My father passed away 3 years ago. I have been monitoring his email since then. For the first time in that time, he got a captain's club email today. Celebrity was my parent's preferred cruise line. He has close to 300 points in his account. Is there anything I can do with these? Can I "inherit" them? Should I close his account? Every time I think I've taken care of everything, something new pops up. I'm pretty sure I cannot use his points, but I'm not sure if I need to do anything with his account. Thanks for any insight.
  10. Well, I'm older, but Disney is my cruise line of choice. With all of the current complaints with other cruise lines, the only complaint I have with Disney is the price. We haven't sailed with our kids (now adults) in over 10 years, but we love the adult areas of the ship. Disney has service like no other. We're doing a B2B on Princess in Australia/New Zealand this year (23 nights) for half the price of a Disney Cruise. For port intensive cruises, we choose Princess. For sea days and a ship experience, we choose Disney.
  11. I just spent the day correcting this with Celebrity too. We had been booked on the Reflection and the ship changed to the Beyond. We were told everything would remain the same. Checking our reservation this past weekend, we noticed that the price had gone up. When contacting Celebrity, they admitted the fault was theirs and there was a glitch in their system. Bottom line--check your cruises!
  12. New to Celebrity, but not to cruising. My cruise is June of 2024, so this is the first time any of these sales applied to me. My question is somewhat weird. It looks like we can apply OBC to our purchases. Is this only for excursions or dining and wifi packages too? The weird part is that every time I check my account, the amount of ABC in it has increased! As of right now, it's almost double what I originally had. Has this happened to anyone else? Thanks.
  13. Thanks, but I'm still having problems. Will only allow me to book dining for the first night. Have to call them again.
  14. We turn platinum on this cruise. Final payment is made, and our friends were even able to book us with them. What is the website version of the app? I'm not familiar with that. Thanks!
  15. Our friends actually just signed up for the cruise last week. Prior to that, we were not able to sign up either. When my friend signed up for dining, I gave her our booking number and she was able to book us together. Still cannot book us for the first cruise.
  16. We are having the same problem. We have a B2B booked, and have friends joining us on the second cruise. They were able to book us at a table with them for the second cruise. I did try calling yesterday, and after waiting on hold and receiving a callback, I was cut off when the agent put me on hold. She never called back. Another thing for my to do list.
  17. OMG, I see that we are neighbors! Just got off of Narcoossee Road!
  18. We live less than an hour from Port Canaveral, where the Caribbean Princess is going to start homeporting next year. I'm hoping all problems resolve before then.
  19. Thank you. I feel like you understand me. 🙂 Did a lot of research today and we may try to push out to 2025. We've been on the Emerald before, and it was fine, but not like the Royal class ships--no Alfredo's! We have a FCD that needs to be used by December 2024, but I think if we purchase before then, we can use it in 2025 still. Will check out Holland and Celebrity too. Thanks!
  20. I'm fairly low maintenance, but that is much more than I'm willing to deal with on an expensive cruise!
  21. That is the specific cruise we are looking at, and I also wish it was on a different ship. Especially with so many sea days.
  22. That is the cruise I would like to do, but we're going on a group cruise at the time it is offered next year, so the dates don't work for us. Glad to hear you had a positive experience on the Caribbean Princess. My friend's cruise had norovirus problems, air conditioning problems as well as problems with the thrusters. We actually choose Princess cruises when we are looking for a good itinerary.
  23. That is our ideal cruise, except we will be on another cruise during the dates of that particular cruise next year.
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