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  1. We have been taking a "wait & see" attitude with booking a new cruise.... BUT, then we came across a KILLER of a promotion from HAL on a New England cruise next May. Alas, when we called it was SO full of caveats and add on's that we once again backed out and are again only "Looky Lou's" It is amazing though how quickly you can go from "nope nope, nope, not for a couple years" to "WOOOOAH hey, I'll be on board with THAT deal! 😄
  2. Yep, saw that..... But when you call HAL, they say thats not the case. I even tried HUCA (Hang up call again) and got the same line from a second agent.
  3. So my sister just got this offer. (Interesting because she does NOT gamble, never has) Being the curious type, I called up to inquire. 1) Nope, it is ONLY for the recipient, we could not use it even though she has traveled only once on HAL and my wife and I are 4 star..... 2) Nope, the second person in the "free" inside stateroom has to pay full fare. 3) Nope, you can NOT book 2 rooms on this promotion (Second room is at full fare) 4) Nope, the "$99.00 upgrade to an ocean view" REALLY reads "99.00 AND UP" (And all three sailings I checked it was really $299.00 to an obstructed view stateroom) 5) Remember, that you have to put down $200.00 deposit..... OR MORE if you upgrade. Boy is this one EVER a "bait and switch" Sort of sad considering the time we are living in!
  4. I will agree with that.... But add to the equation "Ports where you are the only ship IN port that day," and "ports where you are not going to be one of 100,000 tourists on that day" . And yes, those two things ARE subjective. I was just talking to a friend who took a Viking river cruise last year. His lasting memory was of the ship being "rafted" with 4-5 other riverboats at a number of their stops. (And people trooping over his stateroom every morning)
  5. We will book a cruise again WHEN we are comfortable that the cruise line will be solvent enough to refund our deposit (In a timely manner) IF something happens and we (or the cruise line) cancels the cruise. Too many "ugh knowns" right now in the world to give ANY company my money for a long (and maybe permanent) period of time.
  6. We were on a 17 day cruise from Rome to Dubai in Feb/March..... With all the Covid stuff erupting around us I was really worried that someone would flip as I was in the middle of my "Late winter coughing period" Which I go through EVERY year... I think I ate about 300 cough drops in the 28 days we were overseas.
  7. As someone who is fixated on cruise PORTS, (And unusual ones at that) ..... AND can not afford the "upscale" lines, I would say that HAL has by far the most varied and interesting itineraries of any of the mass market lines. BUT, always look around. We just returned from a NCL cruise from Rome through the Mideast that was SPECTACULAR. (The itinerary, NOT the cruise itself... NCL made that a mess)
  8. Oh my...... We were on the NCL Spirit right after her dry dock. This was a textbook case of how NOT to handle issues or crisis. The trip went from 23 days to 22 days then (with a week to go) to 17 days. If you were not on a roll call good luck finding out about the changes... Then they promised us refunds... Gave them to us then took them away. THEN promised us 25% off the base fare. When we finally got it, it was 18%. They canceled 5 ports in total, and NEVER refunded port fees. And lets not talk about the ship itself. Fresh out of dry dock... where it SHOULD have stayed for another couple weeks. Our "newly refurbished" cabin had no door into the bathroom, no working phone, no working safe, no working toilet, and Oh yeah, they forgot to finish connecting the drain on the sink... (It drained into the drawer below the sink). Yes I know that those are the chances you take when going on a "post dry dock" cruise, but the absolute indifference of the front desk people (And their inability to do ANYTHING without explicit permission from corporate) was stunning. Beyond THAT fiasco, In 30+ cruises I have NEVER seen a company so interested in nickel & dimeing you more than NCL. There are no enrichment programs on board, no classes (Except classes put on BY the gem merchants & spa.....) No quiet lounges (Unless it's in a bar.) and the biggest damn casino I have EVER seen on a cruise ship (And this is their smallest ship!) Dispite all that, Nice ship, great itinerary. Had a great time (Helps that we tend to laugh at the absurity of the entire mess.) But to the point, NCL or Celebrity. I'd take Celebrity in a heartbeat!
  9. ??? US citizens do not have to get a visa for New Zealand (If there for up to 90 days)
  10. FredT

    What's next?

    Like everyone else, we are sitting at home "dreaming" about our next cruise. While I am not about to put down money with ANYONE (that may or may not exist if things dont open up in the near future) I am certainly not above looking at future itineraries and "making tentative " plans. So while we are looking at the Dalmatian coast onto Turkey, (On one of the Star Clippers of course) What are all of YOU drooling over?
  11. Well... I have enough for about 7 more months...... Then I have to raid our personal "cruise fund". DAMNED if I want to do that!
  12. As someone who loves HAL but has tried a number of other cruise lines over the past 6 years (NCL, CMV, Star Clippers) I just ask that they dont cut anything ELSE. We love the quiet lounges (NCL has eliminated all of these) we love the classes, we love the regional foods, (Mostly already eliminated unfortunately) and mostly we love the smaller ships and unusual (longer) itineraries. Lastly.... If you are gonna advertise "fresh tropical fruit" in a restaurant, please PLEASE give us something more than Pineapple, Mellon, and Oranges!!!!!
  13. Have to admit, I am one of those people... Love to look at Seabourn itineraries, love to shop around, but keep coming back to HAL because the price is right in the sweet spot (about 100-150 pp per day) and the itineraries are always interesting. Have to say though, now with the prices rising to the $200 pp per day range, I am looking more at other (cheaper) alternatives. May change once we are retired, but then again it may go the other way. (Especially with this damn virus screwing up things!)
  14. More to the point of the thread, I see Princess merging with P & O UK AND P & O Australia as a better bet.
  15. No, the Countess was sold and sailed under a couple other names before she had a fire while being rebuilt (In Greece) and then sold to the scrap yards. The only reason I know all this is because we were on her on our Honeymoon in 1980. (So she has always be close to our hearts)
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