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  1. Well.... My two cents. While there can be drunks on ANY (Mass Market) cruise line, there are far fewer on HAL, usually because of their reputation of an "old folks" line. While we love them, (I feel their itineraries are better than the competition, and we like their smaller ships) I have to say that the poster above who made the comment "After 9:30 every night the place is a morgue" is right on.... That being said, I noticed that the OP also made reference to liking "good entertainment" on board. Well, IMHO, HAL's entertainment has been in a steady decline for the past 10 years, and is now in the "Pathetic" range. (Does not matter to us as we really are not entertainment junkies) Lastly though, while the average age on HAL is higher (And way fewer kids and millennials) those onboard are EXCEEDINGLY well traveled and active cruisers. I have always been blown away at just HOW well traveled and active our tablemates have been on that cruise line. (Compared to the other 5 mass markets) Oh yeah, and befoer anyone calls me a "cheerleader" note that my next cruise is on NCL, my last was on Star Clippers, and it was CMV before that.......
  2. This was a couple years ago, and no, as far as I know they did not file. (They had no idea that a European law could/would apply to them...) Most americans don't unless they surf Flyer Talk, etc etc....
  3. Over the past 15 years we have been on cruises during the NFL playoffs at LEAST 12 times. Mostly on HAL (They broadcast all the games in their sports bars) but once on Cruise & Maritime Voyages (Nothing but Cricket) and a couple times on Star Clippers. (Nothing like watching the superbowl on a 13" TV with 40 of your closest friends!) Just glad our NCL cruise this spring starts on February 11!
  4. While I like Norwegian (3 flights out of Stewart to Edinburgh) I also have two friends who have been royally SHAFTED by the airline when they did not listen to advice and booked flights on them (day of) to european cruises.... And the flights canceled. (mechanical ). As they do not interline with ANYONE, they were offered three options. A refund, a flight the next day out of Boston, and a flight THREE days later out of Stewart...
  5. Yeah, we made a special pilgrimage to JFK a few years ago the day before they closed the old terminal 3 (Pan AM building) Now THAT place had more than a few memories for me! And yeah, I am still one of the old timers that call terminal 1 the Eastern Terminal, Terminal 2 the NW Terminal, three the Pan Am terminal, and on and on........
  6. We like HAL, first due to their more unusual itineraries, (and ports) second because they are smaller ships (Aside from their 2 new builds) third because there are rarely any kids aboard, and lastly (but certainly not least) because they are AFFORDABLE. (Basic oceanview is typically $150.00/day or less) As we are not yet retired (and not wealthy) that last item is important) Having said that, our next cruise is on one of the smaller NCL ships (AMAZING Itinerary in the mid east/Med) and two of the three before that were not HAL (Star Clippers and CMV)
  7. Actually the TWA hotel is adjacent to the NEXT terminal, not terminal 4. To get there you have to go OUT of security, then hop on the (free) monorail which goes between terminals. (About every 2-3 minutes.) No you cant walk it.
  8. Each to his own. We have 2 trips on the Veendam, one six years ago, one a year ago. Still our Favority ship of the fleet.
  9. ALL of the Holland Ships have full wrap around promenade decks, although the two new ones (The Konisgdam and Neu Statendam) have promenade decks that are VERY narrow at certain points.....
  10. I feel that the problem with many may be that as this line is NOT cheap, many who book it for the first time have REALLY unrealistic expectations of the trip and crew. As has been pointed out above, the ships ARE the stars, and the crew, while friendly and competent are not your "five star" white glove variety. Suffice to say we have done one cruise with them, and are looking forward to another (When we retire and can have the time off to DO a summer Med cruise or longer far east cruise.)
  11. My best guess is this has NOTHING to do with "fireproof". I have personally seen room stewards on three or four occasions working diligently at "trying" to get glue, duct tape, masking tape, and other (unknown) substances off those metal doors. I also have seen one lady using a "spray" adhesive on the door to put up her "happy birthday" banner. And you wonder WHY management is trying to ban this type of behavior?
  12. Latest as of Today: https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/news/featured/star-clippers-and-brodosplit-in-dispute-over-flying-clipper-delivery/
  13. The last cruise we took to Cozumel was in January out of New Orleans... It was frickin COLD in NO, (Like winter jacket cold) and we had our doubts.... One day into the Gulf and it was gorgeous. Warm and anything BUT winter. Our return was the same. Warm to cool to freezing cold fog as we wandered up the channel to NO. PS: If they are still doing it, try the "Cozumel Bar Hop" (Google it) ..... It takes you to the uninhabited far side of the island, and is really a nice change from "tourist city" (Especially if there are 3-4 ships in port)
  14. They even permitted on your cruise line? I ask as I JUST saw a thread somewhere here about NCL (Or was it Carnival) that had banned ALL outside door decorations.
  15. Don't fret klapka! Believe it or not, this thread has definitely caught my interest. The fact that the company has resolved your issues in a "fair and timely" regard has also made me a lot more comfortable with SC in the future when something (inevitably ) goes wrong. It has also given us one more tidbit of information on what is going on with the Flying Clipper........
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