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  1. While I agree with what Hank just said, I look with amusement at our next three cruises booked. Star Clippers (Med) P & O (Iceland/Norway) and Ambassador, (Africa) As well, had this crazy war not happened in the Ukraine, we had a riverboat cruise booked from Moscow to the Sea of Azov (Vodohod). Not ONE of these cruises was listed or shown on the computer with our local TA or the "Big Box" agency we c/sometimes use...... PS and every ONE of these lines caterers to Americans.... Ya GOTTA keep researching!
  2. I looked at this thread with interest. The problem (as I see it) with almost all the OTA's is that if they do not have a business agreement with any particular cruise line, they simply do not show their cruises.... At least for US cruisers this includes "most" foreign cruise lines that do not cater to the North American customer. My best reference in my searches has been the same as EssiesMom... cruisetimetables.com, or one of the the other two Location" based search engines. And I tend to use them in any case so I can see "who" will be in any given port on any given day.... (If there are 4 3000 passenger ships in most of the ports on any particular itinerary, I am simply NOT interested in it!)
  3. If you can still see this, try the bar in the Casino. We just got off the NS (8 hours ago) and found the bartender there the best one on the entire ship... (In terms of making oddball drinks "correctly")
  4. Fully vaxed and boosted, HATE the mask mandate. (It makes no sense in todays world.... Having said THAT however, I will wear a mask on my way to a cruise as long as the cruise line is requiring a negative test a day or so before we board. In other words, there is no way I am going to take ANY chances I dont have to that may result in me being left on the pier!
  5. OK... Totally confused here. (But what else is new? I "assume" bacon is still available at the buffet in the mornings. So this must be a new thing at the "upcharge" restaurants? I simply can't get my head wrapped around it. (For this poor old boomer, bacon is a BREAKFAST staple, right????)
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