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  1. LOL.... Leave it to you Ruth... When I was writing that post I was thinking that I should research the Volendam to make sure of what I was writing. BUT, my thought was that my comments were more "theoretical" than precise.... (You don't KNOW what is above or below you if you accept a guarantee...) But anyway, you got me. 😁
  2. LOL..... We are not "yet" retired, and own a rental company in the NY Suburbs. The term "Hiding out" or "sheltering in place" are terms we hear every day from customers. While things loosened up significantly this summer, it's going backwards now, and even the restaurant owners we know say that business is falling like a rock over the past week. (And yes, we do go out for dinner twice a week... )
  3. On the negative side of a "guarantee" is the fact that you "may" get a BC cabin under a kitchen, or the theater, or some other "undesirable" location. And those "undesirable" locations can be really unexpected. We like to think of ourselves as experienced cruisers, but for our last (NC L) cruise we accepted a guarantee as we could see no downside. Well, we ended up with a cabin just above the waterline, near the bow where it sounded like we were in a washing machine all night from the sound of the bow waves..... A bit of research on this when we got back revealed a LOT of people bitchi
  4. No problem with the mask wearing, and shipboard activities (for us) is a nice place to read a good book while watching the world go by. (And a good promenade deck to walk) As far as limitations on port activities, oh yeah, thats a problem. Our hope is that once the vaccine's are out there that this "issue" will become far less important.
  5. Yes I know we are in a higher risk group..... BUT, I feel we have about 10 years of expected "good health" ahead of us, and neither my wife or I are willing to hide out in our home for (possibly) half of that time. Hell, we have spoken about the vaccine before when we thought it would be like the flu vaccine (50% effective) and were willing to go with that. 95% effective? LETS GO!!!
  6. If we were younger i think I would agree with you here, but as a couple in their late 60's we feel that we simply do not have the time to wait "until there is some sense of normalcy" (Which could take five or more years.)... So as soon as the airlines and cruise lines open up..... We're there!
  7. We took a slightly different approach. It's my belief (and only a belief/hope) that smaller ships (MUCH smaller) will start before the large lines. And by "smaller" ships I mean the river cruises, Seabornes, Windstars, Lindblad, etc. So we booked an October 2021 sailing on a Star Clipper (150 passengers) that ONLY hits Turkey and the Greek islands. Out hope is that it is a LOT easier for a small ship to "demand" that the passengers are vaccinated, and that the cruise line only has to deal with two governments for permission, not 5-10 different bureaucracies. We shall see...
  8. I have to agree with this statement. We were on the last "pre covid" trip on the NCL Spirit. Had not been on NCL for 15 + years. We found that the MDR food was "so so" at best, (And was the EXACT same as the food in their buffets) but that the food in their different "extra charge venues" was pretty damn good. A number of other passengers we became friendly with on the trip also had the same observation.
  9. Guess you did not bother to read my response..... Thats exactly what I said. (Go to my post... click on "expand" below the photo's..... you will see my reply)
  10. Little Switzerland has been around since I was a child wandering the streets back in the 60's. At that time it was THE place to find hand blown glass (Something hat has always fascinated me.) Having said THAT, I agree with you on most of your post, concerning town. A person renting (Or owning) a house in the hills though still experiences one of the great places on earth. On this I totally agree. When we visit (The last time in 2018) we spend a few hours zig zagging the alleyways and always have a relaxed interesting time.
  11. We went a step further and renewed our Global Traveler ID's last month. Was REALLY weird to go into the international arrivals building at JFK at 6pm.... It was TOTALLY empty. I looked at my wife and asked if the Zombie apocalypses had occurred. On the plus side the Customs guys were really relaxed and laid back, and we got a great price on a room for the night at the TWA hotel. (And the restaurant there is absolutely GREAT By the way!)
  12. I do find it interesting that along the mid Florida coast it does seem that the whole virus is taken VERY lightly. Most don't wear masks, all the restaurants and bars are open, and people look at you sort of funny when you DO wear a mask in public.
  13. LOL.... I was on the phone with my sister who lives in a beach community in Florida. She commented that even with the border "closings" the parking lots are FULL of Canadian plates as the Snowbirds all start to arrive.
  14. Hmmm..... Not that I don't agree with you, but remember Biden has made a big thing out of "If I am elected I will DO SOMETHING about the epidemic... And does not bode well for getting things "back to normal".
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