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  1. Anyone know if the Jost excursion for snorkel interferes with the beach party? I would guess not but wanted to check??
  2. Loving Life... I am a bit jealous of your two weeks at sea..(hope you have the best time). At this point I think "winging it" by making decisions once board will be best. Seems like I just need to relax about it all. I have now read back quite a few years and am learning about the usefulness of the on board concierge. Thank you everyone for all the tips (including those posted elsewhere in the threads)! I have always found those posts to be an invaluable tool when weighing the multitude of vacation options😀
  3. Thanks for the tip about Antigua. Last time I was there we ate at a swanky restaurant which ended up being a bust. So the Dockyard sounds like a a great option!
  4. Hello All, We are new to Sea Dream and very excited to be on board in a couple of weeks (SDI 1/24 sail). Normally I am obsessive about researching islands and excursions(snorkeling is our favorite). However, with this voyage there are several new and small islands (which is kind of the point). Should we try some of the ship excursions, or wing it once we get there? Also, is the ship's Bath's tour worth it or should we taxi it? Thanks!
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