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  1. From the Juneau Food Tours FAQs: "Juneau is a mountainside city and our tour includes traversing some inclined streets. A few locations are in historic buildings with stairs and no elevators. We encourage participants to gauge their own abilities as to whether these issues will be barriers."
  2. My husband and I took the food tour the first year it was offered and thoroughly enjoyed it. Some of the stops are different now, but they are likely just as good as the ones we had. There is a fair bit of walking and standing, plus the possibility of heavy rain (which we had on the day of our tour), so anyone with mobility issues should find something else to do.
  3. Here is some information I found on Cruise Port Insider. “You'll take a 15-minute walking tour of the Getsemani neighborhood. As the Old Town has evolved into one of the most chic places in Cartagena, the now hip Getsemani area has become a magnet for celebrities. It's a very colorful area to explore. The walking tour will conclude at the Hotel Armeria Real, where you will repair to the swimming pool area. Here, not only will you have views of the San Felipe de Barajas fortress and the Old Town, you'll learn how to create (and sample) a coconut lemonade.” http://www.cru
  4. My experience in Cabo on September 30 was similar. The seas were slight, but it was still difficult to maintain balance when entering and exiting the water shuttle, and also when moving up and down the water shuttle stairs. My 95-year-old mother also has a mind of her own, but she can't be trusted to always know what's best, or safest. Jondfk is right. The risk of a serious fall to see Cabo is not worth it.
  5. If you want to eat local food, I recommend you book a Flavor Teller Tour. I was in Mazatlán last week and took the Mercado and More Tour. It was exceptional. If you're in town on a weekday, the Barrio Bites tour would be offered. It isn't offered on Sundays (when I was there) because Sunday is still considered a day of rest in Mexico and many places are closed. My husband went sport fishing, so I took a taxi (by myself) from port to the meeting place in Plazuela Machado. It couldn't have been easier. https://www.flavorteller.com/
  6. Yes. The area is safe to walk. St. Francis Xavier Cathedral is across from the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas and one block from John Watlings Distillery. There will be other people walking in the same direction.
  7. I am also booked in September for this excursion (different ship). It sounds like fun. I drive a car every day, so driving a GPS-guided Jeep (hopefully with the top down!) will be a new experience. Rain or shine. A rental car may be less expensive, but I already know what it's like to drive one. The Jeep will be something new, different, and potentially more exhilarating. If not the latter, at least it will be new and different. Regarding weather in Juneau, it is impossible to predict.
  8. Great photos, especially this one. What an amazing experience.
  9. You asked for feedback on these restaurants and no one has given you any. I would love to help, but I'm not familiar with them. Sorry. I have eaten at Il Fornaio in three cities: San Jose, Palo Alto, and Burlingame. The food is fine but can be found at more than 20 other locations, so not exactly local. There are four Fish Market restaurants in the Bay Area, and I have eaten dozens of time at three of them: Santa Clara, Palo Alto, and San Mateo. I love the Fish Market, even the noisy downstairs. It is always my first choice for fresh fish prepared simply and, in my opinion, would b
  10. I also love Tadich Grill and Sam's. For fine dining, my favorite is Gary Danko. Boulevard is another option. Quince is a no-go for me after a bad experience with service (unbelievable, I know). Chart House is a definite no. Waterbar Restaurant and Epic Steak, on the Embarcadero, have dramatic views of the Bay Bridge, but their noise levels are absurd. I would avoid those unless you believe a view is more important than conversation.
  11. My husband, brothers, and brothers-in-law have fished three times with Captain Jerry. His web site shows photos of young children, so your daughter should be welcome. Captain Jerry is very entertaining and my family likes him very much. https://www.fishketchikan.com/
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