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  1. I hope that this is your decision as well and not just advice for others 🙂
  2. Hence their predicament. I think those agencies that wait until the passenger returns home are smart in more ways than one.
  3. A surprised response from a company that is not in a good place to turn down customers at the moment. They do need to be a little more flexible during this crisis.
  4. I agree if you mean his mental tools 😀 It's a shame there is only a like button but not a thumbs down one.
  5. She was either very lucky or had a very good TA. I still think everyone in the same “boat” should be treated equally - if your cruise was cancelled you should have an option of FCC or refund like everyone else on your cruise, no matter when you cancelled.
  6. Could it be because you actually didn't go anywhere outside of US (or didn't get off anywhere) - just a nice leisurely "free" cruise (not that this is what people wanted) 😀
  7. I am surprised that OP received any money from the TA without cruising. We receive a "loyalty" check but only after the cruise is completed.
  8. Thank you for the updates - safe travels home. We are under an order to shelter in place effective in 15 minutes - it's a necessary evil. PS - We have been sheltering in place already for at least a week or more and will continue to do so.
  9. I think it would be a nice goodwill gesture to attract new/keep old customers but I am not sure that cruise lines are in that mood at the moment.
  10. Dan - I seem to recall that you mentioned that you would never sail again on Celebrity (or was is HAL?) 😀 I could be mistaken.
  11. Is it on the recently opened Qantas route BNE - SFO? If so, that was the flight we were to take from SFO to SYD (via BNE) to board your 3/8 cruise before we cancelled. Safe travels home.
  12. I wonder if their attitude would have been different if you were Plat (20+ cruises) with Oceania vs a first-timer?
  13. I can see both points of view. If OP has not received the FCC as yet then the "transaction" is not completed and all passengers on the same cancelled cruise should be compensated equally. If the FCC was already given, then it's akin to making a final payment after which changes cannot be made; conversely, before "final payment" changes to fare (in this case compensation) should be allowed.
  14. Out of curiosity, was your Singapore award ticket in economy or business? I don't believe Singapore makes business awards available for UA miles but things might have changed.
  15. I assume that there will be no self-isolation for you and others disembarking. In Adelaide?
  16. That is my experience as well. It looks good on paper but it almost worthless much of the time - not dependable for major expenditures. Good private insurance is much more dependable.
  17. These days it takes almost that much for a couple of long haul RT business awards 😀
  18. Yes, but that's different. That would apply to paid tickets as well.
  19. But you say you got the fees waived for redeposit of your miles with UA - just lucky?
  20. Both of you were more fortunate than me - maybe I should have HUACAed 😃 It was a domestic flight and I was able to move an April award to October at no fee so I was OK with that.
  21. At the moment AA allows you to redeposit your miles without a fee. UA allows you to change your award for free but will charge for redeposit of miles. Generally (before COVID-19), if your flight changed by over an hour (I believe) you could cancel it without a penalty.
  22. We have a B2B2B booked as 3 separate cruises on Marina in Nov - no change on any of the 3 cruises for our cat.
  23. As I had pointed out in another thread, Grand Princess (yes, that one) “violated” the Jones act twice recently, including on her last return to Oakland. Each time she had to bypass Mexico for medical emergencies. That means that exceptions to the JOnes Act can be granted. That said, this does not mean they will do so for Alaska cruises but under these extreme circumstances you never know.
  24. I guess you meant Radisson but wrote Renaissance?
  25. Maybe they should - to quote Santayana, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."
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