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  1. More importantly, will that tactic reverse your wrong answer and make it a correct one? 😄
  2. In addition, the ship’s band plays dance music for about 45 minutes before each evening show in the lounge - we always see several couples dancing there to mostly traditional dance tunes. This is particularly available on R ships that have a small dance floor in front of the stage.
  3. IME, only OVO suites get priority tendering. Status has nothing to do with it, AFAIK (perhaps you get some extra special service if you are in President’s Club or whatever the highest level is called). The place where early tendering is most difficult IME is Easter Island where fewer than usual number of tenders can run due to docking facilities and narrow shore approach access.
  4. PHs do have Gold cards but I don’t think it entitles them for early boarding of tenders. That privilege belongs only to OVO suites, AFAIK.
  5. Thank you - I will. I assume that you are back home by now? Now back to our regularly scheduled programming 😄
  6. Thank you Mike. We’ve been there several times but this time we are traveling with a “first-timer” to Portugal and want to get the most out of the day we have in Lisbon.
  7. Mike/ORV - can you share the info on Alex as we will be back in Lisbon in 2020. TIA
  8. When and where did this focus group take place and how were the participants chosen (if you know the answer).
  9. I thought I had remembered reading that amount - it must have been your post 🙂
  10. I guess I’ll have to book a Seabourn cruise and pray to miss a port to get the actual answer
  11. So Lyn & S&J - can you estimate how much would I ACTAULLY receive for a missed port on my Seabourn cruise? I know I cannot.
  12. OK - so I looked at our last Seabourn cruise statement and this is what I found. It was a 26 day cruise with 15 ports. The bill had this line: Est'd Taxes, Fees & Port Expens : $976.49 (per person). Notice that this states Estimated and also that it includes taxes, fees and port expenses. Does this mean taxes on the cruise fare (which was a substantial amount 🙂) or just taxes on port charges? What type of fees? How much of this would actually be refunded as port charges for any missed ports is a mystery to me.
  13. Dave, The reason I asked this is because I seem to recall someone here recently posted that they received something like $9 and change for a missed port on another cruise line (RCL?). As O does not list these charges separately, I have no idea what a port charge/pp is for different ports. Perhaps you can post these charges from your last Seabourn cruise since they were posted on your bill?
  14. I saw that as well - what is it? Is it different from “Oceania Next”?
  15. In any case, as this is a flight book for you by Oceania rather than your own arrangement, in case you should miss the flight O needs to take care of getting you home. If this was your own flight and you missed it, it would be up to you to make these arrangements (and possibly lose lots of money). PS cross posting with Lyn - great minds think alike
  16. Sirena & Insignia are R ships; Riviera is newer and larger with 4 specialty restaurants (2 more than R ships). If you are accustomed to NCL ships you might like Riviera better.
  17. Ditto. Actually, I believe that the storage in Veranda cabins on R ships is larger/better than in the Verandas of O classs ships while the bathrooms and possibly the room itself is larger on O class ships.
  18. Our Nov 2019 cruise is the same BUT every single category except PH1 is waitlisted. Since we are not in PH1, I do not know if that price went up or not.
  19. I have very limited dealings with Oceania’s home office as I rarely need it. On the that rare occasion when I did need it (accommodation of a lower price on an onboard booking) my TA handled it and it went through without any problems. OTOH, I have nothing but praise for onboard staff handling any “issues’ I have encountered. On one occasion we missed my favorite item at afternoon tea due to an excursion. When I casually mentioned it to the head waiter at tea the next day, we were delivered 4 pieces of Paris-Brest desserts the following day to our amazement. Our friend missed out on brioche bread at special luncheon and the chef delivered them a whole loaf the next morning. Both times they obviously prepared these items specially just for us as it was not on a regular menu for that day - i.e. specially baked just for us. These are not game changing events but are greatly appreciated as an effort to truly please the passengers. So while the home office may “never reach out to the customer in a helpful way” the ship’s staff certainly do. JME.
  20. If you hadn’t said you swam with pink dolphins I certainly couldn’t tell that they were pink from that picture 🙂 We had a lot of fun swimming with dolphins in Mexico where we could interact with them, caress them and even ride on their backs for a really fast ride - now that was fun and the water was clean. We did see the dolphins in the Amazon (and they did look “pinkish” in the right light) but did not swim with them.
  21. This - I am pretty sure that they will try their very best to accommodate you b/o your medical need.
  22. You might take advantage of lower prices before your final payment provided that your category cabin is still available. If cruise is booked onboard then lower price (or OBC) can be obtained even after final payment (if your cabin category is available).
  23. Don’t forget the hot breakfast items for room service. Even with all those things it’s not worth it to us in general; that said, the price in this case seems reasonable.
  24. Thank you for this informative link - being informed is always good. Is Russia next?
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