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  1. Don’t forget the hot breakfast items for room service. Even with all those things it’s not worth it to us in general; that said, the price in this case seems reasonable.
  2. Thank you for this informative link - being informed is always good. Is Russia next?
  3. I wonder how many people on this cruise will miss their flights (and then blame O for it).
  4. I guess if your friends are serious about taking that cruise, they have 4 more days to decide.
  5. You should be fine - TSA & Delta will help (Delta is not as busy as AA terminal), That said, I would not tarry too long on the ship. It’s better to have a little extra time at the airport than being late.
  6. One needs to know what to do in an emergency before the emergency might arise at sea - hence the drill must be done before one sails.
  7. I am not aware of one - though I could be wrong.
  8. Just a thought - maybe the steward’s key didn’t work (happens to my key from time to time) and he wrongly assumed that the door was locked from inside?
  9. Agree - M always carries the Currents with her on the ship as well to look up times, location of activities, etc. If it were only available on TV, you’d have to run to your room each time to get that info 🙂
  10. (Underlining mine) How do you feel about activities Iike the (extravagant, but delicious) afternoon tea, enrichment lectures, evening entertainment/entertainers, just to name a few, that also cost money but are of no interest to many cruisers.
  11. Maybe they can sell those old DVDs and make a little extra cash - or give them away for O points 😄
  12. One way to find a good O TA is if you have an O cruise coming up, ask some of your fellow cruisers and then do your own screening. Good Luck.
  13. Glad to hear this. The improvements to the TV & programming on Oceania when compared to other lines were greatly overdue.
  14. Yes - you are right; I should have been more specific. That said, RTW cruise is a unique situation - most people will take much shorter cruises.
  15. True. You WILL come out ahead if you like or don’t mind O excursions. In such cases, choosing the included excursions you can almost double the value of the package by choosing excursions up to $199 and paying only $100 for them. In addition, by choosing the O Life excursions you come closer to getting 25% off some additional excursions. If you like to do your own excursions, this won’t be of any value to you.
  16. Nothing 🙂 I have never chosen that option.
  17. Is there a separate DVD player? They used to have lots of DVDs to let out for viewing in cabin. Is that still the case?
  18. What might be even worse is if you miss your 12:15 with NO possibility to change to a later flight
  19. I think you should be OK IF you get a private transfer. Taxis may be in short supply - been there, done that That said, personally I would book a later flight and stress a lot less - especially as it would appear that you have a short flight home.
  20. Fair enough. Enjoy the cruise and keep us up to date - it is appreciated.
  21. If true, that would be good. We can then still exchange prebooked & prepaid tours for #3 OBC (from TA) once onboard
  22. This being such a new issue, I can think of only one TA that would probably know the answer to this When the time comes in a few month I will try booking them and see what happens. Maybe in the mean time someone in same situation can post their experience.
  23. Here is my question to you. As using OBC to prebook excursions is a new feature, what happens if you have OBC AND O Life. When you start booking excursions, which benefit is used first to pay for them - O Life benefit or OBC? Previuosly that was not an issue as OBC could not be used for prebooking excursions and O Life was the only way to prepay for the number of excursions you were entitled to. In other words - if I have 3 O Life excursions and $600 OBC and I book 3 excursions, will they be paid for by my OBC or O Life?
  24. Easiest way to do it - if you have, for example, three O Life excursions, book three most expensive allowable tours and you will be charged $0. Next time you log in you can add any other excursions and pay for them.
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