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  1. Doesn't that cover you only if you cannot cruise due to illness (and such) rather than fear of the virus or changed itinerary?
  2. Lines of credit are one thing (I have them too) - the ability to pay for them is another. It isn't "free money" won in a lottery 😀 - if you use it you have to be able to pay it back.
  3. GE is very helpful when returning to US from abroad but has no benefit at boarding the plane. TSA is so common these days that at times the TSA line is as long or longer than the regular one (not referring to MIA specifically) but still a better choice (no shoes off, no iPad/laptop removal, etc).
  4. But surely this has to affect the cruise lines in some way. I am not suggesting that this is the end of cruising - this too shall indeed pass. But how will the cruise lines recover in view of the huge losses they face now and with fewer customers in the near future due to both fear of cruising and lack of funds.
  5. That is true but you are at these places (supermarkets, etc) for a limited time whereas you are with the same people on a cruise for a week or more. You can be exposed in either situation but the odds are different. Not to mention that if you should be unlucky enough to be exposed and become positive, it's a huge difference whether this happens to you within your own city or on a cruise ship - the difference being obvious.
  6. Not good news. I agree that the near future - certainly within the next 1 month - will tell us in which direction this epidemic is moving. We can wait and make the decision closer to sailing thanks to the new O cancellation policy. PS How are things in Majorca?
  7. Well, here it's been Spring for some time now - everything is blooming but there is still some community spread concern - maybe will get better in a month. I am worried about Spain & especially France where our next cruise is in May - hope they have an early Spring too.
  8. Very interesting indeed - I too hope that they are right. Thanks 🙂
  9. Just one more day Pam - hang in there😃 Glad it didn’t happen on Day 2 of the cruise.
  10. I believe that you are right. I think it was Terry but I also seem to remember that they missed Raiatea and went to Taha’a instead?
  11. Agree. Pride is part of it but mostly it’s a population that has been taught over the years to obey the strict laws, or else. They have learned that lesson well and it leads to a clean, smoothly functioning and prospering city state. It’s a great place to visit (not too sure about living there though 😃)
  12. You may well be right but the credit really goes to the Singapore government and health authorities for being prepared and handling it promptly - this is what you would expect in a place that I think is cleaner even than Switzerland and were it's against the law to chew gum 😀 and where you never have to worry about eating food from street vendors. Have they not been prepared and handled it promptly I would assume that there would be more community spread like in all other places. In other words, I don't think that it was the heat that stopped the community spread - at least IMO.
  13. If it did there would have been no corona in Singapore where it’s always hot and humid.
  14. In other words, you feel that Oceania’s cruises in, say this October, will be just like they were always before - no changes at all. The company will take the losses and say - tough luck but no big deal, we don’t have to make up for those losses in any way. Stockholders be damned.
  15. How much protection/help are the cruise lines getting from their insurance for events like this? If they receive significant compensation, can the insurance companies handle this? I certainly don’t have the answers for any of this. My question was - can the cruise industry continue after this as if nothing happened or will this lead to some significant changes?
  16. We all know the financial difficulties the cruise line companies are facing now and in the near future. Stocks of most of them fell 25% just today, there are many cancellations and few bookings, lots of refunds, compensations, last minute discounts, etc. Assuming that most companies will survive this crisis, it would appear logical that they would want to and need to make up for these losses in some way. The options are limited - the most obvious ones being higher fares or cutting back on the product in some way. For example, Oceania’s budget for food is among the highest, if not the highest, in the industry. Cutting back on this would change Oceania significantly for me and perhaps others. Neither one of these two Above options is a pleasant prospect. What do people think?
  17. All people entering Israel from abroad will be required to spend 14 days in home-isolation, the prime minister said Monday. I have a real problem with the concept of “home-isolation”. It sounds good but how does it really work? What about your family - wife/husband/children? Do they all just have to agree to possibly get sick? What if you have older parents at home who are at higher risk? Who so going to deliver food for these people for 14 days - not everyone can arrange that for one reason or another. If husband is on home-isolation and then the wife goes to the supermarket, is she putting others at risk? Etc., etc. etc.
  18. Must be - she posted about an "incident" at Jacques.
  19. Thank you. Wishing you an uneventful and fun cruise. I wish we could have been there.
  20. Sorry - do you mean that they filled the ship with people receiving 75-90% discount or that 75-90% of passengers are industry travel crowd?
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