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  1. Horizons if you do it early. They start setting up for afternoon tea by 2:30 or so. Martini’s may not be very busy at that time either. Check with the concierge.
  2. I can see it both in Windows 10 and my iPad
  3. Exactly - you are a newbie to Oceania as you are not familiar with their product. That is not meant as a derogatory term - only a descriptive one. You may know many things in general about cruising and specifically about the lines you have cruised on but not necessarily about Oceania's product & policies that are constantly discussed here. You won't be an Oceania newbie for long - if you like your O cruise and decide to return you'll be a repeat O cruiser PS Before I had my first (and only) Crystal cruise I went on their boards and asked many questions about Crystal as a NEWBIE to Crystal (despite our extensive cruising experience). I am sure you know a lot about Windjammer and I know nothing about them - I would be a newbie there.
  4. We too had an instance where the new price was honored with new lower price. That said, it took a little back and forth between our TA & Oceania. Granted, this is the only time it happened but we rarely book onboard.
  5. What is so amazing about the architecture of both Abu Dhabi and especially Dubai is that one would be hard pressed to find 2 buildings that are the same among the hundreds. Lots of fascinating and imaginative structures of all kinds - skyscrapers, hotels, mosques, shopping centers, etc, etc Wonderful pictures Terry - thanks.
  6. Great pictures Terry - thanks. I thought you might like Dubai 🙂
  7. Not to mention the problem of pulling them closer to the table after being seated.
  8. As long as we are talking about cookies - I would never put the food on Princess being anywhere near the food on Oceania - not even in the same universe - but the Princess cookies beat Oceania’s cookies by a country mile (esp. the chocolate chips) It is really surprising, especially in view of all the other Oceania baked goods being so superb (baguettes, croissants, etc, etc) - go figure.
  9. This is the case - if one desires something a little out of the ordinary, one should request it ahead of time. Case in point, DW drinks Diet Caffeine Free Coke - not a standard item. Hence we always request it ahead and therefore receive it during the cruise.
  10. I am asking because calling Oceania I was assured that ALL OC bathrooms have a shower stall (including the guest BR on deck 11). I didn't think so - that is why I asked you. I guess we know how (in)accurate the info from O reps can be at times
  11. Thank you Mura - that is what I thought.
  12. Regatta hasn't been refurbished yet, unlike Insignia
  13. S&J, When you say that deck 11 OC have bath & half what do you mean? Do they just have a toilet or also have a shower stall (I know that they do not have a tub - neither do the ones on deck 12) TIA
  14. That makes sense as MIA is a major hub for AA - hence AA terminal is very busy.
  15. A perfectly reasonable approach. As the saying goes - to each their own. Happy sailings 🙂
  16. Sounds pretty bad - hope things will improve SOON!
  17. Status (and being in OVO cabins) helps but the key is being there early when window 2 tops are still available - they will not deny seating you at one of those as reservations are not honored in the MDR.
  18. Not sure if specialties have tables for 8. In any case, I find those tables too large for any meaningful interaction among all guests at the table. If sharing, tables for 4 or 6 are ideal, IMO.
  19. Just thinking out loud - if the tour operator planned a future trip to Oz, it would have made sense to get AUD to avoid paying conversion fees. The average Fiji vendor may or may not have plans to travel to Oz and thus would prefer local currency to avoid waiting in bank and pay fees (unless they have ways of converting money on the “black” market 🙂)
  20. FWIW, I do not think that the personnel handling the boarding/embarkation are employees of Oceania - I believe that they are employed by the port authority and they handle boarding for any cruise line that is at that particular dock. That said, perhaps O could have provided water/refreshments from the ship if they saw many people waiting in boarding area.
  21. Generally speaking, once you book with a TA and not directly with Oceania, all communications need to go via your TA.
  22. I am not crazy about the carpets either but the busy pattern will hide any dirt/stains very well (especially the one in cabins). I suspect that may be what they had in mind?
  23. Terry - thank you for taking the time to track down Eka and pass on our greetings. Have a safe trip home 🙂
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