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  1. I would describe Dubai as the Disneyland of the Middle East - nothing seems real and it’s all about entertainment and show. 😄 Lots to do and see there, as I am sure you know - I love the architecture. If you can fit in a tea or dinner at Burj Al Arab I would recommend it - not for the food per se but to see the hotel (the only way to visit it). Once inside you can see all of the hotel - pretty special. In Abu Dhabi be sure to visit the Mosque and maybe the Emirates Palace (used to be free - there may be a charge now).
  2. I had a similar problem. I closed that window and opened it in a new window - no problems. This was on an iPad.
  3. Mura - you can have the first copy - autographed and gratis (if I ever write it) 😄
  4. We were able to do it twice recently on a B2B cruise this Oct/Nov for house red wine. We were in a PH but it should not make a difference. Just ask to have it changed for some wine.
  5. Fortunately I know when it’s time to quit - and this is the time. Or maybe I should write a book
  6. I have no idea what you are talking about - I have never written a book. You want us to believe that the thing you were unhappy about was the fact that the waiter had to make a second trip - how considerate of you. As to the original topic of plastic straws - I feel we should get rid of as much plastic in our lives as we can, including plastic straws, and use recyclable items in place of plastics whenever possible.
  7. LuAnn - will do. Glad you had a good cruise on Riviera.
  8. Terry - I am enjoying your narrative, historical notes and especially the pictures - thanks! As an aside, in the past Oceania has employed Israeli special forces for protection in that area. Not sure if this was the case on your cruise but it would make sense as they are “local” (as well as very good :))
  9. While there is no charge for specialty restaurants one can use OBC for La Reserve or Privee
  10. Does your TA give you refundable OBC specifically in place of PPG or just as a “benefit”? My TA gives me “benefits” on all cruises but PPG only on certain bookings where his agency has a group booking. In such cases this is my second PPG as I get the first one with loyalty status. In these cases in the past this second PPG has always been given as non refundable OBC.
  11. Not sure if it will be that easy. For example, my Plat loyalty shows on my 11/2019 cruise but the PPG from my TA (that I will get as OBC as my loyalty already pays for gratuities) does not. Thus, unless it shows up in my booking before the cruise I will have to change my prepaid excursions to use that OBC once onboard.
  12. I agree. We recently cruised on the Marina in the Med (Oct/Nov). I had no problem with getting my email (my primary use of the internet). In addition to that, I was able to book 2 flights online (awards) - one of which required transferring points from my bank to the airline - all without a problem. Was it as fast as it would have been at home? No, but it worked just fine. I was also able to make some “free” calls on my Xfinity using wifi connection (calls I needed to make for “business” purposes not for pleasure or chatting with family/friends) - i.e. wifi worked fine even for that. Uploading pictures or some other activities might have posed problems but I don’t need that on a cruise. No complaints here.
  13. Of all the things to be unhappy about I wouldn’t think this would be one of them in my book. Is that really such a big deal to have to ask for a straw?
  14. An advice I wish more tour guides would follow. Not many things (on a tour) are more aggravating than being back to the bus on time only to wait for some entitled person(s) keeping an entire bus sitting and waiting.
  15. That’s a good choice - we did it with the same company and it worked out well. Enjoy!
  16. My 2 cents’ worth on this topic. I doubt the theory of Oceania skipping ports just to save money. On a recently completed Med cruise on Marina we had to change 3 ports due to winds/storm caused road damage in these ports. All 3 affected ports were substituted for other ports rather than being turned into “sea days”.
  17. Some people love to complain but refuse to change cruise lines. It would seem that complaining is more fun than being happy elsewhere. I liked but didn’t love Crystal - rather than complaining about their shortcomings (for me) I moved back to where I am happier. My complaints about “deficiencies” on Crystal would be futile - so I moved on.
  18. If “hating all those little slips” is very high on your list of likes and dislikes then maybe an all inclusive cruise line might be more to your liking?
  19. Could you please tell us more about this “pay off” certificate?
  20. That may be true but you have been here on CC long enough to have read some horror stories that were related here due to mistakes or ignorance of some TAs. Why should these customers be the ones to pay for the learning curve of these TAs when they could benefit from the knowledge and experience of those TA who already know what they are doing when it comes to Oceania’s “ins and outs”.
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