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  1. Sure… these are his toys. It won’t be just a disappointment
  2. Well we didn't speak about that specifically, but I told him about our son, even sent a picture on the Koningsdam 2 years ago, spoke about how excited he was, and that raised no particular question.
  3. They specifically said that Greek only authorised vaccinated persons to board cruise ships. Which is simply not true. It must be Hal policy only, but it's not what they say. Furthermore, I got this phone call right after I purchased a happy birthday package the night before. That must have rung a bell, and I believe they simply forgot about us. Had I not made this purchase, they probably wouldn't have notified us at all, and we would have been left in port. I'm sorry but that's just wrong. Quite frankly, I have many other things to do other than check every day if someone does his or her job correctly. Both my wife and I are fully vaccinated, which is totally normal, no question about that. And it was not particularly easy to have it done on time. When our Oosterdam cruise was cancelled and we were transferred onto the Eurodam, everything was rechecked, dates of birth, party, and son on. Nobody said anything. And this cruise was the first to restart, so the "no children" rule already existed, obiously.. They shouldn't have allowed the transfer, and yet God knows how many discussions I've had with them to secure this transfer. The thing is, less than three weeks before departure, our vacation is ruined, plain and simple. There is nothing left.
  4. For what it’s worth, they haven’t even been able to change the travel agency for France’s phone number, which went bankrupt a year and a half ago. Which I told them quite a few times..
  5. I was never notified before this phone call, and that’s exactly what they said. They just make up stories, it is not a Greek demand. They shouldn’t have transferred us to this cruise after the first one was cancelled, knowing perfectly there was a little boy in the party. For God’s sake I even discussed this with Seth Wayne weeks ago!
  6. You just don't notify it 20 days from departure, when everything has been paid and booked months ago, and after a first cancellation. That's just plain disrepectful. My son's disappointment will be overwhelming. He talks every single day of celebrating his 5th birthday on board. I'm more than disappointed, I'm outraged and also extremely sad.
  7. Have any of you been confonted to something similar ?
  8. Hi, I've just been called by the Rotterdam offices: they told me that we would not be able to embark in Athens on August 15th for our 4 years old son is not vaccinated. It is illegal for kids this young to be vaccinated in all European countries !! I can't believe this is happening 20 days from departure. Furthermore, the Ambassy of Greece in France just told me that vaccines are absolutely not required for children under 12. They're not even required to undergo a PCR test!! How is something like this even possible?
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