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  1. It was a major miss. Wish that NCL would make it special again.
  2. NCL must have changed their philosophy from Cagneys being an exceptional experience, to Cagneys being another profit center. AJ
  3. My wife and I will most likely forgo Cagneys, and possibly NCL for a line we have not tried. AJ
  4. Cagneys has been an example of Medicare for all...Open it up to everyone and quality and service will suffer. AJ
  5. It seems to me that the whole Cagneys "experience" has been reduced to a fancy MDR. When my wife and I started cruising we would plan our days around when we were going to dine in Cagneys. Our planning is now much easier now that we will not be eating in this once beloved restaurant any more. AJ
  6. I know what cabin I was in. What are you asking? Look right behind the rooms behind cabin 18033. the one by the hall was the source of the smell.
  7. I was in 18039 YC. Just outside and across the hall was a cleaning supply room. When the door to this room was open the smell was overwhelming. I could see a drain in this room and as I inspected it I almost puked. Several times when this room was opened I could smell the bleach that was poured down the drain. I had a nice conversation with our butler and he acknowledged the problem, and admitted that he had heard a lot of complaints. I don't blame MSC or the excellent staff for this problem, but I do blame the designers of the ship. Drydock can not come soon enough. AJ
  8. Our first and many other times at Cagneys were highlighted by the enormous 3 prawn shrimp cocktail and the fantastic steak fries. (Known as Cagney fries on the menu). The various meat offerings were always melt in your mouth tender. This was starting in 2008 when Kevin Sheehan was CEO. That also was when NCL cared more about the experience rather than how much money they could suck out of each passenger. Andy Stuart has completely changed this. AJ
  9. The star of Cagneys was the fries. They have changed to something from the frozen food aisle. The T bone almost requires a chainsaw to cut.
  10. I was thinking more relaxed, drink service, sit down with a menu and not crowded. (Oh and good food!) AJ
  11. Is the buffet not chaotic on EOS during embarkation? (unlike every other cruise ship in the world?)
  12. Is there a mini bar in the cabin? If so, is it included in the drink package?
  13. We also booked first night done right. Can we choose where to eat? Either way will be good.
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