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  1. I did not have to file a claim as my airfare was arranged through NCL. I do feel bad for all of you who are still having to deal with this situation more than two months after sailing. We will not be cruising with NCL again. That was just too much ignorance for me to ever trust them again.
  2. Cruises before a dry dock can be a gamble. Our transatlantic on the Getaway this past April was right before she went into dry dock. Our cruise was shortened by two days with only one week's notice and they did start working on the ship a few days before the cruise ended (the promenade on deck 8 was closed to foot traffic while they repainted railings). Although this type of situation is not always the case, I personally would never book a cruise just prior to dry dock ever again on any line.
  3. I have always had good experiences on the ships. There are the occasional issues but they have been minor and did not affect the overall quality of the vacation. On the other hand, when it comes to customer service on the corporate level, NCL is the worst.
  4. If you knowingly sell someone a product when you know it is being misrepresented, it is definitely fraud. They could have told the customer upfront about the change and offered them the reduced rate right from the beginning. But then the customer could change their mind. If you sell them the product first, then offer compensation with no possibility of cancelling without penalty, you have purposely forced them into taking the cruise despite the change.
  5. Several people, both on the cruise and after, stated that they were sold the cruise as a 12-day voyage after we were notified of the change. They most certainly have a case regardless of the timing of the dry dock change.
  6. So, we were scheduled to go from NYC to the Azores (2561 miles) in five days and you are saying it will take them almost four days to go from Brest to Copenhagen (1097 miles)? Not buying it.
  7. She just left dry dock four days earlier than was scheduled. Just enough time to make a short cruise for travel agents to show off her new refurbishment upgrades.
  8. On the morning of disembarkation we saw some guests that were part of a large group filling their thermoses with maple syrup to take home. Not kidding.
  9. Regardless of where it stands for those of us who purchased before the itinerary change, I want to see the company charged with fraud for selling the cruise to people who purchased after the change that believed they were getting a 12-day voyage.
  10. There are several people who have stated that they were sold a 12-day cruise after the current passengers were notified of the reduction to 10-days. They then found out about the reduction through sources outside of NCL. It also appeared on their website as a 12-day cruise with the ability to book after the reduction announcement. That is fraud.
  11. We did not have the option to decline the compensation. It was automatically processed to the original form of payment. This does not constitute consent in any form. The continued to sell the cruise as a 12-day voyage through their own website after they announced the change to 10-days. That is fraud.
  12. If you bought from NCL directly refund was posted to original method of payment while we were on the ship. Not sure how it would be handled through a TA.
  13. I agree. This cruise was a disaster from the beginning and despite the crew doing their best to temper the overall atmosphere of anger, it was not successful. The northern route completely killed all outdoor activities and the ship was not capable of handling the crowds inside the ship. They failed to provide adequate entertainment options and even the main theater remained empty for most of the day. This was my last cruise with Norwegian. The treatment of both us, and their crew (by leaving them to deal with these issues for seven full days at sea) is unacceptable. If anyone starts a class action suit I am willing to assist in any way possible. They need to be held accountable for this improper treatment and the stress caused by their poor decision making.
  14. Yes. But that could be an old schedule. Someone who speaks French would have to call the port to see if there has been a change since this was posted.
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