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  1. This is the only reason you listed that I have a problem with. 'Convenience of not having to walk a large ship'? This equates to sheer laziness IMHO..😏
  2. Why would people rent scooters only for a cruise, and not use them at home or otherwise?
  3. Depends... I would only go the credit card dispute route as a very LAST resort. Try to maintain your patience if you can, HAL is working through a lot of refund requests, and they're doing the best they can.
  4. HAL is still selling this itinerary for Fall 2020-Spring 2021. Partly because I'm booked on Koningsdam for March 2021, every few days or so, I'll do a dummy booking for the October sailings, and they are still consistently available for booking, at least for now. If HAL knew today that they would not be able to make those sailings, wouldn't they take them off the table at this point? Or maybe it is that they would rather get as much of our money locked up in deposits/full payments for one of those sailings, wait until the last minute to cancel them, and then slow roll the refunds/FCCs back to us (which is probably the more likely scenario).
  5. Agree, and we'd sail from San Diego to the MR too. In fact, we are sailing to the MR next March on Koningsdam (that is if they don't cancel it as is quite possible), and if we do sail, we will get off the ship in all three ports!
  6. Those scooter parkings are simply rude and inconsiderate. I'll never understand why people do it. It's all about them I suppose..😏
  7. I see, it's all our fault. Now I get it.. 🙄
  8. Or thought you signed up for is probably a better description. Sounds like somebody screwed up, and probably not the ship.
  9. Huh, check your ships activities on HAL website for ATK? Please explain.. 🤔
  10. When you have a promo on your booking, and you re-fare for a lower price, do you typically lose any promos you had on the original fare? For example, we have the 'Have it All' promo (which expires end of Sep) on a booking for next March. If we saw a price drop and did a re-fare, would we lose the Have it All promo with the new booking?
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