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  1. Personally, I would not recommend a cabin directly below the MDR, or any other public venue for that matter. As far as being below the MDR, you'll likely hear noise from above at various times throughout the day and night, as meal service or preparation for it pretty much is an ongoing activity for most hours of the day. You might want to see if you can change to a different cabin in the same category, preferably sandwiched between two passenger only decks for maximum quietness. 😉
  2. I could be entirely wrong (which happens a lot), but I think you have missed the OP's point in starting this thread altogether. I interpreted their point more as a query about whether folks may be a bit concerned about sanitation and germs in their cabin, and for this reason tend to sanitize or 'clean' their cabins upon arrival, or even periodically during their cruise. Like I said, I could be wrong though..
  3. When is the last rime you spoke with him on the telephone? If there is such a policy (as you described), Shouldn't HAL have something in writing on the subject? I am requesting that you cite that reference, please..
  4. OP hasn't been back here since July 22nd when he/she threw the grenade over the fence and ran, and here we are still going at it almost 2 months later. 😕 Anybody else besides me think we were trolled? 🤔
  5. I'm guessing he/she won't return, because I'm thinking that they probably did not have the insurance and quickly realized their 'mistake' based on many of the posts here mentioning it. They'll probably stay away rather than return and admit that they didn't have insurance, so all the costs are theirs. Expensive lesson learned..
  6. Wow, quite a story! Hoping you had travel insurance with medical coverage which would (most likely) cover most, if not all of the medical expenses.
  7. I would suggest that you or your TA contact Ship Services (details in my post #4 above) and let them know your desires for table size/location (even a few table #'s from the MDR diagrams that would work for you). Then after it's confirmed with Ship Services, have your TA issue you an updated booking confirmation with this information noted on it.
  8. Our TA gave us what I mentioned above (post # 14)..
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