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  1. Make a reservation for the elevator... now that's funny! 😆
  2. No, you must take ownership of your screw-ups... Lol! 😆
  3. Or an elevator, or so many other situations on a cruise ship that don't currently allow for safe physical distancing. Needless to say, the industry has a lot of work to do before they can safely sail again.
  4. You'll likely not hear anything from HAL regarding your FCC... we didn't. A couple of days after our refund posted to our credit card, I called HAL to inquire about the FCC because we were ready to pull the trigger on another sailing for next Spring. The agent checked our Mariner accounts and confirmed that our FCC had posted, which of course was a very pleasant surprise. We're now booked with the 'Have it All' promo and $200 OBC for a March '21 sailing! 😃
  5. Yep... the line is VERY long. We were scheduled to sail March 14th, and HAL cancelled the cruise March 13th. Our refund posted to our credit card on May 21st... took awhile.
  6. Hi Kazu, Can you please add the following? Koningsdam - 20-Mar-21 - 7 day Mexican Riviera Celebrating DW's 71st birthday
  7. Full refund received...check; FCC applied to Mariner accounts...check. Future cruise booked for March 2021 with the 'Have It All' promo AND $200 OBC...check! Time to sail again!! 😃
  8. Don't lock down, and crash the economy for starters..
  9. Not surprised that Politifact is a bias left leaning site, or? Love your grammar BTW..
  10. Didn't need to be in this case because the so-called science was wrong, and led us down the wrong path unfortunately.
  11. Don't need to.. https://www.allsides.com/news-source/politifact
  12. Like, maybe you need to choose another cruise line.. Just sayin' 🙄
  13. Not sure that they aren't going in departure date order. We just received our refund today, for one of the first few cancelled sailings (14 Mar).
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