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  1. Because being vaccinated does not guarantee you will not get Covid. The vaccine provides protection from being hospitalized with a serious case or dying from Covid. The vaccine is not the be all and end all. Social distancing, hand hygiene, masks etc are still likely to be required. Unless they decide to do testing before and during the cruise, there will be no way of knowing if covid is being spread amongst vaccinated passengers.
  2. The vaccine does not guarantee you will not get Covid. It lessens your chances of contracting it and protects you from dying from it or having a very serious case. It does not mean you can't contract it and give it to others. Nor does having Covid previously guarantee you from not getting/spreading it again. The only ship I will be sailing on is one that has the MAXIMUM amount of testing pre-cruise and vaccination certificate required. Hell, I'd even be happy with a mid-cruise and post cruise test as well. Whatever it takes to make cruising safe again. I think cruises have the pot
  3. Yes, and that's where we'll see the separation of who will cruise and who won't hopefully. I will follow all rules and regulations happily for the benefit of all of us and for the ability to cruise again. It would be really awful to witness non-compliant passengers refusing to mask and give staff a hard time for enforcing the rules. I hope the uncooperative ones are never given a chance to set one foot on the gangway.
  4. I am very encouraged by this. I am really hoping a vaccination certificate will be required to board and Covid testing all around. With an astonishing number of people opting out of the vaccine, I was becoming concerned about travel in the future. If vaccinations are required, cruising may be one of the safest ways to vacation because of the control the cruise lines will have as to who will sail and who will not.
  5. Me too. I Lysol wipes everything in our cabins. We wash and sanitize our hands often. Still didn't stop us from getting sick on each and every cruise we've been on for the last several years! More sanitizing of public areas is required and the cabin stewards need less cabins to clean to be able to accomplish this.
  6. This is exactly how we feel. We'll be avoiding cruising until a vaccine has been given worldwide. Luckily we squeezed in a great tropical Caribbean just before Xmas with our kids, so I am glad for that. We've never come home from a cruise without being sick with some virus, so with CV some changes will definitely be made by the cruise lines to keep viruses controlled.
  7. It's not just the coronavirus I am concerned about for future cruises. We are a healthy family of 4 that cruise every winter. I don't remember a year we didn't come home sick with something. Luckily we cruised just before Xmas this past year, but I still have the dry irritating cough that I picked up onboard. I think major changes have to happen on all ships to decrease the spread of all viruses. We LOVE cruising, but we're not booking anything for a few years at least.
  8. Personally I'd like to see room stewards' cabin # 's be cut in half in order to spend more time in each cabin to thoroughly clean each cabin and public areas. Of course this will increase prices, but it would be one way to increase consumer confidence.
  9. Exactly. Our family of 4 are always sick by the time we get off the ship or shortly after. We sailed before Xmas and I still have a cough. This despite our stepped up handwashing and hand sanitizer. Makes you wonder what travels through the air system
  10. It was paper straws only on the NS in December and using uncooked spaghetti to skewer olives, pineapple etc.
  11. For most of the cruise you are very near land. In fact you can see land for 3/4 of the trip.
  12. Oh yes. Couldn't agree more. You won't need earplugs. The RSRR was the highlight of our pre-xmas cruise. I was 18 again. It was magnificent. My husband and I and our 18 year old daughter had so much fun. I sat right in front of the speakers and it didn't phase me a bit. I feel the need to post this again.
  13. That's correct. They are in ear monitors. A band member from the RSRR told me.
  14. I think HAL really needs to roll out some kind of rock entertainment fleet-wide whatever form that may take.
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