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  1. sprockie

    Escargot :)

    Yes, I love that about Celebrity. My son (then 9) and I ate escarcot and french onion soup every night. I wish HAL would do the same.
  2. sprockie

    Snorkeling from the shoreline

    I would recommend buying your own mask at the very least. If you're novice snorkellers like we are, we don't need spectacular snorkelling sites at all the ports - we're quite entertained with the ocean life at Half Moon Cay, Grand Turk or any other beach we go to. I don't even bother with a snorkel, but my boys do. We never wear fins.
  3. I wonder how early you have to book these cabins with the xl balcony. I am hoping to snag one for our winter 2020 cruise with our teens in a close by interior.
  4. sprockie

    Prices in Canadian funds

    We always book in cad because the exchange is locked in. If booking in USD, your final payment will fluctuate depending on the rate that day.
  5. sprockie

    Canada/New England cruise in May?

    We just went in early May this year. May 5-12 on the Veendam. We thought it was a great time of year. We're from Ontario however, so we knew what to expect in terms of weather. It was capri pant weather with a windbreaker or hoodie when it was at it's chilliest. We had one day of rain in Halifax. There were some things not open yet for the season, but not many - more and more retailers and attractions are adjusting to the cruise schedules. We wouldn't hesitate to go again that time of year. Ship was also about 75% full, which was quite nice. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the Veendam. It was great. Not one complaint. Smaller ship in comparison, which was why it could get under bridges etc. Water level was very high when we sailed as well.
  6. This Mom is booking the exact same cruise for our family in 2020 February 2nd with our two teens!!!
  7. sprockie

    Rock on!

    I have seen hints on board that HAL is moving away from the show tune/big band era and is moving more toward catering to the baby boomers. Though I am not a boomer (far too young for that - I'm 50), I am tickled to see and hear more classic rock played throughout the ship and in entertainment venues. Let's face it, the older crowd are becoming lesser in numbers and the middle aged cruiser is now dominating the demographic. ;)
  8. How refreshing. I've seen hints of entertainment on the ships turning from show tunes, Big Band, and music that appeals to the over 75 crowd toto more contemporary modern baby boomer music. Thank goodness it's about time. Very welcome change to us.
  9. sprockie

    Koningsdam - balcony depth by deck

    I think so. We've cruised about 10 times with our kids as 3/4 passengers and have always been fine - for 7 days max, then we all start getting under each other's skin. Now that they're all taller than me, my boy in that upper bunk isn't so sweet. We once had an aft family verandah on celebrity's constellation. That was definitely tollerable for a longer time. There was room for 30 people on that balcony with 4 loungers, table, chairs etc. I wish Hal had something similar for families in the balcony category.
  10. sprockie

    Koningsdam - balcony depth by deck

    Oh my, just looked at the 4184 picture, no we haven't been in that one but wish we had! Lovely. Yes, I am going to try to scoop the 4154 or 4156 when we book. Luckily, they have it designated a quad, which is great because we're unsure if we'll have our teens in the cabin or across the hall in an interior. This will be the first time with separate cabins for our teens and the cost will be significantly more (we usually are fortunate enough to take advantage of the 3/4 sail free pricing). I think on a 10 day cruise the kids having their own space will make a significant difference to our mental health (all of us)!
  11. sprockie

    Koningsdam - balcony depth by deck

    Excellent. Thank you everyone. Yes, we normally book on deck 4 in the aft - every ship seems to have a good number of quads back there and we like the extra room in the balcony when there are more than 2 of us out on the balcony. I had a look at some of the other balconies and it must have been a balcony on Deck 10 or 11 and I realized how small they were. Perfect for 2 maybe but definitely not 4.
  12. sprockie

    Koningsdam - balcony depth by deck

    No one? Bump.
  13. A question - do the actual balconies have less depth the higher the deck? I know there are some nice deep balconies on Deck 4, but are they all about the same depth on the other decks? We will be cruising with our two teenagers in an opposite inside cabin, but would like enough room on the balcony for more than two of us at any given time. I am glad there are some family cabins on the Koningsdam, but at the same time disappointed that "family" type accommodation aren't also available in verandah cabins.
  14. sprockie


    Using U.S.D in Canada or C.A.D in the USA at restaurants and retailers will always be an unfavourable exchange rate. Also, you will always get change in the currency of the country you're in. Using a CC is definitely the best practice unless you exchange some money at a bank or cash retail outlet ahead of time.
  15. Ew, disagree wholeheartedly on this. A vacation where you spend most of the time on ship is not something I'd look forward to for a special holiday family trip. We've cruised every year with our kids who are now 12 and 16, almost always on HAL and Celebrity and all in the Caribbean and a Canada and New England. We've loved them all and have some wonderful trip memories.