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  1. Yep, agreed. The SBP was always a very intriguing carrot for us. We're not huge drinkers, but loved the freedom of the SBP. I think this is a mistake HAL. I too will be looking more closely at Celebrity - have done one and thoroughly enjoyed it - with a cocktail in my hand!
  2. Yes, come ahead to Canada! We Canadians have enjoyed Cuba for many decades. Beautiful island and lovely people.
  3. We were on the Veendam for this cruise exactly one year ago today. We couldn't embark at the port in Old Montreal, but rather had to board the ship further downstream where the cargo ships dock. Water was extremely high last year and we saw a lot of flooding. It's worse this year.
  4. I think it really depends on the kids. We've cruised with HAL almost exclusively with the exception of Celebrity (equal to HAL) and Carnival (never again). With Carnival, I couldn't hear my kids talk to me at the pool the music was so loud and it was so crowded. My kids just like hanging out with us - swimming, shooting hoops or playing ping pong or tenis. Our favourite time of day on HAL at the pool is about 4-7 when most are clearing out and preparing for dinner. My kids never liked the kids clubs, they just preferred doing stuff together, which was fine by me on a family vacation. Personally I wouldn't even consider one of those monstrous cruise ships.
  5. Can you give me an example of room #'s from the deck plan? Do you mean cabins that are longer bow to stern and rectangular? On any specific deck?
  6. If anyone has a picture of the balcony divider opened on the K or NS I'd appreciate it. Cruising with our kids and if we can't get connecting cabins on the inside, I believe this would be fine.
  7. We do carry on cruising with our two teens as well. Just go easy on the shoes as they seem to take up so much room. We always end up taking too many "dinner" outfits and just enough casual clothing. We don't send out any laundry, just maybe wash out some favourites to get through the week. One thing we took on our last cruise which we all agreed was excellent was an insulated steel water bottle each. We were able to fill it up with whatever beverage we chose and lots of ice and take it off at ports and have ice cold drinks all day.
  8. We really like the Best Western on State Rd 84. We've stayed there for the last 10 years or so. Very handy to pick up quick items on foot - 2 minute walk from Winn Dixie, liquor store, fast food restaurants etc.. We don't want/need to spend big money to be on/near the beach for the night before. We figure we'll be seeing it enough on the cruise. BW was $279/night a few weeks ago when we stayed, and that's about the max I am prepared to pay for a basic hotel and breakfast the night before the cruise. It's always been very clean and a cab is about $15 to the port. Hampton Inn beside it is also very good.
  9. Hope you have better luck than us. We get off tomorrow and we have missed or had 3/4 ports cancelled or changed.
  10. The lido pool was looking pretty cloudy and scummy a few days ago
  11. It was closed for the first few days of our cruise, but it's open as of yesterday.
  12. Exactly our thinking. San Juan has absolutely no appeal to me. We've been here several times too many. Here we are on the ship. Might as well be at sea. I sure wish it was an option to circle back to HMC and catch it on the way back but that is never done. I don't know why. We've missed HMC a few times and GT once before, but never this kind of a mess. Do other lines miss ports often or is this a smaller ship HAL thing?
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