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  1. Yeah, that is a little odd to me as well. I have a packing list I keep on an excel spreadsheet and I go from there. Things get added and taken off over time.
  2. I believe your cruise card would show the dates you are on the ship for so it should be clear you are not embarking the ship that day. With that said do they really care?
  3. I'm of the same mind. I love to have my things with me. That said I likely don't pack much more than that poster but my carry on would likely be overweight. My cruises are mostly longer than 7 days.
  4. I agree. There are plenty of bad ta's. There have been many stories on this board about that. Let's not lay all the blame on hal.
  5. I usually use an immersion blender when I make it from scratch.
  6. Please do. I can't see hal making all the dressing from scratch but I'll be happy to admit I'm wrong. I may ask myself if I can remember ;). Every time I've been in the pinnacle the dressing is in a dish and they add garlic (if I remember correctly), anchovies etc to it with the lettuce in a larger bowl then toss.
  7. This situation has been going on for a while with hal and it feels like there have been many threads about it. I'm surprised the op didn't hear of this before.
  8. They are probably checking inventory. The assignment used to show up on the luggage tags first. On my last cruise it appeared on my tags and boarding pass at the same time.
  9. Oh I'm sure there is more to come. It's a typical day on CC. I have a smart phone and I do like it but to say " I can't live without it" seems a bit much. I think I just might be able to live ;p. If someone does or doesn't want or have one it makes very little difference to me. I do get annoyed when I'm standing behind someone to board a plane etc and they can't get their smartphone to work or it can't be scanned. It seems to happen quite often where I am.
  10. The op said in their first post that their cruise is 7 days. In the OP's case it's not a huge assumption.
  11. I would do a lunch at the pinnacle and do the tamarind instead.
  12. I always thought the stewards were on for a year. I'm happy to hear it's only nine months which is still plenty long. Thank you for the information.
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