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  1. As pointed out by @Got2Cruise, what can be done in a river cruise galley isn't the same as what can be done on the ocean. I don't think that your Crystal ocean experience necessarily would be the same even on Crystal river.
  2. Stay. I have been to both Ghent and Brugge and Brugge is nicer. I haven't been to Brussels, but people say it is just a city.
  3. I was recently at Eilean Donan castle in Scotland, which was purchased in 1911 by a member of clan Macrae. They also had the poem on display, and I continue to find it very moving. I was also at the In Flanders Fields museum in Ypres a number of years ago, which also showcased the poem. I don't know whether it is more meaningful to us as Canadians, but I get teary-eyed whenever I see it or think about it.
  4. I guess it takes more effort to get an app approved for the app store (I'm not sure about Google Play) than it is to update it. It just seems weird to me that effectively they continue to advertise an app that doesn't work. I don't think that it makes anyone look good.
  5. Early May is too late for the bulb farm anyway. Remember, Viator doesn't run the tours; they are just a middle man. I would suggest that the OP contact these people https://www.accessibletravelnl.com/travel/Tour-Keukenhof-
  6. I don't think that this (which I interpret and pre- or post-cruise hotels) was what @Floridiana meant. At some point I am sure that I read of cruise companies that on arrival (or departure) from Moscow and St. Petersburg put people in hotels instead of busing them back and forth to the cruise ship. This meant that only the actual cruise portion was on the ship. I haven't heard of anyone recently that does this.
  7. I really don't understand why there is still a Cruise Critic Forums app available in the App Store. It comes from someone called The Independent Traveler Inc. but it includes the Cruise Critic logo. Can't CC get it pulled?
  8. I didn’t do it at Heathrow, rather at Edinburgh. There were signs listing the counties allowed to use the gates, and the whole process was simple and fast.
  9. I will stay away from weather, as you have responses already. As to electricity on shore, there is a difference between a converter (which converts voltage) and an adapter (which just changes the plug configuration). As mentioned, most electronics are dual voltage. (Laptop, tablet, phone, camera, etc.) Somewhere on the little box that you plug the cable into it should say something like 110-240V. Then you just need an adapter. There are different ones for the UK and for Europe, so it depends if you are staying for pre and or post cruise. I don't recommend bringing a hair dryer, which is probably not dual voltage and even with a converter will not work well. They should be supplied on board.
  10. It doesn't look like that clock is counting down. I see it showing 79 days to a departure on Aug 17, which is today.
  11. I just received the 2020 brochure in the mail today. It says that the hotel in Istanbul depends on the departure date. They may or may not know now, but I would suggest contacting AMA directly.
  12. You have mistakenly posted in the forum for help using the forums. I suggest you try these forums https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/775-europe-disabled-cruising/ and the Western European cruise ports (which has subforums for France and Italy https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/472-mediterranean-eastern-amp-western/
  13. There are a number of generic threads here. However, you need to know the Princess rules (which might be different from other cruise lines) so it should be in the Princess forum.
  14. That PIN is the one to use the credit card in a bank machine, and it is a cash advance.. (As an aside, I never connect my credit card to my bank card so that, unless I put the actual credit card in the bank machine, there is no possibility of it being charged to my credit card.) The PIN on a chip and pin card is the authorization that you use instead of a signature. It isn't the same thing. (US banks that don't have them frequently don't understand what they are talking about.)
  15. I'm going to assume that without an extension, they won't take you anywhere. Whatever town they dock in is where you will end up. I am currently looking at a Moselle bike and barge, and there is transportation in the small port towns, so I'm not sure that getting to Luxembourg city will actually benefit you that much. I would try to confirm exactly where they are docking, and then figure out what your transportation options might be.
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