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  1. The Zuider Zee Museum is an outdoor museum, of what life was like in the area in the past. I found it fascinating, and spent a couple of hours there. I didn't have a lot of time in Hoorn, but Medemblik was interesting in the time I had between the arrival of the train and the departure of the ship. I saw a bit of Enkhuizen and enjoyed it too.
  2. I did the historical triangle one day. I took the regular train to Hoorn, then a steam train to Medemblik, a boat to Enkhuizen, visited the Zuider Zee Museum, took their shuttle boat to Enkhuizen and got a train back to Amsterdam. I had a museum card (I don't think this one is available to foreigners anymore, but if it is, it is good for an entire year) which covered the museum at Hoorn, the steam train (which is itself a museum), the boat to Enkhuizen and the entry into the Zuider Zee museum. I just paid for tickets Amsterdam - Hoorn and I think Enkhuizen - Amsterdam. https://www.stoomtram.nl/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/123_SHM_dienstregeling-poster-ENG-LR.pdf
  3. I flew a 757 many years ago from Toronto to Cardiff, Wales and it was awful then. The plane is incredibly uncomfortable for a trans-Atlantic flight.
  4. It says "any electrical device that produces heat" which to me certainly covers a hair dryer.
  5. It isn't a blog. It is a topic in the CC River Cruising forum.
  6. I think that a hair dryer uses a lot more wattage than a curling iron.
  7. They know that the roll call finder tool isn't working. In the meantime you have to go to Roll Calls/name of your cruise line/name of your ship/and search for the correct date, as Essiesmom has done for you. Once you get there, bookmark the page so that you can get back to it easily. You can also follow it, so you will know when anything new is posted.
  8. It is generally cheaper to book luggage when you book the flight than to wait to do it at the airport.
  9. The other thing I would be concerned about if it is a charter (and I'm not saying that it is), is whether much of the group is already connected. I sailed the Mekong with Ama, and almost half of the people were on one organized group, and they were fairly insular. They didn't have much interest in mingling with the other passengers.
  10. It sounds like the travel agency is marketing a charter cruise, either organized by them or by someone else. You are likely to get the Scenic crew since they are hired for the season, but other inclusions may or may not be the same. Since the cruise director doesn't come with the ship he/she might not be up to Scenic's standards. Excursions might be different, and might or might not have costs You might not have access to the Scenic app for self-touring Drinks might not be included, or included beverages might be of lesser quality Food might not be of the same quality; it would partly depend on how much the charter company wishes to spend on food I would talk with the travel agent, and make sure you get a full itinerary and a list of inclusions.
  11. @dbeckett You have now seen the little mermaid, thanks to @Capt_BJ and can now make your plans to tour Copenhagen as you wish. (By the way, if you are doing a canal cruise, they will approach the statue, but you will see her from the back.)
  12. I tried Rome2Rio.com and found a list of flights from Southampton to Amsterdam here. (I didn't put in a date) https://www.rome2rio.com/map/Southampton/Amsterdam I clicked on the airplane icon at the top under Fly Southampton to Amsterdam Schiphol and got a list of non-stop flights, as well as flights that require a connection. The non-stops seem to be on FlyBe; they may not book that far out.
  13. Do you really believe that the M4 line will open on time? Does it actually have a scheduled date? These projects rarely come in on time.
  14. They actually don't provide a visa. They do the paperwork for a visa waiver for you.
  15. I travelled to Myanmar with Avalon last year. I used a cane on all excursions due to a knee issue; even though I am fine on flat ground. (I have issues with going down mostly, whether it is ramps or stairs.) The docking location was generally considerably below the village/town we were visiting, and the crew cut steps out of the sand for us, and then spaced themselves strategically to help people up. For me, there was always someone at my elbow to help me up to the shore, and back down to the ship. In temples, there was someone right there when I had to go up or down a step. They were incredible. One thing to note about the Mekong (I did it in 2017 with Ama) is that you have to take your shoes (but not socks) off in every temple. It really helps to have shoes that you can slip on and off. (In Myanmar we also had to take off socks, which was much more difficult for me.)
  16. I'm doing a bike and barge trip, 7 nights on the Moselle from Koblenz to Metz in May. Looking ahead to 2021, I retire in July and am trying to figure out if I can do a Norwegian Fjords cruise in May or June.
  17. The best views are from the sun deck. Your only daytime sailing is likely to be the castles on the Rhine section, which has castles on both sides. As to a view when docked, you are quite likely to have another boat tied up next to you, and your only view might be into the next cabin. Not on a Rhine cruise, but I spent 2 nights docked in Rotterdam with my aquarium class cabin right next to the wood along the side of a pier that was completely above my cabin.
  18. Definitely no suit. At most a sports jacket, but if he prefers a sweater over a collared shirt that would be fine. Weather can be iffy at that time of year. I did a Uniworld tulip time trip in 2010 in the second half of April, from Antwerp to Amsterdam. At the first part of the trip, I was wearing everything I owned, fleece, scarf, earmuffs and gloves because it was quite chilly. By the end, I was very comfortable during the day in shirt sleeves (generally 3/4 length sleeves). Evenings are cooler. We went to Keukenhof on April 28th (I think) and I started with a light windbreaker over my jersey, but as the day warmed up I took it off and enjoyed the sun. Don't forget that you might also need rain gear at that time of year.
  19. I still prefer non-stop flights if possible. I'd be inclined to travel to Zurich from Basel for a non-stop flight.
  20. Yes, sometimes vastly different.
  21. But any machine that offers percentage choices are always on the after tax total. (And we in Canada use them all the time.)
  22. It was the name of a marina at Beaverton, Ontario (the Beaverton Boatel) on Lake Simcoe more than 50 years ago. We docked a houseboat there for a season.
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