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  1. Why? Aren't you vaccinated? We have an older friend and her doctor thinks because of her medical issues, she shouldn't be vaccinated.
  2. Agree. Oil prices are heading up, it costs a lot to move these big boats. But I think if you are willing to book last minute, you will still find deals.
  3. Seems silly because we will all be vaccinated, right? But I always was more worried about Norovirus anyway.
  4. Agree. We went all the way to Kodiak in September so we were one of the last boats. And we had less crowding than usual.
  5. We have been sailing on Holland since 1997 and have met a lot of crew. I do wonder how many we will never see again because of the downsizing. Bigger ships mean less crew per passenger.
  6. Agree. We did an Alaskan cruise in 2019 and weren't impressed. We prefer 21 days and places off the beaten path. We were big Prinsendam fans, we are giving the new Rotterdam a chance in October, but if we don't like it, we will look at Viking and Oceania.
  7. I do wonder what percentage of cruisers will never take another cruise. Fears of getting something, many have suffered health reverses this past year due to lack of medical care. I do believe there is pent up demand, but we personally wouldn't be all that upset if ours got canceled. I don't know if I want to be on a boat wearing masks if required. Or all the tables changed to two-tops.
  8. Thanks for the correction! Now I am more hopeful it will go. Got my first vaccine last week and Johnson and Johnson is promising Africa 400 million doses. I really the we are rounding the bend.
  9. Horrible news. Our Rotterdam cruise is supposed to end in Fort Lauderdale in October. Hopefully this directive is not set in stone.
  10. Oceania was going at 50% for their world cruise. Our October Rotterdam cruise is two cruises cobbled together and does include an extra day for cleaning before the second half of the cruise continues. Great point earlier about having a verandah cabin.
  11. I started as an optimist and thought this would be over in six months but it kept on, I am still hopeful our Rotterdam cruise in October will happen, but vaccinations are not going fast enough in Europe right now. We get our jabs on Friday.
  12. We have seen this too, but rarely. Sort of surprising considering people are on vacation and have access to alcohol. My brother and his husband used to do the gay only cruises where Holland rents out the ship, but now feel much more comfortable on Holland's regular cruises. Although the husband does wish Holland would include more line dancing.
  13. "Safe" means different things to different people or nations. Mexico has horrible numbers on infections and deaths but they are open for tourism. Europe and Canada? They have the money to be more cautious on letting tourists return.
  14. In Colorado, anyone over 16 will be eligible for a vaccine in April, so I think most Americans will be vaccinated by June. And it looks like we over-ordered, so I expect our extras to be sent overseas quickly. It is amazing to see how many vaccines have been made so quickly.
  15. Captain Albert misses the old days when the Captains actually ran their ships. Now they are all micromanaged from Seattle.
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