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  1. We only got discounts and upgrades through our travel agent, never through our PCC. Very funny thing happened last year, the wife and I got assigned to different PCC's. Since she books the cruises, my PCC will be very disappointed.
  2. Yes, ours hate the dog kennel, one loses weight and they both lose sleep. They much prefer when we are home.
  3. It made sense the way they were doing it. Not a lot of ports, just up to the Arctic. But garbage in, garbage out? Looks like the crew was already infected.
  4. We are 55 and have been cruising on HAL since 1997. We like the smaller ships but are willing to try a ship like the bigger Rotterdam, actually booked in September. We like the good food, we don't need the shows but do have fun at the piano bar. Keen for trivia. We choose our cruises based on itinerary and prefer Europe and Transatlantic to tropical. We like Oceania as our alternate for many of these same reasons.
  5. We sailed on the Prinsendam's final voyage. It was already owned by another cruise line at the time.
  6. To me it seems like Holland has already suffered enough. They lost a huge percentage of their fleet, but HA does tend to have the smaller, less profitable ships so I could see them losing a couple more ships.
  7. Our last voyage was on the Rotterdam in March. Our next Holland America cruise will be on the Rotterdam/Ryndam in September. Amsterdam to Fort Lauderdale. From 1200 to 2500.
  8. If cruising starts up like our local restaurants, the ships might be half empty. So Konigsdam might be less crowded.
  9. There are two great arguments for inside cabins. One, you can cruise for twice as long at the same price. And my brother loves inside cabins because he loves to sleep in after staying up all night. There was a comment earlier about older people being more vulnerable. It is true with the current data but I do wonder if seniors who travel are healthier than the general population. For instance, my father has COPD so travel is too burdensome for him. Holland America people are more likely to have a stronger immune system and mentally capable of taking care of themselves.
  10. I saw a German cruise line doing a cruise to nowhere from Hamburg. Fingers crossed that they don't have issues. Also seeing some riverboat cruises starting. I do feel too many people are putting their faith in a vaccine. If it happens, I will be one of the first in line but HIV never got a vaccine. It could take a very long time.
  11. Great point. They might become more of a European line, catering to European customers. 5 day cruises? We have no interest. We like 21 days.
  12. That is what I would expect them to do. Buy a line that has temporary cash flow issues.
  13. June, 2021. We have a transatlantic scheduled. I think that things will be back to normal by then. I saw a column in the WSJ asking if flight crews were experiencing many Covid-19 cases and they weren't. I would guess airliner staff do have good immune systems because of constant exposure in closed air environments. Maybe the first cruisers back will be the same way.
  14. We used to book ourselves for twenty years but recently started using a TA and are really impressed with their results. Cheaper and better upgrades than our FCC.
  15. Someone who has sailed with Fred O before? I don't want to sail on a line that doesn't have English as the primary but am curious what Holland people think of Fred?
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