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  1. I notice the Rotterdam was in Rotterdam, unscheduled stop? Engine problems? Just curious, we had been booked on this trip but had to cancel.
  2. Has anyone tried having medications shipped to the ship? With mail we just use my nephew as a house sitter.
  3. We used to get half off prices if you ate at the Pinnacle on the first night because most people don't book specialty restaurants after a long day of travel and bon voyage activities. But this was all pre-Covid.
  4. Losing weight on a cruise? I didn't know that was an option! (Kidding!)
  5. What a nice husband! My wife likes to sleep in so I will bring her back pastries from breakfast.
  6. We tip cash to our room stewards and our main dining room head and assistant waiter. Never thought of tipping others.
  7. If you want night life on HAL, you will have to book the larger ships during the holidays. Otherwise it gets quiet quickly. The piano bar might be a sole exception, especially with the 10pm happy hour.
  8. Our March 2022 cruise from Miami is supposed to end in Venice with an overnight. Wonder what changes they will make? Finish up in Trieste instead? Or dock there and take a bus or train to Venice. If we still go there, maybe we will add a few extra days.
  9. Exactly. Our first TA in 1997 was a waste but our current one we actually met on a cruise and she has done some amazing things for us. She knows what we want and doesn't try to put us on the monster ships. (She hates them herself. )
  10. We used to use the PCC's but tried a TA recently. So much better deals even with their fee. It doesn't make sense that the price goes down using a middleman but it is reality. The travel agent is working for you. The PCC is working for Holland.
  11. Our travel agent was able to get us a beverage package too so we won't be bringing our own drinks onboard.
  12. I am afraid this is the future. Went to a MLB game the other day and you needed a smart phone for your ticket and they refused to take cash, had to use a debit or credit card.
  13. Agree. We would go. Then again we were on the last cruise of the Rotterdam on 2020 through the Panama Canal.
  14. Ruins our plans, we like going to the Pinnacle on gala nights and order from their regular menu.
  15. The wife and I might be in the minority but the entertainment was never a big deal for us. The piano bars were the only entertainment we tried to attend. So we don't mind missing mediocre comedians and sub par magic acts.
  16. It will be interesting to see if a significant percentage of the population decides to never cruise again, especially on the 2000 plus passenger ships. Cruise lines might find they have a bunch of half empty boats.
  17. We had an MSC ship pull into a small Norwegian port, it dwarfed our Prinsendam. And the crowds engulfed the town. So glad we had arrived four hours earlier.
  18. Agree. You always paid a premium to sail on the Prinsendam. We were more than willing to pay it. Example: sailing the Kiel Canal. Very few cruise ships can sail there.
  19. We were on the last complete voyage of the Rotterdam VI in March 2020. Great trip through the Panama Canal.
  20. We loved the smaller ships, over half of our cruises were on the Prinsendam. So we are going to try the Rotterdam in October and Oceania's Marina in March. Hopefully the Rotterdam convinces us bigger is better.
  21. I would think vaccinated passengers should get to be on their own.
  22. CDC: Vaccinated have a 94% chance of not being hospitalized for Covid-19. Disney isn't requiring vaccinations for children, would you refuse to take a cruise with them? Their are no guarantees in life, but I would be willing to risk it.
  23. I wouldn't have a problem being on a ship with unvaccinated passengers and crew. We are fully vaccinated and should be safe.
  24. Hopefully by then, they will let children get vaccinated.
  25. We are on the same cruise. The EU just announced fully vaccinated Americans will be allowed in so we are good to go.
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