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  1. IIRC, you do not get a refund. But I have never finished a cruise with a credit.
  2. 21 days aboard the Norwegian Dream in 2003. After 9/11 and SARS scare, we were able to book it for $1300 each. Pretty good deal! But you get what you pay for, horrible cruise! Awful weather in the North Atlantic and we missed the Shetlands, Iceland, and Greenland. Six days at sea. Did see plenty of whales and dolphins escorted to ship onto the continental shelf.
  3. Nights are pretty quiet unless you go to the show or BB Kings. Itinerary can also determine age of passengers. Longer cruisers tend to have older passengers. Working people can't take that much time off.
  4. Loved his talks on the Prinsendam's final voyages. Learned more about the history of the industry than after twenty years of cruising.
  5. Curious about this. We found a very cheap cruise on the Rotterdam in February. I do know one woman, former flight attendant who got special pricing but wasn't allowed to use her Carnival stock bonus.
  6. We have been on twenty cruises but only seen dogs on our last one. Are other people seeing this as a new thing? The husband of one of the dog owners advised us to never do it. Too much hassle. Alaska/Canada cruise in September
  7. On one cruise, we were at a fun table of eight people. The table would order all the different desserts so people could sample all the ones they wanted. The waiters found it funny.
  8. Never had this happen on other Holland ships.
  9. Holland has always allowed me to do that. Sometimes I order two entrees instead of salad and soup.
  10. We have always had a good turnaround time but on the Amsterdam in September they weren't doing a good job getting stains out.
  11. I don't like the changes but I don't know if I want to pay a lot more to go a a cruise line with extras. Booked another cruise on Oceania to decide. Lots more expensive than my last Holland cruise.
  12. Great fun with Stevie in the piano bar. He would play through breaks and people stayed up late in the Crow's Nest.
  13. Loved our Kiel Canal transit on the Prinsendam!
  14. The wife and I both use syringes and have not had issues in 20 years of travel.
  15. Great points. I remember our first cruises twenty years ago were quite expensive! We were lucky to afford a two week cruise every two to three years. Now we go twice a year. So maybe what was making everything so expensive back then I didn't need, like the cold fruit soup course.
  16. I know this will sound funny, but I do really love their mashed potatoes! Must be half butter and half potato.
  17. I am booked on two Holland cruises, 2019, and 2020, but am most excited about our Oceania trip in 2021. Love the food, and could care less about the shows.
  18. My wife doesn't like this either. Four star Mariners and 90% of our cruises have been on HAL.
  19. We don't really care for the Canaletto and would only do it if it was free. Our local Italian restaurant is better.
  20. My SIL was offered this and she jumped at the offer. This is only her second cruise and she is in an ocean view room. She was not offered a room upgrade. She really wanted the lanai room.
  21. Good advice there. The night flight to Europe hits both of us pretty hard, especially because DW has trouble sleeping on flights.
  22. We like the Fort Lauderdale to Europe in the Spring, but also enjoy the Europe to Boston or NYC in the Fall. The northern route can be rough but love Iceland, Greenland, and Canada. Gets us out of one long flight to Europe.
  23. We had dinner with the Prinsendam safety officer and he said he would be on Amera for the maiden voyage. I don't remember if HAL had a posting for him after that.
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