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  1. That's really insulting. They are not in "decaying street blocks." Besides, they are cheering on Liverpool.
  2. I see you're from the UK. If we're ever on a cruise together, I would be happy to discuss my Premier League Fantasy team.
  3. We also will not talk politics on a cruise unless we are absolutely sure it will not cause controversy but that's not true for everyone. You have made me curious, though. I could guess one of the other subjects you avoid is religion but what are the other two?
  4. This is also the case at may sites in NYC. They load the new appointments together at midnight.
  5. We were on cruise a couple of years ago and had a balcony. Mario was a few cabins down and also had a balcony. We didn't sit with him in the lounge but noticed he was quite opinionated in his political views as we overheard his discussions.
  6. This costs RCCL nothing. If anything, limiting the number saves them money.
  7. It's fun to "people watch" the folks on the promenade. Just remember that folks in the cabins across from you will be able to see into your cabin when you have the curtains open.
  8. Very true... especially if you like Indian food. Many of the chefs are from India and are happy to show off their cuisine. Just ask.
  9. I'll give you that planes may or may not be packed, although this certainly hasn't been the case with Delta. The fact remains, however, that we are far away from anything close to the number of people flying pre-COVID. Many folks are hesitant to fly and many not willing to cruise at the present time.
  10. This is all pure speculation... Who made this claim? What authority did they have? If it was already determined, why doesn't anyone else know? Why delay the announcement for weeks? While no one doubts what the OP heard from their brother, there are simply too many unanswered questions to take this seriously at this point.
  11. Nope... the claim was that flying would return to normal. Normal is the number of flyers, not the load factor driven by a severe reduction in flights.
  12. Here's the hard data for the first eight days of April. First column is 2021, second is 2020, third is 2019 (normal times) TSA checkpoint travel numbers (current year(s) versus prior year/same weekday) This page will be updated by 9 a.m. daily. (Back to Coronavirus (COVID-19) information) Date 2021 Traveler Throughput 2020 Traveler Throughput 2019 Traveler Throughput 4/8/2021 1,510,829 104,090 2,487,398 4/7/2021 1,230,939 94,931 2,229,276 4/6/2021 1,195,306 97,130 2,091,056 4/5/2021 1,561,959 108,310 2,384,091 4/
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