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  1. yogimax

    I work on 'independence of the seas'!

    Hi Chris, We will be on Independence January 7-12. Do you know which shops you will be at or is that up for grabs?
  2. yogimax

    Concierge - Diamond Lounge Differences

    I would treat the loyal cruiser better! Your argument makes the assumption that people in suites travel as much as loyalists. This is simply not true. Many suite guests are traveling with their children. They might sail once a year, once every five years or once a lifetime. Give me the dependent recurring revenue stream any day!
  3. yogimax

    Concierge - Diamond Lounge Differences

    Let's face reality. It's now all about the suites for RCCL. They have come to the interesting conclusion that what a person spends on one cruise for an expensive cabin is more important to their bottom line than what loyalists have spent over their cruise history and will spend in the future. Is it smart? I doubt it. I would rather have a recurring stream of income that I could depend on rather than an unpredictable one that is affected by many economic factors!
  4. I don't expect most people to agree with me. That wasn't the reason for posting. I was simply pointing out why I was personally disappointed!
  5. We also loved Cats, but it was very helpful to print out a synopsis of the show before boarding. Without it, it would have been difficult to understand what as going on.
  6. Hi Judy, sure, but please remember that this is just my opinion. So here goes... A+ - 1887... This ice show showcases the amazing talents of these skaters. Don't miss this! A+ - iskate... The second ice show which is billed as the skaters doing their "own thing." Keep an eye out for it in the Cruise Compass. A - Headliner Show... Earl Turner was great... full of energy and captivated the audience. B+ - Hideaway Heist... the second aqua show which actually features springboard diving and synchronized swimming. Heads and shoulders above The Fine Line. Once again, keep an eye out for it in the Cruise Compass. C - Columbus the Musical... I enjoyed the show, but my wife found it underwhelming. Not much more to say except it was a big boat. C- - The Comedy Club... Two comedians each doing a 30 minute performance. The first was dull, boring and not funny. The second had some good jokes. I have high expectations for comedians and just wish they would offer an option for a family show. They only had an "adult" show and I have problems with comedians who think they can be funny by being obscene. The real test is to make people laugh without descending to gutter language and themes. D+ - Grease... I give them an A+ for an amazing dance performance. The music will appeal to a broad base of those of us over 50. So why the low rating? - The theme of the show which is clearly offensive to women. We raised two daughters to be independent and self reliant. The theme of Grease is that women exist to please men. Sandy surrenders her values for the simple reason of pleasing Danny, a self absorbed idiot who attacks Sandy at a drive in movie. Sorry, but smoking and wearing sexy clothes to please a male are not what young women should be seeking. F - The Fine Line... See my original post. This show was totally disappointing and a failure, IMHO. So there it is. I know many will disagree. See all the shows yourself. I would then love to get your feedback!
  7. I believe the name of the show was "Hideaway Heist," but they may give it a different name in the Cruise Compass. It showed off the diving skills of the performers as well as those of the synchronized swimmers.
  8. Just back from Harmony - a wonderful cruise in many ways. Some of the entertainment, however, was disappointing. One such show, held in the Aqua Theatre was "The Fine Line." When I go to see a show in the Aqua Theatre, I expect to see springboard diving, high diving and synchronized swimming. What a disappointment! There was no springboard diving, and the limited high diving and synchronized swimming was replaced by a third rate stage performance featuring a scary character, yelling, a circus act, much splashing of water, and more splashing of water. Seriously, was does a freaky guy twirling a cape over his head for ten minutes have to do with swimming and water? Answer - Nothing. This was a start to a show that ended with more splashing of water. What a disappointment! I will say, the performers had a second show later in the week that was what I expected and brought out their real talents, but this was hardly promoted compared to "The Not-So-Fine Line"
  9. So we have a Boardwalk cabin on Harmony. One of the perks is a free soda package. Well, neither my wife nor I drink soda. Has anyone tried trading the boardwalk perk for a Central Park perk of a lunch and bottle of wine? Thanks! Yogi
  10. yogimax

    Website pain

    Not happy with the new website. o.k., all I want to do is check an upcoming cruise and see what my cabin is. That shouldn't be difficult, right? Well, It is for me. I can't find it. Maybe I'm dense or missing something, but I just don't see it.
  11. Had a balcony guarantee on Harmony and was assigned 11293. This is a Boardwalk balcony furthest away from the water. What's your experience? Would you keep it, ask for a different Boardwalk balcony, or ask to be put back into the guarantee pool? Thanks! Yogi
  12. You're kidding? I guess not. So there is no way to update your gift preferences online? Is this considered to be an "enhancement" to their program?
  13. The new website is frustrating. Is there a simple way to get to my account to update my gift preferences? Thanks.
  14. Anyone know which, if any, rental car companies will pick you up at Port Tampa?