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  1. in our area, things are (slowly) returning to normal. Restaurants are opening up for outdoor dining. Masks are required to be worn by servers though. If there is inside dining, everyone wears one (except those medically excused) but once seated, the masks can come off. This weekend we went to a great venue where I used to play music before this virus thing, the owner, Brad, serving out great food as usual. Slightly higher in price, but the man's gotta do this for a few more weeks I imagine. We had a great time sitting outdoors. No problems. Stores: Pretty much the same. Walmart, no questioning the absence of masks. Music scene: Outdoors, bands, musicians are finally coming out for outdoor shows only. We are in phase one. At least that's a start. My own band however is still not starting up yet as most of our gigs were booked for indoors, so they're mostly postponed until things return to normal. Things'll be better soon as the weeks progress.
  2. Thanks Richard (or Karen) .... just ignore my posts then, I will render you the same courtesy!
  3. We're in a new world now. Some see us who have medical conditions criticizing us, not understanding why we cannot wear one, and on the other side, some non mask wearers criticize those wearing masks as having fear. Just hope that people respect one another's situation and we all mind our own business.
  4. Some of us are medically excused from mask wearing.
  5. Here in Virginia, it is getting WORSE. He just imposed mandatory mask wearing - THREE MONTHS into the pandemic (with numbers falling, tell me the LOGIC in that)....Costco lets people in who can't wear a mask over medical conditions, but then the OTHER employees are ragging on these people "Where's your mask".....at least places are opening back up. Now, on the CRUISE side of things, we all know it's not going well for any of us, but hopefully, things will soon get back to normal.
  6. Ever since our first aft balcony - we always dive for those first. Very little motion out aft, just some warped shaft harmonic rumbling, but awesome.
  7. First cruise, Grandeur, 2004. Seeing DW's face light up when she saw the flowers from me in our first cabin, an inside. At the midnight buffet, wanted to try one of the chocolate covered strawberries, Jen never had one before, watched the woman in front of us take the last six of them for herself....head waiter took note, next night at dinner, brought the table a platter of them....remembering the wonderful lit up ice sculptures and watermelon carvings, the port visits we had in the Caribbean....magic. -
  8. A great ship with a story. I cannot confirm this, but I heard that her hull is still intact in some shipyard after the fire took place in 1966. She was sold and then became the Hanseatic seen here burning.
  9. In our case, after our Lift & shift to a cruise next year, all of our excursions, the Chef's Table, the Taste of Royal, all that gets refunded within 45 days. Just not sure if that's 45 business days or includes weekends.
  10. When we talk about "refund days" does that include weekends, or is it, for example, 60 business days?
  11. Hope this doesn't happen to us. We did a lift&shift to a cruise next summer. Was told that everything just shifts. We would just have to pay an additional $43 in port fees & taxes. Was also told to ignore the first statement and to wait two weeks for the correct statement. Was also assured there's no down payment or final anything except the aforementioned port taxes and fees. So, tomorrow we are supposed to see the "final" statement and in 45 days get refunded the money we paid into the original cruise excursions and amenities we also paid for.
  12. Thing on that was, "HIPPA" should be "HIPPA" and cheers to the amazingly brilliant idea on the "government agents" thing....
  13. It'll be a constant monitoring and policing NIGHTMARE....
  14. I'm not against mask wearing, but I see potential for this being a legal disaster, HIPAA violations where someone asks for specific reasons they can't wear one, etc. There's this card floating around online, a vague attempt trying to make it appear official, when it isn't...and, if you catch the error in it, say what it is, LOL
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