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  1. I've never received one, but they're not that much anyway, or, you get "this particular cruise has no military discounts available."
  2. Hotel jazz was a great place. But this year we're doing the air bnb thing and what a deal....we got a great apartment for three nights with access to a rooftop pool much alike Hotel Jazz but it actually came out cheaper! I'd recommend a look at air bnb's first!
  3. You'd be a lot cheaper off just going to any grocer's in Barcelona for wines. We picked up two nice bottles of wine before boarding at a convenience store for literally under 5 Euros and it was awesome.
  4. One of the two of us loves sushi; the other won't go near it. At THOSE prices, Izumi shouldn't be included in dining packages and they should just add it to Sorrrento's and make it free, because a purser on Anthem told us that Izumi, fleet-wide, is NOT doing well in sales and every time we walked past Izumi's the place was empty every time and even during meal hours.
  5. It's too chancy. Just nab some rolls or pastries the day before and stick them in sandwich bags that you bring with you for something like this. The pancakes bacon and coffee? Just bypass that stuff and go have a great time.
  6. We've seen enough of St. Thomas. But I'd love to return to St. Maarten again. Cheap beer and low flying jetliners.
  7. OP, I feel terrible for you. On a similar note, we had booked all of our upcoming MED cruise excursions a few months ago. Suddenly, noticed prices had dropped so we simply canceled all of them )but ONE that one didn't come down in price) and re-purchased at the better rates. However I know you can't get that back cruise wise.
  8. Yes, thanks. I actually posted a new thread on this and have learned to just go to a non-travelex or money exchange-type ATM.
  9. Great answers all. I deeply appreciate this. As for ATM's, like we have in the US, are there limits on amounts you can take out? Here in the US (at least with my credit union) the daily limit is $400.
  10. I wasn't sure where to post this..... Since we're going to Europe this summer on our cruise, I've typically just always used the credit card for purchases but now realizing it's good to carry at least some Euros with me. So far, I learned that the currency exchange at IAD's rates are better than pre-ordering foreign currency even from my own bank, and, the rates are better. So, what is the BEST advice on getting foreign currency before departing? At the airport? Or, just extracting it from an ATM using the card?
  11. Actually, the one at IAD has far better rates than getting Euros from a bank pre-ordered. I have already checked into this. But I haven't checked to see how the rates are if I just pull Euros using my card from an ATM.
  12. Thanks Jeanette for letting us know.....I misunderstood you! And yes indeed on the "sales" it does get maddening at times. There's still things I don't know that I SHOULD already be aware of.....seems the excursion prices fluctuate with the money market and the constant value/devalue of currencies. This for example, is new to me. Wish I had checked on excursion fees on a periodic basis more than now.
  13. I never find awesome money-saving advice "infuriating" whatsoever.
  14. I was actually going to post a new thread on the incredible savings we had overall just by canceling out our med excursions. We saved well over $300 altogether. I will rebook tomorrow.
  15. These survey suggestions for 10's are above and beyond deeply annoying. Just let us enjoy the meals we paid for. Besides, we are routinely pummeled to death practically in our day to day lives about surveys. If I get disrupted to do a survey, better believe it I'll give negative opinions. There was a study done that showed how surveys are beginning to hold negative results because customers are just getting sick and tired of being asked to do surveys.
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