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  1. i cannot find the answer in here to my specific question - but when you ignore a user, I am also hoping this function may also block them from seeing me entirely as well, does it work this way, like completely blocking them?
  2. Spot ON, brother. These armchair "lawyers" in here tend to get a bit out of hand. You're an honest business owner and I would welcome your services anytime.
  3. You know, your comments are becoming rather irritating. Enough is enough. The person you are quoting would agree. This is simply a forum of discussion, not a snarkastic vent for you.
  4. With these lunatic "laws" in place, regarding animals? If I were a driver and saw that? I'd simply keep driving and write that one off.
  5. Shame on you for NOT allowing that donkey on board, leaving poor ADA person stranded like that!
  6. You gotta admit, that's crazy.....WOW. No wonder the travel industry is getting hammered with abuse. From that statement, alone, things will be guaranteed to get out of hand.
  7. The poster you quoted runs a legit business, and can run it whatever manner they want to. Any "court case" on this would get laughed out of court. And, YES. These "animal needs" ARE becoming a travel industry nightmare. What next? A discrimination lawsuit against a driver because they won't allow the service pony a ride in their Versa?
  8. OP, you are the wind beneath our wings just for posting what you said. I hope everyone on your cruise catches this.
  9. Typically, the ship arrives around 6am into Barcelona. We boarded our bus back to the airport at 7:30am and waited for the usual stragglers (and confusion) but we made our flight at 10:55am to CDG, so you should be fine.
  10. I think that a well drafted letter without anger in it (but facts and as well as statements mentioning your displeasure) to the cruise line MIGHT get you SOME form of compensation but I'd expect them to give you some form of a discount on a future cruise. Realizing that your flight bookings were done through RCL and taking into mind that our Air2Sea differs from your program, I am not sure what to expect from this - but I wish you the best of luck, OP.
  11. I stand corrected young fella. I meant EMOTIONAL but erronously (subconciously) typed SERVICE. My deepest apologies, LOL, but that "rule" where there's no requirement to have any ID on the dog NEEDS TO CHANGE.
  12. I haven't seen them on state side origin cruises but have seen them in the med area.
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