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  1. The Dogfish Head Super 8 is really good, but I don't stick to that particular one....still love my IPA's!
  2. Great example. Today I noticed a PD on our cruise. Around $86. So I call, she says "yes, I see the price drop difference sir, but you're coded for a Visa card discount so that might go away" I said "let's not even try this, call a manager in on this please, because the PD is less than $100" "I see your point sir, let me place you on hold" So after haggling with them like they're a couple of sellers in a Riyadh market, I finally got the PD - but they were trying to remove a $100 Visa card OBC credit if I took the PD. So, their philosophy now is to try taking something away from you if you want the PD. Glad I debated it. Got the PD without it affecting the Visa card OBC and I reminded them both that this particular discount has absolutely nothing to do with their price drop. To the OP: I'd write them a letter on this, explain your grievance in a polite way. Show them how your friends, new cruisers, got a better discount, but use tact and you might get what you want from it - but nothing much more than that.
  3. Although it's the current situation in how RCL does their business, their whole rewards thing is a shambles and needs work. I (sort of) agree with OP's point. They'll give you the deal or discount, but they'll take something else away in place. Screw that whole incentive idea.
  4. I've always wondered if a gose is considered a sour. I think they're pretty good, especially the dogfish head ales.
  5. NO. Ever heard of spending the night in a comfortable hotel in the departure port city, maybe at least the night before your cruise leaves? This is a great idea.
  6. The ONE thing about breakfast room service that rather annoyed me: Our milk was always room temperature. Anyone else experience this? On our last two cruises. Typically, we don't do it, only on early morning excursions, but every time, that milk is warm.
  7. Yeah....if RCL does away with their smaller ships, we're leaving too.
  8. The words "not inconsistent with US law".....you can use either passport, just not one entering then the other arriving back. I confirmed this with a state department call just to make sure.
  9. Grandeur was our very first ever cruise (and my first non-Navy one)....what an experience, we loved it and that one cruise got us hooked, everything went perfectly well....now I am wondering if Pullmantur will paint Grandeur in their blue livery.
  10. Maybe this one word threw you the loop, I can see that....it is a poor choice of wording: "Use of the foreign passport to travel to or from a country other than the United States is not inconsistent with U.S. law."
  11. If you read the reg - you have to use the same passport leaving and then entering back. Dual citizens can use whatever passport they want - just needs to be the same one as they left the country with. I've already looked into this and got the green light to use whatever one I'd like but I've decided to just use my American passport.
  12. Morons like this one will eventually have all of our balconies sealed up with glass, ceiling to floor.
  13. Found out that indeed I'd need an ESTA entry as well if I used the UK passport....I'm still going to get the UK one renewed as we may end up moving there anyway. Thanks for the feedback though!
  14. I immigrated to the US back in 1970 from the UK. I've been an American citizen since 1979, holding my US passport. I also still have my old UK passport. I recently found out that I can still renew the UK passport. If I did this, and used the UK passport to depart the US and used the UK passport to arrive abck to the US, would I also need an ESTA application to come back to the United States? Sounds like a crazy question. I know I will probably just use my US passport. All very legal to exercise my rights as a dual national and have two passports, but the ESTA part had me wondering.
  15. Great advice, thanks so much. I just wish though, there were more secure means of getting our luggage. Last time we were in IAD spotted one of our pieces of luggage being grabbed by a lady who thought it was hers - if I hadn't intervened, she'd have easily carted off with it unknowingly and without anyone double checking to see if it was her bag. It'd be nice if there was a checkpoint looking to make sure everyone was getting their own bags.
  16. Wow to both. We are expecting to bring our "Iceland June weather" clothes, which is a jacket, sweaters, some long pants, shorts, etc. Very surprising at the weather variances but yes, thanks to both for the good feedback. Really looking forward to this one!
  17. That was a very interesting article and very factual, thanks. When I was on the USS LaSalle (AGF-3) for a TAD of 9 months during Desert Storm, she was painted white due to the sensitive electronics on board and yes, her AC ran more efficiently than if her hull was painted grey. Eventually though, her hull ended up being grey after a certain yard period well after DS.
  18. Do you think if, these cabins don't sell, there's a slight chance of a price drop in the JS suite category? Asking for ME!
  19. I personally feel that the baby blue looks much smarter than the white. And, it contrasts nicely with the upper white superstructure above the hull. Also take note of the HAL ships with their black hulls. Far less rubber smudges seen on a black hull from the pier fenders, I feel that is pretty smart and saves the cruise line in man hours.
  20. Might not be related but I will ask anyway... Upcoming next summer is our first Baltic. Think we will have any problems with not getting chairs thanks to chair hogs?
  21. Perfect response. And definitely, personal choice. We too, only tip more when services are worthy of it. Typically, it's above and beyond! Just not in Chops on our recent cruise!
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