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  1. See, that's what those extra lines below our vaccination cards are for. Just fill in that 3rd line and make up a lot number 🤪🤣
  2. Things will NOT EVER return to normal again for cruising; that's my outlook. If you want to fork out your hard earned cash to go on a ship only to be policed constantly about wearing a mask, hey bud, it's your call!
  3. We won't be back until everything returns to normal (pre-COVID) so I know that means at least a few years.
  4. I meant to add that temp checks are mandatory at ALL entry points in Cancun. Not just La Isla shopping mall.
  5. After RCL cancelled our baltic last year, we did the L&S to this year, then they cancelled that one. I don't think RCL is doing their loyal customers a good service so we decided to shelve cruises entirely until things return to full normal (which they won't). I predict that cruises, even ten years out from now, everyone will be wearing masks and it'll be sip, mask on, eat, mask back on. You can't pay a cruise vacation and get that treatment!
  6. Since we love to travel and just returned from an amazing getaway down in Cancun, we are definitely getting our vaccinations done. DW gets hers Monday. Me, undetermined yet, I am in category 1B and haven't been told when or where but registered with the VDH.
  7. It was LIVEAQUA. Fantastic place! While there were plenty of covid restrictions, no masks needed at the beach, no hassles if you didn't wear one unless you were in the lobby or hallway. One interesting thing we learned about Cancun: They have the covid thing down pat. Temps taken at mall entry point, hand sanitizer mandatory. In the stores you even have to dip your feet onto a disinfected mat. We felt completely safe there. Had to covid test upon our return, both negative. My job required a quarantine so I just teleworked.
  8. Today we're flying out to Cancun to an all-inclusive. Best lock down day EVER haha!
  9. It is clearly understood why they had to cancel our 2020 Baltic - but then they scrubbed their entire 12-day cruises on the ship we were rescheduled to go on 2021, drop Amsterdam entirely, then cut them to 7 day cruises - so our lift & shift reschedule was again cancelled. It's enough for us to make the decision to abandon Royal altogether at least until 2023 or until things return to normal again.
  10. After dinner on one cruise, we attended this great musical performance by Luis Meija's band (flamenco, salsa music) and in between the songs, everyone could hear this couple SNORING, it only added to the entertainment!
  11. I see you're from NEW YAWK.......wearing masks (and thinking it prevents coronavirus) is foolish.
  12. We're all being spoofed into believing masks actually PREVENT or THWART covid. They don't. All we're doing is virtue signaling everyone else, saying, "look at me, I respect your health." It's silly. And, overrated.
  13. I'm a bit miffed they're pulling this amazing stunt now after canceling our lift & shift to June 2021. Some nerve. Done with cruising until 2023 now over this and everything else that happened.
  14. 100% agree with this! Especially those who abuse their health to overeating and smoking.
  15. ..and THAT leads to inflated COVID-19 figures. Greed and avarice doesn't care about the virus.
  16. This is, finally, a sane approach toward....sanity. The current "rules and regulations" are more damaging than the covid itself. Signed, and shared on social media.
  17. Was looking for a topic on "Bankruptcy" so I have a question. Supposing RCL files for bankruptcy before this 45 day refund window we are in right now. Does this mean we would NOT get our money back?
  18. Here's what is on my mind. Our June 2021's been cancelled and they said we will receive a full refund within 45 days. But when you stop and think of how there is zero revenue coming in, how all of these ships require "hotel services" pierside (electricity, potable water, fuel, communications lines), paying employees, having to sail ships just to keep them active, I'm wondering if we will be even lucky enough to SEE a refund before bankruptcy occurs.
  19. You are the wind beneath our wings just for saying THIS.....thank you.
  20. Way I see it, at least this is SOME good news, finally. But, please, only cruise when you are ready. Just the other day, someone posted this well-written checklist about when they should cruise and I can't find it now.
  21. I'm even wondering if attendance in this entire forum is down.
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