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  1. Yesterday on the news here in Chicago. They were talking about 2 people living in the same apartment building but on different floors, neither knew the other who both got the virus. They then found a broken ventilation pipe, the building uses the same ventilation system for the whole building, (not sure what country this was) and now believe the virus could be airborne. They did say they were now going under this assumption and searching for more cases where this may have happened and taking precaution for same. Maybe that IS why so many on this ship are ill.
  2. Ship - OVATION OF THE SEAS Deck -9 Stateroom # -9648 Stateroom Category –2C Oceanview with Lg Balcony Starboard or Port Side - Starboard Quiet Stateroom? (With comments on problems) – One of the quietest rooms we have stayed in. Was stateroom a connecting stateroom? - No Balcony View - Give comments on view, noting if location of any obstructions was an issue. – Great View. No real obstructions. However, the room is on the back side of the hump and often we wanted to look toward the front of the ship which was not possible. View of scenery was not blocked but there was not a direct view (straight line view) of the front of the ship. This does not really cause a problem honestly, but may be a concern for others. Balcony Size? Normal or oversized for class? - Normal for large balcony class. Very nice, lots of space, 2 chairs with foot rests...very comfortable. Also had a small table. Was wind a problem? -No If an aft cabin, was soot a problem? - N/A Any specific problems with this cabin? - Yes. On the first day, I went to wash my hands and heard deep gurgling sounds. My husband said it sounds like something is clogged or blocked. I paid no attention since the toilet and sink continued to work but still made the noise. The second day, I took a shower in the morning & looked down and noticed the water appeared that it was not going down. It got as high as my ankles and filled the whole bathroom before I could rinse my hair and get out...It got as high as the step entering the bathroom, about a 1/4" from going over into the room. We called maintenance, they came out in less than 10 mins and rodded out the drains. There is one in the shower and one behind the toilet. After that they sent a special crew to clean and disinfect the bathroom...would not let us step into the bathroom till that was done and the room steward followed cleaning any surface that they may not have cleaned ...like the mirror. After they did this, we never had a problem again. Any other comments? - This room is approx 10 ft from the elevator area, making it very convenient for those with mobility issues. There was no noise audible from the elevators while in the room. This is a great room, I think next time though, I would get the exact room on the front side of the hump! Just my quirk...NOT a disadvantage to the room. I just like to see where we are going more than where we have been!
  3. Thank you Host Clarea. I searched and never found that ...thanks again!
  4. Has anyone ever done the Mystery Dinner Theater in Giovanni's on Freedom of the Seas? If so, how was it? Is it worth the money? Was it a special menu? Thanks!
  5. Can you print them from your phone? I do it all the time...but have an eprint app for my HP printer. Good luck.
  6. Ship - Allure of the Sea Deck -8 Stateroom # -664 Stateroom Category –4D Ocean View Balcony Starboard or Port Side - Starboard Quiet Stateroom? (With comments on problems) Very quiet room except for the neighbors who kept apologizing but keep banging the walls and slamming the doors....not a problem with the room at all, just bad neighbors. Was stateroom a connecting stateroom? - No Balcony View - Give comments on view, noting if location of any obstructions was an issue. –. No obstructions looking in any direction. As is the norm on these large ships, starboard is the "action" side...always facing the port...good to watch the pier runners! Balcony Size? Normal or oversized for class? - Balcony was the usual RCI, nice sized balcony. Very roomy. There were 2 chairs and a fairly large table but could have fit even 2 more chairs if needed. Was wind a problem? - Not at all If an aft cabin, was soot a problem? - Not an aft cabin, no soot problem Any specific problems with this cabin? - There were not problems with the room, although it seemed smaller than the usual balcony room, maybe because the bed was next to the balcony and we prefer closer to the bathroom. I had to use a wheelchair this trip and there was little space to store it when not in use. The room was exceptionally clean and our room steward, Dharma was excellent. Close to the elevators made it easy for me to get around. There was no noise from the elevator area. Being that we were on deck 8 also made it convenient to get coffee in the am or snacks from Park Cafe. All in all a slightly small, but very nice room.
  7. Thank you...at least I know it is appropriate to tip in cash...will be taking cash with me to this venue as I don't usually carry it around ..except for some singles for drinks and small tips.
  8. Thanks everyone for your advice. I was just skimming thru the Royal app and looking at the menu for Izumi Hibachi and see that it does say on board an 18% gratuity will be added to the check ...I somehow missed that before and now I know...again thanks everyone for you help.
  9. I booked Izumi Hibachi on Allure next week...bought & paid for on line. I did not see in the description if it included the tip. Since we've never dined at the hibachi grill on the ship before I am wondering if there is a waiter/waitress in addition to the table cook and if so ...do we tip each of them separately? We have a Japanese restaurant here usually give the waitress a tip large enough to split with the table cook. Any suggestions? ...tip each separately, tip together & tell them to split it ...or is it in fact, included in the cost as it is in the drink package? Thanks for any help. We would gladly tip, just don't know how to do it
  10. Thank you so much for your help. It does seem like a lot of work though for something that was so easy before. Not your fault obviously...I'm just frustrated with Cruise Critic...not so easy to maneuver anymore, at least for me, but will give it a good try before I give up. Last night, I tried to delete threads I have on my "follow" list and could not find a way to do it all at one time...had to delete each individually, took a while because I had way too many old ones...I was not happy, especially when, after deleting 3 or 4 I'd get at "there's been an error" message and had to start over. Happened about 3 times. Again, thank you Broberts, I do appreciate your help.
  11. I absolutely HATE that there is no "new posts" area. That was the reason I liked Cruise Critic over every other message site. Now it's just like the rest...too cumbersome looking for something. So disappointed...it wasn't broke, why did you "fix" it.
  12. I was thinking the same thing! If Royal catches on to this they will probably say that if you purchase wifi, you must purchase for everyone in the room. UGH!
  13. I was able to get on their site by using the Incognito window on Chrome...just go to the 3 little dots upper right hand corner of your screen, click on "use incognito window" and enter the same address you always use for Royal...good luck.
  14. Love the rack of lamb, the escargot yum, that sauce, the onion tart, also like the garlic crusted salmon but sometimes it's just too dry...ask for the savory bites...no longer in the bread basket but available if you ask...do they still have the pumpkin seed rolls, LOVE those. And they used to have a mushroom in puff pastry...sooo good, don't know if they serve that anymore. If you can try Giovanni's...an upcharge...it is outstanding!
  15. I am having terrible issues this morning. First it said your acct is now locked...I was on the cruise planner at the time and when I tried to get back in it said try again later cannot access right now. So I waited about 20-30 mins & tried again....couldn't get on with Chrome, Microsoft edge or even on my Royal app....the app looks like I never even used it! I called & aside from having the most difficult time understanding the person I spoke to, I got no info at all except a backdoor to get in ...HOWEVER, that back door led to a page that was old and still had items in my shopping cart that I already paid for so I left that page and now cannot get in. I am sure they are having IT problems ...AGAIN!
  16. Thank you both Host Clarea and Blackshirt. I will double check to make sure when on the phone that it is on WiFi calling and NOT Cellular at Sea....good to know.
  17. Do I have this right? If my husband uses wifi calling while on the ship and then I want to use my laptop in the room does that mean since I only ordered wifi for one device, the phone will have to be turned off while I am on the computer? Also if using wifi calling and it is included in my cell phone pkg...then I shouldn't have any other charges from either ATT or the ship as long as my data is turned off? Thanks for this thread...I've been so unsure about the use of our phones while on the ship. This helps a lot.
  18. Sounds like something we would like to buy...can you provide the brand name? Thanks.
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