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  1. Hoping for 2021 but realistically probably 2022. In the meantime, I've been looking at some other travel options. We want to do a land trip to Ireland and a trip to Bhutan. I love cruising but I think I want to do these two trips once travel normalizes again and then consider cruises. Cruising will probably take awhile to go back to any semblance of what it was before Covid. Cruising could look a lot different once things settle down, especially if HAL disappears or changes in a radical way. I'm pretty sure we'll still want to cruise, but we have enjoyed years of cruising on HAL. We had
  2. I am in the target age group for the survey (late 40's, started cruising HAL 12 years ago in mid 30's). I voted for "move a step above princess and celebrity," mostly because I want HAL to have a distinct niche in the marketplace. I think it needs that in order to survive and thrive as a cruise line. I love the line for what it is now, but HAL must continue to evolve to maintain market share. I really do like the simple and classic aspects of the line. Last year, we took two cruises- one was an Alaska cruise on the Oosterdam and the other was the Holiday cruise through the Pana
  3. From our Panama Canal cruise on the Amersterdam- December 2019-January 2020: Eko- dining room Asep- dining room manager Geraldine- wine steward Yohat- dining room server Yasa- room steward Adam- room steward Tina- Pinnacle Grill Hostess Katerina- Pinnacle Grill Server Abigail- Customer service Neil- Shore excursions This was one of the best cruises that we have taken and the crew members listed above played a big part in that experience. Given what happened with the shortening of the Amsterdam's Grand World Voyage due to Covid-19, the situation
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