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  1. Good choice, I also decided to roll my Mardi Gras cruise over to 2022, late 2022.😀
  2. Yea, years without cruising sucks, I was blessed to get off my last cruise 2-13-2020 right before all you know what broke out. I have no problem with now waiting almost three years, as I pray it will be enough time for things to get back to normal or at least no mask wearing while on the ship.
  3. That's why we decided to rebook the Mardi Gras for late 2022, I had to get off the merry-go-round and book as far out as possible, I just pray it's far enough out.😵
  4. I rebooked Mardi Gras for late 2022 just to be on the safe side, time will tell.
  5. Right, that's why I rebooked Mardi Gras for late 2022, hopefully things will be sorted out by then and mask will be a thing of the past.
  6. I too got to keep the $200 OBC for delayed Mardi Gras cruise and also got the $600 for the cancelled Mardi Gras that I had rebooked for Feb 6, 2021. The cruise rebooked this time was cheaper so we added that to the OBC along with $50 casino cash for a total of $1,195 of OBC. You should have been able to keep the original $200 for the first construction delay, especially if all other sailings you rebooked were cancelled by carnival.
  7. She's on her way to us here in the USA. Yay!!!
  8. Right!😁 I think I got lucky, although both times on this sailing they go it right.
  9. Bingo, that's exactly what I did on my original post about the underdone French toast
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