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  1. Thanks. Sorry, should have explained that we usually sail with us in a balcony and the kids in an inside, but liked the look of the Vista balconies and wondered if it would be tight in the actual cabin. The only thing I think we would possibly miss is the extra toilet; however, it’s a plus having the extra door between the WC and shower.
  2. Are the Vista suites roomy enough for four (family with two teens) on The Grand? The balconies look large enough for us all, but unsure if it’s a double bed settee or there’s a pull-down too?
  3. Our kids loved that too 😃. We took a taxi to Boone Hall in Charleston and had a wonderful time there; in hindsight, we wish we’d allowed more time as we still had things we missed seeing. In Sydney, we had a great trip with others off the roll call with Blackwood Tours. Boston was a Princess excursion for us (used OBC) to Lexington, Concord and Quincy Market. The guide was fabulous and we learnt so much. I loved Lexington and thought it must be a great place to live. Bar Harbor is one of our favourites. Rhode Island was a nightmare for the tenders unless you went very early. Our teens helped the two Princess staff hand out water and towels to the queue waiting to get back on the ship, too. It was very hot and the queue went right back on to the main road. Many of the older pax were struggling, hence our kids taking the initiative and going to help (the Princess staff were nowhere near reaching the middle of the line, never mind the end). Many were grateful and expressed their thanks to the boys. NYC - took advice from others on the roll call and pre-purchased our ferry tickets off the app. We walked all day around Manhattan, after visiting the 9/11 Memorial and grabbing the tube to Times Square.
  4. We didn’t, but I have to say that we didn’t miss it. I would have missed the footstools on the balcony though 😉.
  5. We actually preferred the new World Marketplace. There was so much more room being able to use Steamers and Planks - no ‘cattle market’ feeling at all.
  6. Thank your lucky stars that you weren’t on Reflection with the extra deck of cabins. I posted a couple of years ago about there not being an inch between bodies sprawled across the lawn on Reflection in the Med during the summer. We also witnessed behaviour that was not typical of our usual X sailings and attribute this to the ‘free’ amounts of alcohol being consumed. Tbh, it was the turning point for us to start looking elsewhere during that period. Thanks for your honest review. As you stated, you probably were able to escape from the majority of it all being in an RS and having the suite to retreat to.
  7. villauk

    Phu My port

    Yes, we walked too when we arranged our private tour outside the gate. The bus shuttle was there on our return if you preferred to use it instead of walking.
  8. Do the decks tier out on Diamond like they do on Grand and Caribbean i.e. are Caribe deck balconies the largest? Additionally, the website states that whilst in Japan, Diamond doesn’t offer Anytime Dining. Is this still the case for all other Asian itineraries too? TIA 😘.
  9. Can’t recall any in cardboard containers. They did have a few pre-prepared rolls/wraps in greaseproof paper in baskets in front of the bread selection; unsure if that’s what you are referring to? We loved the itinerary and would take it again, very easily. Thanks for the excellent review 👍.
  10. That’s it then. And here was me thinking that Florida in the winter was full of snowbirds 🤣. There again, I am British so I have an excuse 😉.
  11. Agree, it’s not like there aren’t another hundred ships visiting those exact same ports to the Caribbean. According to many of the posts on CC, most appear to be jumping from one X ship to another on virtually the same itinerary because Connie is cheaper, or 10 minutes closer to their house. Is Tampa full of millennials 🤔 😆? I thought that was the new X direction 🙄. Or perhaps are there lots of Carnival and NCL regular cruisers that live there - the other market in their sights?
  12. Pity we didn’t know about the new gratuity costs on the ‘free’ beverage packages until after 12th August. I bet there would have been a few more interesting questions. Wonder if that was orchestrated; sorry, I mean a strategic business management policy to enhance the options available to increase shareholders’ returns 😂. Thank you and have a great rest of your day.
  13. I wonder if they will now give the option of the Premium or Classic package to suites as the perk? Some may not want to pay for the extra grats when the Classic would suffice 🤔.
  14. What about if you move a current onboard booking with the old terms to a new sailing e.g. after 1st Sept? Will you now have to pay the grats on the previously included beverage package?
  15. Did you book in the U.K.? If so, that will be even more of a shock: a decently located guarantee cabin 😆!
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