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  1. It’s definitely a cultural difference as our kids have to wear a uniform too, including a blazer and proper leather shoes. If they turn up in trainer type footwear, the parents will be called to bring shoes or they will be sent home.
  2. There looks to be some nice itineraries on Azamara.
  3. Glad you stuck with Equinox; she’s a lovely ship.
  4. I think the point is that no one needs to, but folks are stating it is more noticeable. The same as saying face masks are more apparently worn in certain parts of Asia, no one needs to but they are definitely more noticeable.
  5. Now we would find this strange as our kids have to wear ties to school, so have to know how to tie them 👔 😁. They are recognised as to their houses by their tie colours (obviously this doesn’t happen in the US?).
  6. Thank you. Ours started at $20 for the FV on the 3 night cruise, just wanted to see if it was proportionate 👍.
  7. ...and he hasn’t aged at all since 2012 😉
  8. Dolly, What was the starting offer bid for the FV on your cruise? Just wondered as the FV was offered on ours too (the one following your sailing).
  9. I recall someone doing a review of a ‘clothing optional’ cruise a few years ago on the X board, was it you? The main objective was to eliminate any misconceptions. They started it off from meeting fellow pax shoreside if I recall correctly.
  10. Equinox used to be chartered most years in the summer in the Med by Atlantis, that was before she moved to the Caribbean year-round.
  11. Have you checked out the M Class sticky at the top of the X board?
  12. You are obviously a good omen and pax will be safe booking on a future cruise you’re taking .
  13. Thanks for that information; you’ve got a nice price drop. I’m presuming it would be the same if you booked through a TA then?
  14. In general, European cruises tend to be more formal 😉.
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