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  1. I did take take a look at Keith’s review; it was great, thanks 👍.
  2. Thank you so much for your informative replies. There aren’t any aft D4s available on our sailing, so I’ve resorted to looking back at the angled midship balconies. There are a couple of DA deluxe cabins still available with the larger balconies and insides further along the corridor for our older kids - the DAs appear to be at the start of the angled section. Can’t see Crooners on Sky. Is it where Princess Live is? It does mention alfresco eating on the Promenade deck, midship, but I doubt that would bother us late in the evening. There appear to be an abundance of mini-suites sti
  3. Which cabin did you stay in on the midship angled balcony? TIA
  4. Thank you. Just noticed that they have some interiors along the corridor from then too (older kids travelling with us) 👍. Have you stayed in one of those previously?
  5. Thanks for the wonderful photos in this thread and the extra information regarding the cabins. Are the D4 on deck 9 partially covered? I’m looking at a colder itinerary and don’t mind the balconies being covered.
  6. Thank you for the information 👍.
  7. Thank you so much for the information. I’m going to take a look at the deck plans and check out the larger midship balconies on decks 10-15 you mentioned, with the sideway interior cabins 👍.
  8. Great photos 👍. Would you be able to tell me if the balconies are bigger in a deluxe balcony than a regular balcony on Sky? I realise there is a loveseat in the cabin, but we do like the Caribe balconies on Grand Class ships. Just trying to decide where would be the best position 🤔. Ideally, we would like an inside cabin not too far away too.
  9. Yes, we are all fine thank you; hope you are too. The boys haven’t been at university since before Christmas as all lectures have been online - unfortunate as they are physics and chemistry students and haven’t been in the labs 😪 (one is performing laser experiments remotely from his bedroom which I personally find fascinating 😊). We’re just considering about what to book for 2022 as we feel cruising may be back on the cards by that point. We loved that east coast cruise but feel we may have to stay closer to home for the foreseeable future, until things are up and running.
  10. We sailed our last cruise with you in July/August 2019 on Caribbean Princess. What an eternity ago that seems to be 😪. We’re so missing our cruises.
  11. Luckily, we did cruise with our family too because as we hit our 50s, became empty-nesters ready to do more cruising, a pandemic hit - best made plans and all that.
  12. No one knows at this stage exactly what will happen in the future, so all is speculation.
  13. Well, I definitely did 😆. We’ve never not stayed in a balcony, our favourite being the M class FVs 😉
  14. Good grief, I must be missing cruising as I’d even consider booking an infinite balcony 😱 if we’d got to the stage of safe sailing 🤭.
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