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  1. Hi dex, yes all is well thanks, as I hope it is for you and family. Just patiently waiting for a few refunds and some kind of normalcy.
  2. NCL is not the only cruise line delaying refund. We expect the same wait time for a refund from Celebrity, and we cancelled that cruise prior to final payment date.
  3. Yes that is correct We also received an additional 30% discount due to sale when we booked
  4. Hey I'm not complaining about NCL policies. 😉 Glad we were not booked with Royal. We got a much better deal on the rebooked cruise than on the cancelled one. Of course it is only a great deal on paper and if the sailing is not cancelled 🙃
  5. We were booked for 2 adults and 2 teens. (March 29 sailing). We took the 100% FCC +25% bonus FCC. Working through our Travel Agent - We booked another cruise using each of our 25% bonus FCC as deposit, (we had to use this bonus FCC in order to get the extra 20% discount that they offered), leaving the 100% FCC in our accounts. Then we requested that the teens' 100% FCC be transferred to the main guest. NCL agent told our TA that their IT dept was looking into a batch process to transfer minors' FCC's to adults. This occurred not long after our request. They placed one teen's 100% FCC in each of the 2 adult accounts. We will use this for final payment and to purchase pre-cruise items (shore excursions etc). The only restriction we are aware of is that FCCs cannot be used to pre-purchase OBC
  6. Good to see a positive post! We had our March cruise cancelled, we rebooked for December this year in an attempt to use air fare credit, part of which expires in December. Fingers and toes crossed that all goes well. If not then we will just rebook again 😉 We had another cruise booked for August, we decided to cancel prior to final payment as we did not want more money tied up in credits. Everything we had paid - cruise deposit, air fare, private excursions, hotel, insurance premium - was refundable except air fare cancellation fee. This was a Europe cruise, would have rebooked for next year but the cruise fare was $800 pp more! Ugh!
  7. We just realized that a cruise we have booked is a special events cruise, Casinos at Sea VIP Beach Party. I have read about other group special events, where much of the ship is taken over by a group, affecting the enjoyment of non-participants. We don't usually contribute to the casino machines so it is no problem if the casino is constantly busy. I only see that they will have a beach party at one of the ports, no skin off our nose either. Wondering if anyone has experienced a CAS event and , as a non-participant, did it affect your enjoyment of the cruise and in what way?
  8. Hi dexddd 🙂 If it's the sailing I was on, I remember it well, I think I was one of the last to receive mine.😒 Although it was for claims due to delayed sailing. Fun cruise though! 😎
  9. My suspended sailing letter says redeem within one year of issue date for sailings through Dec 31 2022
  10. We had a new cruiser with us, they assigned a Latitudes number for the FCC. We did not have NCL insurance, I cannot answer about that, I'm sure it has been discussed on these boards but I do not recall if it is refunded.
  11. If you mean to cancel, and then rebook the same sailing, they do not allow that. It’s in the FAQs on NCL web site.
  12. Received letter by email on Mar 22 for Mar 29 sailing. FCC in accounts Mar 23
  13. That is incorrect. Look in your account, beside the FCC it specifically states "Onboard Credit Not applicable", and in NCLs FAQs it states that FCC can be used for purchases other than onboard credit.
  14. We did not have those options, but from what I have read those gratuities should be part of your FCC, along with prepaid daily service charges and shore excursions. They gave us 25% bonus on those as well as on the cruise fare and taxes, fees.
  15. Yesterday our teens' 25% bonus FCC was moved to our accounts. We hope to apply it to our "cruise fare" on the new booking. Any surplus from our 100% FCC, after paying in full, can then hopefully go towards shore excursions. It seems that others have been told this can be done. Seems that you booked through NCL UK. Their terms may differ.
  16. A change was made to our accounts yesterday, the 25% bonus FCC for our teens (3rd and 4th guests) was transferred into our accounts (1 each to 1st and 2nd guest). Our TA said that NCL did this as a bulk transfer, so others may find the same. So we are assuming that we can apply those 25% bonus FCCs to the cruise fare (since that's apparently their rule), leaving a surplus in our 100% FCC after we pay for the new booking. We hope to use the surplus for shore excursions, since that's what others have been told.
  17. I think you will find that 20% off the 30% discounted price, or 30% off the 20% discounted price, works out to the same $$$ value When we rebooked through TA, NCL deducted 20% off the base price, applied the 25% bonus FCC, and the result was shown on our confirmation as "Guest fare". 30% off the 20% discounted price was a separate line item as "savings" on the confirmation and deducted from "Guest Fare". Someone else on these boards has reported the discounts working out differently.
  18. FCC is usually % of the value of the cruise that was cancelled, or in some cases it is given due to issues on a current cruise, and it is % of the cost of that cruise. You should see it in your account, if you don't you should call your TA or NCL.
  19. Seems like you are missing your 10% FCC, if that's what you were promised, however most if not all of this discussion is about cruises that were suspended until April 11 2020 due to COVID-19, where NCL offered 100% FCC, plus 25% bonus FCC, plus additional 20% discount if another cruise is booked by April 10. If your cruise was for 2021 I don't think it will apply to you.
  20. It wasn't my TA either, I meant NCL agent.
  21. Well that's a contentious issue.... We were told that the 25% bonus FCC cannot be used towards shore excursions, it can only go towards the cruise fare, so if you are guest 3 or 4 and they have a sale where 3rd and 4th guest are "free" on the new booking, you cannot use that 25% bonus on that cruise, not even towards taxes, port fees, or anything else. It is left in your account for another cruise. The remaining 100% FCC from the 3rd and 4th person can be applied to the new booking. That is our experience up to this point. We are hoping, and others on these boards have been told, that anything left over from the FCCs can be used for shore excursions.
  22. It's hard to fathom how one agent can calculate it one way, and another agent calculates it differently. I prefer the way they calculated mine ... lol
  23. Same here... FCC was a bit different due to different shore excursion purchases. Good luck!
  24. When you have your booking confirmation I would be interested to know if they applied it that way (25% FCC first, then 20% of the result) because ours is definitely the opposite and the 20% works to be a better $$$ amount than what you were told. I would argue that the 20% is a discount on the fare, whereas the FCC is a form of payment. Even the 30% discount current sale is deducted on the fare after 20% but before 25% FCC.
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