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  1. I do! But I'm saving up for the cruise. I'll really need one then and will be sure to get my money's worth!
  2. I spent hours and hours and had a spreadsheet going and everything. Finally, I decided to just go with what I want and the 4 perks package. I'm pretty sure I'm losing money, but it's worth my sanity to not have to try and figure it out anymore. I don't normally drink, but I am definitely going to be drinking on this cruise to try and recoup some of my money! If my husband didn't drink--and want to drink the good stuff, the choice would have been a lot easier.
  3. It drives me absolutely insane that I can't CTRL+Click on a cruise to have the info for that cruise open in another tab or SHIFT+click to open in a new window. That's pretty standard on websites. But when you try it on the Celebrity site, it just opens in the current browser tab so that to go back, I think end up back at the beginning of the search and have to scroll through the options. I can't open two or more cruises to go back and forth between them and compare itineraries, prices for the cabins I want, etc. But at least they have itinerary maps (although I don't need all that fancy animat
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