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  1. Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry for the SUPER late reply. Loved the ship and the whole vibe for the IWD sailing. When I was booked, I made arrangements to disembark in St. Maarten (because they needed me back at the office, not because of anything COVID-related), so I missed the last few days. Now I'm immensely sad that I did because it's the last cruise I was on (and, unfortunately, probably the last one I'll be on for a while with the way things are looking). How did you like it?
  2. I love this! Nice to see some good things happening in the industry, despite the current state of things. I don't see how they'd be able to socially distance themselves on a ship with it being such a confined space. Plus it's all the same people with nobody new coming or going. If they haven't found coronavirus onboard by now, it seems unlikely they will.
  3. When you say "all," you speak for everyone onboard. I was onboard, and I wasn't upset. Given the state of things right now, we could have experienced far more setbacks than we did on our sailing, so I'd count us as pretty darn lucky to have made it to the ports we did.
  4. Or, you know, slow down to drive the ship safely.
  5. We took a different route than planned to get to San Juan. The swells on the new route were only half the size. Not sure which way the other ships went, so it's possible that's why. San Juan was lovely, by the way. No complaints here.
  6. I did hear that several times throughout the sailing but not from her, so I can't confirm.
  7. Hi all. Cruise Critic is onboard, and we skipped Tortola due to bad weather. We've had nothing but rough seas for two days, and it took us longer than expected to reach San Juan. We were supposed to arrive yesterday but didn't get here until today, which meant skipping Tortola. It had nothing -- I repeat, nothing -- to do with coronavirus, in case anyone was wondering. On another note, the sailing has been fabulous, and the women at the helm are incredible. Stay tuned for our coverage of the International Women's Day events. Never have I felt so much palpable positive energy in one
  8. I was writing an article on SeaPass cards for the site, which is how I ended up on this page. I e-mailed Royal to have them verify, and this is what they sent back. There are some on here I didn't know anything about and thought you all might find it interesting also. "Below are the colors for our Sea Pass cards. 1. Royal Caribbean light blue SeaPass card: All non-Suite staterooms 2. Royal Caribbean silver SeaPass card (sometimes looks white or pearlescent): Suites on Freedom, Voyager, Radiance and Vision class ships, as well as Majesty and Empr
  9. Just curious: Is the main color of the card blue, purple or gray? I can't really tell, but I like the look of it!
  10. Hi all, I've reached out to Royal's PR department, and this is what they tell me: "The cruise compass you reference below from Harmony of the Seas was actually misprinted – human error. Harmony of the Seas, along with all 6-night or longer itineraries still offer Formal Nights. All itineraries 5-nights or shorter offer a 'Wear Your Best' evening onboard. Here is how we describe this: 'Nighttime’s the right time to wear your best look. That means a step up from your typical dinner wear, and includes collared shirts, dresses, skirts, blouses and pantsui
  11. Your signature says it all, Love my butler. 🙄 To me, if someone breaks the rules and hangs the decorations, those decorations are fair game. The door belongs to the cruise line, not to the passenger, and technically the cruise line can confiscate just about anything it deems "unsafe" -- power strips, candles, etc. Same concept here.
  12. I think it's delightful. I'd much rather have a fun, upbeat, positive message like this than some stuffy, impersonal bit of corporate speak. It's well-written and creative. Have you seen the letter they wrote during the whole drink package debacle? It was brilliant (and not written by an intern)!
  13. No worries! I've seen it too. Just can't quote it, unfortunately. Have reached out to Disney directly, of course, but waiting on a reply. Thanks for your help, though! 🙂
  14. Thanks, Schmoo here! I did see that above but was trying to track down something more official (like an email or press release).
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