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  1. I guess im in the minority I wear shorts & thongs as much as possible in a normal day But when having dinner in the MDR or Specialty I wear pants and shoes My thinking is if DW is going to spend time putting on makeup and doing her hair, picking out an outfit. Besides shoes to match her clutch. The least i can do is put on my big boy clothes It makes her happy JMHO
  2. Definitely need at least a JS for this cruise just for the closet Cant imagine how many suitcases the DW would bring for this cruise😲
  3. plenty of other fish n the sea. I would suggest you going out on other dates, meet new people what is the old saying If you love something, set it free if it comes back to you, it is yours if not, it was never meant to be
  4. I thought people were talking about The Q Texas bbq smokehouse in the United terminals At Houstons IAH airport
  5. To the Op when younger we would fly from SFO to socal airports day of cruise not a problem Nowadays if we arnt driving to a port we always fly in the day before I commuted on planes for 10 years and saw alot of things going wrong
  6. But with Socal traffic it takes 4 hours to drive there😄
  7. depends where in Houston you plan on staying reccommend staying south of the 10 and east of the westside 610 (unless Galleria area) Less traffic going am to Galveston on a workday if you are south of Houston downtown
  8. Afternoon prefer after 1pm i would rather sit at the airport for an hr or 2 extra than stressing about maybe missing a flight Depends on what day of the week but Galveston to IAH is an hour on a good day or 1 stupid driver on the 45 can make it 2h drive
  9. Where do you live we still have drive thru and walk in free testing In SF Bay Area Besides our insurance covers testing as well Good thing you arnt traveling to London 4 tests😲
  10. It is so interesting that the FL Gov is trying to tell a business how to run it self Ask any conservative business owner or any business owner, they dont want any government interference To the OP With the Covid case count escalating in FL im thinking cruising will be delayed in the US The cruise lines will continue to sell cruises as they make interest on all the money we give them
  11. Hey mom im sure your son loves you but if im a single 30 something male with a bevy of single ladies on a cruise I would want my own cabin as well and not sure if i would be worried about where i am eating dinner
  12. Just checked my account and have 12 offers The offer that the OP was talking about is $285pp for us great price but stopped doing interiors after joining the balcony club 18+ years ago Now a cove balcony for $485pp Hmm i might have to talk to the DW about that
  13. not a bad idea ill have remember that if we ever get to cruise again
  14. I think all Cowboys games have been banned🤔
  15. thats what i thought but reading the new C&A release it mentions private destinations
  16. I remember those it would be after dinner in the Mdr and you would keep the shot glass Cant remember what shots they were thou I just looked in my bar and the metal ones have the logo on one side and on the other it has loving cups stenciled on it The glass ones just have the logo
  17. does this mean on CoCo Cay and Labadee?
  18. I never considered southern California as being from the South🤔
  19. My DW is a 2 time stage IV HER2+ breast cancer survivor. Very familiar with your meds. Herceptin is the miracle drug. She has had many wigs over the years, didnt keep her from cruising. Listen to your body and just take it easy. F#$% Cancer! Real Men wear Pink
  20. with all the extra points im guessing the D lounge will be Pinnacle only after Jan 2023
  21. I so agree we made D+ a few years ago and would need another 500 sea days to make P with an avg of 15 cruise days a year on RCL thats another 33 years
  22. Well that sucks. They take away an adult area for more kid space?WTH
  23. I support saving trees but should someone have to buy a smart phone to cruise Maybe I just like to use my flip phone😲 😁
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