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  1. Hey mom im sure your son loves you but if im a single 30 something male with a bevy of single ladies on a cruise I would want my own cabin as well and not sure if i would be worried about where i am eating dinner
  2. Just checked my account and have 12 offers The offer that the OP was talking about is $285pp for us great price but stopped doing interiors after joining the balcony club 18+ years ago Now a cove balcony for $485pp Hmm i might have to talk to the DW about that
  3. not a bad idea ill have remember that if we ever get to cruise again
  4. I think all Cowboys games have been banned🤔
  5. thats what i thought but reading the new C&A release it mentions private destinations
  6. I remember those it would be after dinner in the Mdr and you would keep the shot glass Cant remember what shots they were thou I just looked in my bar and the metal ones have the logo on one side and on the other it has loving cups stenciled on it The glass ones just have the logo
  7. does this mean on CoCo Cay and Labadee?
  8. I never considered southern California as being from the South🤔
  9. My DW is a 2 time stage IV HER2+ breast cancer survivor. Very familiar with your meds. Herceptin is the miracle drug. She has had many wigs over the years, didnt keep her from cruising. Listen to your body and just take it easy. F#$% Cancer! Real Men wear Pink
  10. with all the extra points im guessing the D lounge will be Pinnacle only after Jan 2023
  11. I so agree we made D+ a few years ago and would need another 500 sea days to make P with an avg of 15 cruise days a year on RCL thats another 33 years
  12. Well that sucks. They take away an adult area for more kid space?WTH
  13. I support saving trees but should someone have to buy a smart phone to cruise Maybe I just like to use my flip phone😲 😁
  14. I cruise alot of lines I like them all for one reason Im on a cruise and not working😁 we also book on different cruise lines for different reasons For Princess and NCL The included dining on either line is hit and miss Pricing is similar Balcony cabins are simliar in size depending on ships I prefer the Lido deck on Princess and their multiple pools. Ncl and O' Sheehan's is a plus for late night dining. The biggest plus with NCL is the adult Spice area that is free and on Princess they charge a fee
  15. I can order a banana split for desert? did not know that
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