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  1. The Grand World cruise goes to the Amazon in its first segment
  2. The Jones act says that cruises have to stop at one foreign country. It does not say passengers have to get off the ship. Perhaps that will be enough for Canada to let a cruise ship in. I have high hopes for my Alaska May 1 trip round trip Seattle.
  3. No matter how many names she has she will always be OUR VEENDAM.
  4. Mine came today. The bags were clean and the contents were all in good shape except for the wrinkles of being packed for 7 months. There was no musty odor. Hard candy was not sticky. They were in the same shape as they would have been getting off the ship to come home with me. After the laundry is all done I think my 2020 world cruise will be done. Hopefully I will be able to cruise on the Zaandam on the 2nd of Jan 2021 yes 2021
  5. Mine is still in limbo. No idea when I will receive it.
  6. I have done 6 World Cruises on HAL and 1 on Cunard. I think that says it all.
  7. Fed X truck just stopped at my house. Got all excited and thought it might be my luggage but sh** just cat food from chewy.
  8. OK I have the opposite problem I am looking for cruise insurance but I do not need medical or very little medical as my medical insurance pays out of the country. Any help for me out there?
  9. Have you noticed that there are no segments offered for the World cruise only the full 128 days.
  10. Sale was posted on HAL website. It is a done deal.
  11. I am doing 7 back to backs on the Veendam starting Jan 3 out of Tampa for a total of 96 days. It will be interesting to see what happens.
  12. Since I can not remember what I packed when I open up my suitcases it will be like opening packages at Christmas.
  13. Where did your confirmation come from? I have not been informed from HAL.
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