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  1. Our experience in crossing was back in Feb of 2018. The seas were the roughest I had ever been in and the captain had to slow the ship down (Sun Princess) to avoid damage from the constant battering of the waves and because there were a lot of passengers feeling under the weather from the tossing. We were 12 hours behind schedule and therefore we never made it to Milford Sound as there was not enough time between that scenic cruising and getting to our first port. Everyone on the ship seemed disappointed as Milford Sound was going to be a highlight of the cruise. On the other hand, our crossing from New Zealand back to Sydney was very smooth but surprisingly enough we were late getting into the berth at Sydney due to currents, which again had slowed the ship down. You just never know and we chalked it up to being part of the experience. Tasmania and New Zealand still ranks up there as two of our top cruises. Barb
  2. I'll add a vote for Bath. We spent three days there pre cruise and thoroughly enjoyed it. So much to see and do and then an easy train ride to Southampton. Barb
  3. We used Gibraltar Rock Tours, Contact John Lopez at info@gibraltar-rock-tours.com. He gave us an all day tour of all the highlights and as well as taking us to the Siege Tunnels, we got to see Eisenhower's Bunker and the Ops Room inside the base of the mountain. Highly recommend this tour operator. Barb
  4. I just want to say that we too used Tartanexile's directions a couple of years back and they were the most concise and excellent directions that we had ever come across. Thanks again for posting and helping folks get to Edinburgh from S. Queensferry. Barb
  5. When we went to Honfleur, we left the ship at 9:00 a.m., got our cab on the dock and it took about a half hour to reach Honfleur. There were six of us and we each went our own way, and then met at a designated spot for the cab driver to come back for us. The taxi we used was Artisan Taxi, driver Gregoire Panel and you can reach him at gregoire.panel@yahoo.fr. The museums we went to in Honfleur were Maison Satie about the life of the composer, Maison Eugene Boudin the artist, Musee Maritime, and we tried to get into the Musee D'Ethnographie which was closed that day. We also saw the carousel and the Lieutenancy, and the Church of St. Catherine (15th Century). This was not on a tour, I did the research on my own and made a list of places and addresses to visit. We also had time for a nice lunch waterside at one of the restaurants around the basin but I can't recall the name of it. We had a great day and it was a fun way to end our cruise. Hope this helps. Barb
  6. We took a taxi that was on the pier when we disembarked the ship. We were six of us together and we negotiated a price and also a pick up time for the return to the ship. The taxi driver spoke limited English but my husband was able to converse with him in French and we had no problems with the pick up time and spot. The cost was about $30 USD each way and that was split by all of us.
  7. We were up on deck at 5:00 a.m. and it was still dark but the mountains were a sight as the sky started to lighten. We watched both the sail in and out and found it spectacular.
  8. I keep that quote on my bulletin board near my computer so that I can read it each time we book a cruise. Words to live by! Barb
  9. A quote from Mark Twain. " "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones that you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sail. Explore. Dream. Discover"
  10. Thank you all for your information. It will help in making our decision.
  11. We will be at the Sheraton Hotel and Convention Centre. thanks for the info - I'll check them out.
  12. Has anyone used a private transfer company to get from the Ezeiza airport in Buenos Aires to a downtown hotel? If so, could you give me the name of the company and the approx fare. I have read good and bad reports about taking a taxi from the airport - prepaying at airport and then wait to be "assigned" a driver. One customer did this and was taken by a porter in a car to the awaiting cab and was then asked to pay for that porter's service. Can anyone verify this type of arrangement or have your experiences been good? Any information or advice would be appreciated.
  13. We stayed at The Henry House. It was quiet, clean and breakfasts were good and close to the train station. We had no problems walking to all attractions. Try to catch the Bizarre Bath walk one evening. It was a lot of fun! Barb
  14. Hi Lana, We have booked an excursion to El Padral but our ship is in port from 8:00 - 6:00 p.m. so I'm confident that we can make it back to the ship with no problems. Barb
  15. Both are spectacular! However, the Costa Brava is so much more than just beaches. The towns of Pals and Girona are amazing and shouldn't be missed. Barb
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