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  1. I'd rather have two weeks in a "normal" cabin than one week in a suite. I don't spend much time in whatever cabin I'm in and so would like the extra time at sea. Barb
  2. Something else to consider if you are flying into the Netherlands and then leaving on a cruise which goes to the British Isles. There may be different Covid and vaccination restrictions in going from one country to another. Hopefully by 2022 all these things will have been ironed out and there won't be any problems. Our last stop on the cruise is Le Havre, which is, of course, in France, so it will be interesting to see how this plays out. We have cruised mainly with Princess in our 25 year cruising history and have always enjoyed being on their ships. Not having tried Celebrity, I can't offer an opinion on that line.
  3. There is no doubt that cruising this year is going to be confusing and disappointing for many. Aside from the unfortunate cruisers who were caught up in the first wave on a cruise ship when Covid first hit, this fall is really the first time that the cruise lines will be cruising after many waves, having vaccines, and border restrictions around the world to contend with. By next year, when things are more clear about different brands of vaccines and what conditions are like around the world, there should be more straight answers and less confusion when it comes to getting on board a ship. There are so many people in Europe who were given the Astra Zeneca vaccine that it would be detrimental to exclude those folks from traveling anywhere based on the shot they received. America stockpiled many millions of doses of AZ and are now only trying to give it to countries where vaccines are not readily available. There will be more testing done to assure people that the AZ jab is not only viable but reliable in its efficacy and rules and restrictions will be made clearer as to what vaccines are allowed throughout the world. We are now just seeing, for the first time, the effect vaccination could have upon the world and things could be very different next year when more is known about the various strains, how fast they transmit and whether being vaccinated is going to keep them under control. This is JMHO. I would not have considered cruising any time this year, no matter how much I want to get back out there on the high seas. The first cruisers are going to be the "guinea pigs" if you will, and there are going to be many things that need to be figured out before cruising returns to how we have known it. I have a cruise booked for Aug. of 2022 and hopefully by that time, all the wrinkles will have been ironed out. Barb
  4. Interesting. I guess we should do the math. Thanks for your observations. Barb
  5. Please keep in mind that hurricane season extends into the fall, actually up until Nov. This may alter your cruise itinerary. Barb
  6. If you break down the cost of a cruise, it is an economical way to travel. You have all your entertainment on board, your meals, your accomodation, not to mention all the activities that are available. As you are a first time cruiser, traveling during Covid is not ideal. Yes, you can only take the ship's excursions and while some of them are pretty good, it really is a good idea to go by yourself or with a small group of fellow passengers on a private excursion. Your options are unlimited. On the ship, you only have to unpack once which I guess is the same as being at a resort but if your holiday takes you to various places, the packing and unpacking gets to be tedious. My husband and I enjoy cruising for the many varied itineraries that it affords us and we enjoy being in different ports every day, although we like our sea days too. I do hope that you will give cruising another try post Covid and see what a difference it makes not being subjected to so many rules and restrictions. We have mainly sailed on Princess, with a few cruises on Holland America and Royal Caribbean over the 25 years that we have chosen this way to travel. They are not top of the line luxury cruises (which we cannot afford) and we have not been on a cruise that we were unhappy with. We've met some amazing cruisers on board and also through Cruise Critic, which is a wealth of information and lets you get to know some of your fellow passengers by joining the roll call for your particular cruise. Through the roll call is where we have set up most of our private small party excursions and we've had terrific ones. I hope this helps. Barb
  7. I contacted my friend again and she really didn't have an exact answer as rules are constantly changing. She took her information off of the internet and it was still stating that the UK was unsure whether unvaxxed children would still have to quarantine. So I'm afraid it's not much of an answer and not much help to you at this point. I wish I could have a better answer for you but you are as much in the dark as the rest of us at this time. If only we all had a crystal ball! Barb
  8. Your cruise sounds wonderful. What I would like to know is how you are doing Hawaii and Alaska in 16 days? Barb
  9. Thanks Elaine, I will do that closer to the time. Right now, rules are changing by the day and things could be quite different by next year. We also have to find out what to do in the case of a b2b but on two different cruises. We get off of the first cruise and right onto the second cruise the same day and each cruise line might have different criteria. It's all so stressful!
  10. I e-mailed a friend of mine who lives in Essex and she works in the medical related field. She is a paramedic and also a nurse practioner who is allowed to give jabs. She said that there would be no lifting of restrictions over the next few months for those from red listed countries but she expected an announcement in the next few days for people from amber listed countries who have had two shots of vaccine and a negative PCR test. They would be exempt from quarantining.
  11. Thanks CruisinCanucksTwo, (Love your name BTW!) I, too, feel that by next year, things will have calmed down. Countries will have come to an agreement about vaccination passports and whatever else is required to travel freely. Personally, we wouldn't travel if we have to do a quarantine, much as we wouldn't cruise if we had to wear masks all the time, practice social distancing, be limited in what excursions we can plan for, etc. We would rather wait until the world is in a better place and we can travel without fear of getting stuck on a ship or in a country abroad with illness all around us. By Aug. of next year, when our cruise comes up, we will have already had our booster shots for 2023 and we can move on with peace of mind. Barb
  12. BTW - the forms that we received by e-mail, confirming our vaccinations, did not have a watermark either. Barb
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