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  1. @bortzct thank you for mentioning the throw blanket in place of the duvet! I'll probably ask for one of those...really don't want to have to bring my own sheet, lol.
  2. I'm with you in being glad I didn't prepay a bar tab now that I've seen some of their drink menus! I don't mind light beer but in looking at their beer selections, I didn't see many that appeal to me. I do like wine but I'm sleepy after 1-2 glasses. I'm glad sparkling water is included - I think I'll be drinking my fill on this cruise!
  3. We will be on Edge in January. We've been on all the other Celebrity classes of ships but this will be our first Edge class sailing. So excited!
  4. Hubby and I will be on board for Oct 31-Nov 5 sailing. Was this a 6 night sailing like ours will be? If so, how many formal nights were there? I assume the crew was serving in the buffet rather than self serve? Were the tables spaced apart more than usual in the MDR and buffet? Thank you!
  5. I specifically said to the lady, "So if I test positive for Covid on day 2 of the cruise and they tell me they're putting me off at the next port for medical treatment, I'm covered by my policy?" and she said yes.
  6. All good for Blue Cross. They just confirmed again, if Covid is contracted while on the cruise, they will cover your emergency medical expenses, but that's it. No interruption or cancellation coverage if it's Covid related. If it's interruption or cancellation due to any other covered issue (I have the all inclusive coverage), they will cover. Phew. Back to work!
  7. I thought of that while I was drying my hair, but I'm assuming @bortzctasked her cabin attendant and was told they don't have any? Perhaps she can comment and let us know!
  8. Thanks for this tip! I like having a top sheet...I find just a comforter or duvet is too much for me in warm temps (though maybe I'll be okay with the a/c). Adding a sheet to my packing list just in case (strangest thing I'll have packed yet).
  9. Yes, this is exactly what I was told last month, but now I'm worried and will call again tomorrow to confirm! As I said, I must have asked the girl half a dozen times, and then we went on to have a conversation where she told me if I bought the annual policy, interruption and cancellation would be included for cruise as long as the advisory came down to a 3 or lower. I will certainly be taking a strip off someone and asking for a refund if I was given wrong information and cruised to Alaska believing I had Covid coverage last month! (not to mention, then shared that wrong information with other cruisers!)
  10. That's interesting. I purchased a medical only policy from Blue Cross for our September cruise and must have asked the lady on the phone half a dozen times "you're sure this covers me if I get Covid on my cruise in 2 weeks?" and every single time she assured me that I had medical coverage but not cancellation or trip interruption, and it was at level 4 then, too. She told me Blue Cross is looking at Covid as any other illness now, and their website has a FAQ that specifically says "do you cover cruises?" and their answer is yes. I guess I'll have to call again tomorrow and speak to a few more people, and possibly ask for a refund on the policy I just bought for my cruise next week from them! The Blue Cross website does say they cover cruises with no mention of any any government advisory. Thanks for that insuby.com website - haven't heard of them but will definitely check them out and Desjardins as well.
  11. We will do what we always do - tip our cabin attendant (as we have always received excellent service on any cruise) and any others we feel provided outstanding service during the week.
  12. We did Alaska with Princess last month and it was wonderful. Really didn't feel very different from pre-Covid except we had masks on (as did many on the ship, even in areas where they weren't required). We still ate too much, drank too much, saw some incredible sights, and had a fantastic return to one of our favourite places. Princess provided our PCR test to come home, and then we spent a day in Seattle post-cruise before coming home. Next week we will be on Virgin for 5 days, then we have 2 days in Miami before we board a 6 day Carnival cruise. I'm very curious to see what the on board masking experience will be like on both compared to Princess. Neither line provides any testing at the end of the cruise so we're getting antigen tests as soon as we disembark Virgin, both because we need to them to board Carnival and because we want to know we're okay to be out enjoying Miami, and then after the Carnival cruise we're heading straight to Miami airport to get our PCR test done ($179, results in 30 minutes). Assuming all goes well, we've got a hotel pass for a day so we can soak up some more warmth before heading home. The cost of the PCR test certainly is a deterrent, IMO, to sailing with lines that don't provide them. I hope the extra cost and inconvenience will be worth the great deals we got for the cruises!
  13. Awesome, thanks to you and @CruisingFromLAfor the info! I think most of what we'll have will be what you mentioned. I just learned that our hotel in Miami is partnered with a service that will return your stuff the next day, so I'll check that out too, just so it's all done and fresh for cruise #2. Pretty sure it won't be as good a deal as $15 though! (edited to add: $30 for 15 lbs of laundry and it's back in 24 hours - that's actually not terrible...)
  14. Ouch! Not to self - leave the white stuff at home or save it for cruise #2 so it doesn't need to be sent out!
  15. There's a company called Fast Labs (fastlabsmed.com) that does an RT-PCR test or $200 or a fast PCR test (which is actually a NAAT test, which is allowed for reentry to Canada) for $175 and they say results in minutes for both tests. I know they have a handful of mobile locations in Miami, at least one of which is quite close to the cruise pier. Not sure about Ft. Lauderdale. They have PCR testing at Miami airport for $179 or at FLL it's $159 (odd as it's done by the same organization, Nomi Health, but I've used their chat feature a few times now and was given those two different prices. Their antigen tests are pricier at MIA as well). There's also a pharmacy in Miami https://www.pharmcorx.com/pcr-covid-test-for-cruises-in-north-miami-beach that does PCR tests for $149 with results in an hour. Just keep in mind, if you have a late flight or are staying an extra day at the end of your cruise, get your test done before you go off and enjoy Florida so everyone stays safe!
  16. https://www.medionerx.com/ has the cheapest PCR in Ontario at $100. Lots of locations in and around the GTA if you're in that area (and they're offering 10% off for Air Canada passengers!)
  17. I've read this was a thing pre-pandemic - is Carnival still doing this? We're on a Virgin cruise the week before our Carnival cruise. Virgin charges $5 per item to wash and fold so I would much rather wait until we board the Freedom and send out a whole bag of laundry for $15. Thanks!
  18. Has anyone done this excursion? The description says to wear comfortable walking shoes - not sure if that means closed toe shoes, as I know some of these driving excursions require them? It also says to bring a change of clothes...is this something where we're likely to get muddy?
  19. Thanks for providing a positive review of your cruise before insulting me. I am happy to wear a mask on board and plan to do so even when it's not required, as I did on my last cruise...not sure how that makes me self centered.
  20. I had used the chat feature on their website to inquire about the cost of testing at a site closer to the Miami cruise port. The agent replied and told me that all testing at non-airport sites is free for everyone (I did ask if that applies to Canadian travellers, too, and he said yes) and the only place you will charged for any test is at Miami for Ft. Lauderdale airports. There are 2 sites at the cruise pier, but the one at Terminal E is only open on Wednesdays and the one at Terminal J appears to only be open Mon-Fri. The next 2 closest sites are Dan Paul Plaza and the South Dade Government Centre. I checked this morning and both had appointments for today, so I assume both are open on weekends but I would recommend checking later in the week to see if they have Saturday appointments. We had considered getting an antigen test done the morning we fly out, then getting our PCR at the airport closer to our flight time, but we just clued in that the Nomi chat lady yesterday said we can come at any time on the day of flight for our test, so we're just heading straight to the airport when we disembark. You don't have to pass through security to get to their testing facility (Terminal H, 2nd level, Door #20) so we'll go in, get tested, hopefully get negative results, and then head to a hotel to enjoy the day.
  21. A little more info on Fast Labs (I am impressed that they replied to yesterday's email today and then answered the other question I sent back!) I initially emailed them and asked what the difference is between the 2 PCR tests they offer. I copied from the GOC website the types of molecular tests we can have and they replied and said yes, both tests will work for your travel purposes. I replied to that and asked if both test results will say SARS-CoV-2 RT-PCR as that's what our test results from our Princess cruise said. They responded to that and said the $200 test is the RT-PCR. The $175 test result will say Nucleic Acid Amplification Test (Isothermal PCR) aka NAAT test, which the GOC website does say is an accepted test, so yes, either will work. The closest Fast Labs to the Miami cruise port is their Midtown location behind Taco Bell (sounds sketchy, but remember, this is a mobile testing site, literally on wheels) which Google maps says is about a $15 minute drive. In the end, we have opted to go straight to Miami airport, since Nomi Health said now that we're registered for testing, we can come at any time on the day of our flight. We'll go there first thing in the morning, get our test results which they say take 30 minutes, then, assuming all is well, head to a resort for a day since we don't fly out until 5:30 pm.
  22. That was me. I used the chat feature on the Nomi health site to inquire about testing at non-airport sites and the rep told me non-airport sites are free for anyone requiring testing. PCR testing at MIA is $179 and at FLL it's $159, based on what 2 different Nomi chat agents have told me.
  23. We fly to FLL on Saturday and board our Virgin cruise a week from today. We will disembark that cruise on the 29th, hopefully get our free rapid antigen tests done at Terminal J by Nomi Health (if not I do have a list of other Nomi Health locations not far from the cruise port), then we can use that test to board our Carnival cruise on Halloween. When we disembark on Nov 6th is when we're hoping to use the services of FastLabs for the PCR test. If the $175 one will suit our purposes, that's pretty much the same cost as getting it at the airport ($179 at MIA) and then we'll be able to make the most of our day (in good conscience, with negative test results in hand - knock wood!) in the warm weather before we fly out that night. I'm pretty sure I've read somewhere here on CC that Canadians can't use those Abbott home tests, but don't quote me on that. I'm sure you will find the answers here though! Good luck!
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