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  1. I also consider booking Havila. The boat looks very nice. I got the brochure last week. The price seem to be very resasonable. Regarding service on broad I read somewhere while I do my research that they transfer staffs from Hurtriguten to work on Havila ship. The experience on service might be about the same. This is just from what I read I never take Hurtriguten.
  2. How do you the upgrade? Did you call Oceania and ask to pay for upgrade? How far in advance before your sailing?
  3. As @Host Jazzbeausaid all cruise are qualify. You can ask your travel agent to check with Amex as some promotions that travel agent offer might not combinable with Amex with benefits.. On one of my cruise 2 travel agents who offer prepaid gratuity said it not combinable with Amex benefits. So, I went with the one who offer OBC that combinable with Amex benefits. Please make sure you pay for a whole cruise with Amex Platinum.
  4. Thank you. Good to know. I thought you get original price when you first waitlist for.
  5. If you are on the waitlist when the price is $2000 but then the price go up to $2500. Will you pay the new price or original price?
  6. You don’t have to book thru Amex. You can have your travel agent check if your booking is qualify for Amex cruise privilege benefits. From my experience checking with different travel agents if travel agent offer prepaid gratuity you will not qualify for benefit (unless prepaid gratuity come from Oceania) But if travel agent offer OBC you will get benefit. Amex also give you $300 OBC on top of wine tasting and a bottle of wine
  7. Can someone please tell me more about Amex platinum wine tasting event? I understand that you will get premium wine tasting for 2 and a bottle of wine from a tasting. I not drink alcohol. Will they let you do 2 different wine tasting event instead of 2 people at the same event? Are the tasting event offer the same or different wine on the same cruise? What is the premium wine tasting usually cost? We are looking to book transatlantic in 2023 and looking for something to do on the sea day.
  8. In a press release, the High Commission indicates that " any traveler coming from or going to French Polynesia will have to justify that his situation falls under one of the three imperative reasons personal / family, health, professional from February 03, 2021 ". Polynesia the 1st (MLSF) • Posted January 31, 2021 9:43 am I saw this on internet this morning. I just copy and pasted. I hope it is okay. Since this Sunday, January 31, France has closed its borders to countries outside the European Union. But, it is not until Wednesday that
  9. Yes, they do pick you up at the airport and drop you off at the pier. We were plan to stay with them before our Feb 2021 cruise got cancelled. We will stay with them 1 night on our Aug 2022 cruise. I think it is very convenience because you don't have to worry about how to get to the hotel and the pier.
  10. I email Windsatar about my booking in February. Windstar email said “As of today we are still planning on resuming operations in January.”
  11. @susiesan Thank you so much. I sent you the email.
  12. Congratulation. How did you contact them? Did you call Windstar or sent email ? I would like to contact them to just in case because my Tahiti cruise is in February. Thank you.
  13. @Mercruiser Thank you for response. I started a roll call. Here is the link. See you there. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2758607-feb-11-2021-11-days/?tab=comments#comment-60374311
  14. @Mercruiser I contact Patrick in Bora Bora. We can have a private group of 4. Would you like to join us? I will also post information on a roll call.
  15. What’s the minimum people that Patrick in Bora Bora need? I just start a roll call maybe more people join and we might be able to create a group.
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