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  1. It was brutal! That was the second time we booked an aft suite on Crown...never again. I've never experienced vibrations like that on any other ship/cruise line. The cabin rattled when leaving the dock, too, but compared to the noise and vibration when we were docking, that was a walk in the park.
  2. Agree! We've been lucky enough to book 6146 twice now - fantastic cabin!
  3. We sailed to Alaska on Coral in 2017 in vista suite D704, which is just a few cabins forward from D710. Neither hubby nor myself recall any significant vibration in our suite (certainly nothing compared to being all the way aft on Crown a few years ago, where the vibration on docking was so bad that I thought the glasses on our bar setup were going to shatter as they clinked together!)
  4. We purchase an annual comprehensive plan (covers cancellation, interruption, baggage loss/delay) that covers us for as many trips as we want out of country for up to 14 days. We will continue to do so once travel resumes and if Covid coverage isn't included, that can be purchased as an add-on rider (granted, I'm not satisfied that what they're currently offering is enough coverage, but that's another story). Back in 2018 we did have to cancel a fully paid cruise when I injured my knee and was advised not to travel by my doctor. I downloaded the appropriate forms from the insurer's website, ent
  5. Keep the faith! May gives them 7 months to figure things out and hopefully start sailing safely! We have Alaska booked for May 30th and I am hopeful we will get to go. Granted, it's out of Vancouver, and our government just extended our cruise ban until the end of February, but I hope that will give them time to see the cruise lines successfully and safely restart so we can have an Alaska and Canada/New England sailing season out of Canada this year!
  6. Those sailings may be scheduled but I really don't see them going, or if they do they will be at less than half capacity, or more likely with crew only - and you are correct, I don't think many (if any) ports would welcome ships just yet.
  7. Apparently there are UV lights that kill it...maybe they will use something light that. I was just reading an article from Cruise Critic the other day from two guys who are doing a transatlantic right now (I forget which line they're on...Crystal maybe? I know it's a very small ship) and they said part of the daily cabin cleaning involves UV light.
  8. The key to success is starting up slowly and taking their time, which I think they will do. I'm sure all the cruise line executives are well aware of what a repeat of the beginning of the pandemic could do to their already damaged reputations. They have shouldered so much of the blame because of those early breakouts - I'm sure they never want a repeat of that.
  9. Top choices in the Caribbean would be Antigua and Grenada - both have such stunning beaches, it would be lovely to have a week or so to spend more time exploring more of them.
  10. We received 2 free bottles of wine on cruises last year. On one cruise the sommelier in Luminae gifted us a bottle of Hungarian dessert wine as thanks for sharing our wines with him all week. On another our butler surprised us with a bottle of his favourite wine (Decoy) in our cabin after having a lengthy chat about wine with my husband one afternoon. Completely unexpected but so thoughtful of them both. Last fall we celebrated our anniversary on board and returned to the cabin one night to find cake and chocolate covered strawberries waiting for us, and a towel animal on the bed! That's the f
  11. There's not always table availability for suites guests in Blu, but you can request to see the Blu menu and be served from it in Luminae. I once asked to see the MDR menu and the Blu one in Luminae and they brought me all three every night after that!
  12. The tomato soup in Luminae (I get two bowls!)
  13. So much for our Hawaii cruise out of Vancouver in September 😞
  14. We've sailed on Summit twice since she was refurbished - she was lovely before and is even better now! On our last cruise we were in an Aqua class cabin, #1108. Excellent location on the aft starboard side of the ship (I think we were about a dozen cabins from the very back). One deck up to the Rooftop Terrace where they show movies (never heard any noise or foot traffic from up there), one deck down to the pool and buffet - we couldn't have asked for a more convenient location.
  15. We have a May 13, 2020 booked on Equniox...just waiting on X to cancel (huge bummer as we've been looking forward to this cruise for ages - sailing with friends we haven't seen in a long time) and a mid-September Hawaii cruise on Solstice. Fingers crossed that one won't get cancelled as it's our anniversary trip. We have another Caribbean one booked for Feb 2021 but I'm not even thinking about that one at this point.
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