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  1. We did! It was as pretty (and empty!) as I'd heard. If they'd just put some umbrellas up there, it would be a much more popular spot.
  2. I've read there isn't a bar in the Retreat Lounge on Summit (we sailed her in a balcony cabin in July so we didn't have access to the Retreat Lounge) so based on that, I wasn't sure what to expect on Equinox. BikeRunner...if only we could have free movies in the Retreat Lounge!
  3. Wasn't expecting much after all I've read online over the last few months, but hubby and I were quite happy with the new set up! Loved how bright the new lounge is and we were happy to see there's an actual bar in the lounge (loved the small self serve fridges too - handy to grab soft drinks and bottled flat/sparkling water). Apparently HQ is listening to online complaints and the teeny tiny round chairs have been replaced with round chairs with an, um, wider capacity? Overall we thought the lounge was very welcoming and comfortable (and I might have eaten about 100 of the delicious egg salad sandwiches offered during afternoon tea - they were so good!)
  4. We used to buy Manulife's annual policy but switched to Blue Cross this year as Manulife only provided a maximum of $7000 per year in cancellation coverage with a max of $3500 per trip. That was sufficient when we cruised 1-2 times per year in a balcony cabin, but since we've become addicted to the (sky) suite life, that's no longer enough to fully cover us if we had to cancel more than one trip per year (God forbid!) The policy we bought from Blue Cross provides up to $5000 cancellation coverage per trip for an unlimited number of trips per year which is more than enough for us without having to pay an extra fee specifically to top up cancellation coverage. Check to see what your credit cards provide as well - RBC Infinite Avion and Amex Platinum are both supposed to have good comprehensive coverage (but still no where near $5K per trip in cancellation). And keep in mind that even when traveling within Canada, your provincial coverage only covers you in province, so if you're from ON and visit BC to cruise to Alaska (for example) and something happens, you could still be on the hook for a costly amount!
  5. We buy an annual policy that provides medical, interruption, cancellation, and baggage loss/delay, so we are covered for trips up to 10 days out of country, whether that's on a cruise or if we decide to cross the border for a day of shopping (we can also add on additional days of coverage if needed). We had to cancel a cruise last September when I injured my knee and then developed a blood clot (doctor said I couldn't fly, and traveling against medical advice voids your medical coverage if you end up needing it) so we were thankful to have the policy. We were fully reimbursed for the cost of flights and cruise (we had already made final payment) and it was a surprisingly easy process...but one I hope we never have to repeat!
  6. I have picked up colds on two cruises - once on Carnival years ago and most recently on X Eclipse this past May. Learned my lesson and now I travel with a small "cold kit" that I put together with capsules of oil of oregano, Emergen-C vitamin C drink mix, and a box of decongestants. At home I find if I start taking oil of oregano at the first sign of a cold, I can generally nip it in the bud and it never develops into a full blown cold. Between that and a few drinks of Emergen-C, hopefully I'll have the same results on board if I ever need to bust into the cold kit, but I figure if I don't catch the germs in time, the decongestant will be appreciated on the return flight home - nothing worse than being on a flight when you're congested!
  7. Thank you! Will definitely do that 🙂
  8. Has anyone noticed if they offer low sugar or sugar free flavoured syrups at Cafe Bacio? Trying to reduce my sugar intake but I do love a vanilla latte (or two) in the mornings when we sail. I'm guessing they don't have them as I've never been asked if I want regular or low/no sugar (but also didn't use to pay much attention to my sugar intake so I also didn't pay attention to what was going into the drinks!)
  9. No, we're doing a 6 day Western Caribbean. Love the ABCs though! If you haven't been to Bonaire, highly recommend renting a golf cart from Bonaire Cruisers so you can tour the island on your own! (you can find them on Facebook or just Google them to contact them ahead of time - you pay when you get there)
  10. You are getting on Equinox the day we're getting off!
  11. I will echo what ShawninFl and Bo1953 have said. Haven't tried LPC yet but hubby and I dine in Murano every time we're on a ship that has it. We often cruise over our anniversary and there is no better restaurant to celebrate a special occasion in! We have always had fantastic food and the service is top notch. Hope you enjoy if you give it a shot!
  12. Great pictures! We are doing the same itinerary in a few weeks, minus the stop in Grand Cayman. We have done 25+ cruises but this is our first Western Caribbean so we are looking forward to some new ports, even though it's going to be hotter than Hades!
  13. OMG 55 minutes?! That's nuts. That is precious vacation time being wasted on hair drying, lol. Windy (yes, I named my Dyson) takes about 9 minutes for straight hair, 12ish for curly, and then I'm out the door and back to getting my cruise on!
  14. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who brings her Dyson hair dryer from home! I keep her in my carry on when we fly so I can make sure nothing happens to her, lol - hubby thinks I'm nuts (you've got to protect your investment, right!)
  15. When we sailed to Bermuda on Summit last month, Qsine offered a lobster lunch one of the sea days that was excellent. I think it was $40 US per person or somewhere thereabouts. Highly recommend it if you're a seafood fan!
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