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  1. The tomato soup in Luminae (I get two bowls!)
  2. So much for our Hawaii cruise out of Vancouver in September 😞
  3. We've sailed on Summit twice since she was refurbished - she was lovely before and is even better now! On our last cruise we were in an Aqua class cabin, #1108. Excellent location on the aft starboard side of the ship (I think we were about a dozen cabins from the very back). One deck up to the Rooftop Terrace where they show movies (never heard any noise or foot traffic from up there), one deck down to the pool and buffet - we couldn't have asked for a more convenient location.
  4. We have a May 13, 2020 booked on Equniox...just waiting on X to cancel (huge bummer as we've been looking forward to this cruise for ages - sailing with friends we haven't seen in a long time) and a mid-September Hawaii cruise on Solstice. Fingers crossed that one won't get cancelled as it's our anniversary trip. We have another Caribbean one booked for Feb 2021 but I'm not even thinking about that one at this point.
  5. Once you apply that 125% FCC to the cruise you want to book, if the FCC exceeds the cost of the new booking you will get your cash deposit refunded.
  6. Thank you! I will be more disappointed for the friends we're cruising with as my husband and I cruise pretty often whereas this will will be the first for a couple of them.
  7. I hope they'll do the same for the next wave - we're due to sail on May 13! (fully not expecting they will cancel)
  8. Also keep in mind that any perks attached to your original booking do not carry forward with your FCC! Your new booking would be made at current (as of day of booking) rates and promotions.
  9. Being in the UK it might be different for you, but here in North America FCCs issued under the Cruise with Confidence policy absolutely can be used for existing bookings to pay the outstanding balance of the cruise fare portion only (not applicable to taxes, port fees, prepaid gratuities or transfers).
  10. What does that mean? You think your travel agent is going to try to take some of the money you are getting back? That's not how it works. A - if you booked through a TA, the form probably will not let you do the cancellation yourself. B - if you take FCCs, you will get taxes and port fees refunded to your credit card and the balance will be FCCs C - your TA has likely already received their commission so they have been paid. Their commission is business between them and Celebrity, nothing to do with you.
  11. We were in 1108 (fantastic location, by the way) and never heard a peep from the Rooftop Terrace. They didn't hold anything up there in the evenings so there was no foot traffic to be stomping up above our cabin. They showed movies some afternoons but we weren't in the cabin or on the balcony at that time anyway.
  12. Jamaica denied a MSC ship because of an ill crew member (who was later found to have the flu, not Covid-19) and Vision of the Seas skipped St. Lucia last week because they had a sick (again, not Covid-19) crew member (from what a lady in line with me at the San Juan airport told me on Saturday). A Princess ship was delayed docking in Ft. Lauderdale after it was learned that they had a few crew members who had recently transferred over from the Grand Princess (last I heard they were still waiting for their test results to come back, but since I've heard nothing on this morning's news I'm guessing they are either still waiting or the crew members are fine).
  13. I just looked it up and refundable flights will be rebooked by Celebrity; for non-refundable flights, whether booked through Celebrity or independently, it says to contact the airline directly for assistance.
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