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  1. That sounds like even exchange We are on the August 1 sailing .We lost Grand Cayman and added a sea day Let us know how the Equinox is after the long layoff Iam sure there will be less passengers
  2. Just redeemed 200 OBC for August 1 Equinox from my Celebrity Visa about a week after 100 showed up on planner. Had to call Celebrity and gave them card # and matter was resolved. They said it usually takes 7 to 14 days to appear in your cruise planner
  3. Iam booked on the Apex for Thanksgiving. New ship Reflection is nice but it has been around the block Depending on capacity at the time Reflection has more passengers than any other S class ship Thanksgiving cruise they start Xmas decorations. Never had a AQ or Suite usually book a C2 there are a few cabins that are on the hump that have HUGE balconies . I would sooner go on 3 cruises for the cost of one suite .
  4. Booked on march 12 Equinox No 9 night sailings So celebrity has 2 choices cancel the cruise and refund anyone or change it too a 7 night different ports. What will they decide? Its past final payment time
  5. Talked to celebrity and I stay in the same cabin doing back to back and all i have to do is the same get off and get back on Hopefully we will be sailing before then
  6. No i have not asked Might have to pack up and come back in a couple of hours Good question will call celebrity and let u know
  7. I received a e mail from celebrity for this cruise. It is a 7 night with St Thomas deleted. We will get 100.00 OBC and a refund of one eight of our cruise fare back on your credit card. I am booked on the six day western before this. That cruise will be 7 nights a 100 OBC and a free night added. Costa Maya will be the added port. See you in june
  8. Thanks received most of my credit back from Celebrity on May 7 very pleased only 209.12 short which is the taxes and port fees . Will follow up next week
  9. Still waiting for refund from March 13 Reflection cruise
  10. Just looked on webcam and Celebrity Edge must be getting some fuel and provisions Might be sending crew home
  11. I was on the same cruise and received my OBC on the 25 Still waiting for the cruise refund
  12. Iam sure the Apex will be sailing in the Caribbean in November.
  13. On the Reflection heading to Nassau. Staff and crew have been fantastic. Sure we were disappointed but they are giving us a 100% refund and 50% FCC Thats like getting a 5 day 4 night cruise FREE They are giving people 200 per person for airline changes TRANSPORTATION to the airport. We have 1200 passengers and 1200 You will never sail like this again on a cruise. Almost all the passenger are having a great time and understand it’s not Celebrity fault .
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