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  1. I always request a table of 8 to 10 and have met many nice people. On my last cruise 4 of us ladies at our table were all solo. One couple on my roll call changed their table to sit with me and on the previous cruise another lady from that roll call had me join their table. No shortage of people to share shore excursions, go to evening shows or hang out at the pool.
  2. @Fouremcois there any news on Canadians who received Astrazeneca as their vaccines not being allowed into the US? I have both doses but heard some venues don't recognize that particular vaccine. Don't want to book and be turned away.
  3. We loved the Embarkation lunch and the beef short ribs were so delicious and tender. I took a friend on this cruise and we had a great CC room mid ship on deck 11. She has never been spoiled or treated to anything and was like a kid in a candyshop. It was an experience of a lifetime for her.
  4. I wasn't interested in any of these cruises for the same reasons although I so want to resume cruising.
  5. Only been on S class ships and had many cabins near elevators without issues. As others have stated there is a wall separating cabins from elevators. They are great cabins some with large extended balconies.
  6. I never knew that. Many years ago I asked an agent some info about a cruise and her response was she had never cruised and couldn't afford it.
  7. I have a small FCC which expires September 2022. Now wondering if I will be able to use it by then. Cruise must be booked by next April.
  8. Mine also gives cancellation insurance but only $1500 per person and yes with fares so high its basically a drop in the bucket.
  9. @Fouremco I used to always book in USD as I had a US credit card but have since cancelled as bank wants you to keep 5K in it at all times. Does not make financial sense any longer.
  10. @Fouremcowhat about a QR code or perhaps your vaccination details embedded in your passport? Would this deter anti vaxxers?
  11. I tend to agree. Pre pandemic my cruises were between 12 to 14 days in length. My province of Ontario, Canada is entering another lockdown at midnight April 2nd. There goes our family Easter celebration.
  12. @Fouremco. Yes I saw those flights and noted the times. Also a seven day cruise with an overnight stay would cost in excess of $5000 CAD which is absurd, however, anything can change by August. At least I will be fully vaccinated.
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