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  1. I remember the first cruise DH and I took we booked with a large travel agency in Canada. He spent two hours talking to us and never even got so much as a cheap bottle of wine. We were charged extra for return shuttle from San Juan to and from the terminal when we could have used a taxi at less than half the cost. Never even heard of cruise critic back then.
  2. A lady at the CC HH gave me a martini she didn't like but I think that's ok as long as you're not making a habit of it. As a general rule you can't be ordering drinks for others who don't have the package.
  3. @Fouremco Good point about tipping waitstaff. I assume the couple went elsewhere to eat but I would have liked to say goodbye to the wife.
  4. Are you kidding? He talked incessantly, don't even know how he managed to eat his meal. I tried to be polite but wasn't easy. The other tablemates were great. On the last night of a 12 night cruise they never came to dinner; probably went to specialty so never got to say goodbye to his wife. That's rude but to each his own.
  5. A few cruises ago I was solo at a table in MDR with 6 others. One gentleman had a bottle of wine which he poured for himself and his wife. I had a glass of wine I had brought from my cabin. As I'm curious about wines I asked to see the label, he moved the bottle out of my reach. A few nights later I decided to bring a bottle from my stateroom to drink for the remaining nights. The same man asked me if he could have a glass of my wine. Strange comment. His wife was quite nice though.
  6. Several years ago I was having lunch in the buffet. Recovering from a broken ankle I brought my cane, set down my drink and beach bag, as I had just come from pool area, drink on table and bag on the bench. Went to get a plate of food to come back and see drink gone another couple sitting there had slid my bag over. They didn't care, said it was their table now.
  7. I use the TD first class travel visa. 3 points for every $ spent and 9 points on travel purchases. Usually have enough points to cover flight and 1 night hotel pre cruise. Card also gives medical insurance and trip cancellation.
  8. I'm like you, also retired and enjoy researching cruises and shore excursions. Last several years booked directly and always get OBC and extras. I don't shop at big box stores so unable to book with them. I did hear that they now give gift cards rather than cash back. I book my own flights and hotels as in most cases have enough points to cover cost. I'm constantly upgrading categories so booking directly is best for me.
  9. Years ago I think it was 2008 and 2009 when our rates were favorable I booked with a US based agency in US dollars. At the time I also had a USD credit card so I knew exactly what I was being charged without any conversion fees. Lately I've booked with X, received substantial on board credit, 2 bottles of excellent quality wine waiting for me in my cabin and great customer service.
  10. If my call goes to voice mail he always calls back same day. If its the weekend and he's off and my matter is urgent another agent will make the change. I'll probably book my next cruise after final payment and look for the best price and some OBC in which case I could go with a TA. I mostly travel solo so a bit hard on the wallet.
  11. I really don't know why X didn't want to upgrade me but I kept telling my TA to call back and finally the third agent changed the booking to a C2 midship angled balcony. It was a 14 night Caribbean cruise and it appears there were a lot of this category available and it was 2 weeks from sail date when the price dropped. The extra points per night put me into Elite for the following cruise.
  12. Just call my X CVP. Never had to wait on hold.
  13. The last time I used a TA was for my March 2018 Eclipse sailing. I paid for a 2D balcony cabin on deck 6 an obstructed view. Two weeks prior to sailing the C2 cabins dropped in price to the same price as the 2D's. I called my TA and requested the change. Seems X didn't want to change as I had booked with a TA so I asked him to call back and eventually on the 3rd call the switch was honoured. The extra points per night also got me to Elite on the following cruise. Seems easier to make changes when you book directly.
  14. Next time just order your own to share with partner. I always say I'm having just once slice of bread but agree that butter is so good and they change it up throughout the cruise. I really don't think the man at my dinner table had ever tasted it before.
  15. I understand at the end $100 won't make or break the cruise but agree leaves a bad taste. I deal with a great X agent. He doesn't work weekends but he and his partner help out in absence of one another and I've been very happy. I no longer book with travel agencies as they charge usd and I live in Canada so exchange rate involved. I prefer to pay in my countries currency and know exact cost upfront. I still get OBC from Celebrity for my booking plus 2 bottles of wine of my choice. Always worked out.
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