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  1. Agree. The couple I met onboard the ship recently were trying to spend the last of their $750 OBC in the duty free shop. I thought that was a generous amount until they mentioned the cost of the cruise was 10 K. Cruise was for 12 nights.
  2. I don't use the US visa in Europe. I have a home trust visa which I use no FX charges plus cash back. The US Visa is only for large purchases made in the states then I pay out of my USD account. For flights cruises hotels etc. the first class TD provides the best coverage. I did have to cancel a cruise last year and was refunded every penny.
  3. Its 2.5 percent and is dependent on what the rate is when the charge hits your credit card. For example I may see a US charge of $100 which is still sitting pending on my visa at 1.3450 exchange rate. Could take up to 2 days to actually post to my account and rate could change by then up or down. Rates are always live. I own a US visa also a credit card I use for travel in Europe which does not charge the 2.5 percent and use for large purchases but my Canadian Visa gives me free medical and trip cancellation insurance which is of great value to me.
  4. I don't know any Canadian who is happy about paying 1.35 USD on their dollar. I worked it out and by booking my cruise directly with Celebrity in CDN currency I saved just over 2 percent which is substantial when spending thousands of dollars overall. I still got to keep the OBC and wine. 🍷🍷 2 bottles .
  5. The Canadian travel agencies dont offer any obc or wine as I'm told if they do they have to provide their credit card number to celebrity to purchase. Not really sure if this is true. Prior to 2008 I always booked in US currency as our dollar was stronger then but doesn't make financial sense to do so any more. For what I paid for my upcoming cruise I'm happy with the perks received.
  6. I always book the lowest category verandah somewhat obstructed then wait for a price drop in CC as I was trying to obtain points to get to elite. On my last cruise CC dropped below what I paid and got an upgrade to deck 11 angled large balcony. Didn't happen on my upcoming cruise on Monday as prices went up in all categories but I'm still happy with the price paid, obc and 2 great bottles of wine.
  7. In my case I ended up saving $50 by booking directly with Celebrity. Still got the obc which was $175. The online agency would not give the wine however. I am Canadian and online TA charges in USD so I always factor in the FX rate. With Celebrity I book in CDN currency. ObC is in US $.
  8. For $300 in obc you would have to pay more for the verandah cabin. The TA and agency still have to make money.
  9. Yes. Paid for the cheapest category balcony and move up from there when there is a price drop on a higher category and always kept the obc. The wine is valued at $64 USD per bottle on celebrity's wine list and that can be taken to the dining room for consumption. I know for a fact that they buy their alcohol pretty cheap so no big loss to them.
  10. I disagree. On my last 3 bookings with X I've been able to obtain the same perks offered by the agency I've dealt with in the past. In addition he's given me 2 nice bottles of wine which saves me weight and valuable luggage space. Been extremely happy with his services.
  11. On the cruise I took this past March I booked a regular verandah then was able to upgrade to CC as the price dropped below what I paid for a regular verandah. Being solo in the cabin I got the extra points so now when I board the Equinox on Monday I'll be elite status. Looking forward to the extra perks of that.
  12. The fruit is usually apples or pears which you can get from the buffet. The canapes are terrible and with the removal of the footstools from the verandahs I would hardly pay more for a concierge class cabin. The perks are just not worth the additional cost. Some of the locations are not that great either.
  13. I would have to agree with you especially when converted to Canadian currency. The meals in the MDR are fine and have already been paid for so don't feel the need to go elsewhere but to each his own.
  14. You have to ask for the sparkling wine if you want it as so many now have the beverage package. Agree on the tote bag I left mine in the cabin for the next person.
  15. The sparkling wine is not there unless you specifically ask for it since many have the beverage package. I use it for mimosas at breakfast and my cabin attendant kept bringing me more from other state rooms. I gave away the chintzy tote bag and left the key holder in the stateroom when I disembarked. The only canapes that were worth eating was the hummus and nacho chips.
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