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  1. Thank you for asking, that helps! Did you try Qsine for dinner or Tuscan Grill? How has the food and service been in Luminae? i know we will have no time to use the pool. We only have one sea day! 😩 Cheers!
  2. We have sailed Europe many times and pay extra tips in US dollars since that is what we carry onboard. Ships use the US currency even in the ATM. The ship makes change of currency for the crew at no cost to them is what I have been told.
  3. I am not sure where they hold it, I just thought that the maitre d would be able to reach out and find what night it will be held.
  4. This may be a little crazy, but would you ask the maitre d in Luminae if he could find out when chefs table will be on the Oct 1st sailing? I have a group of people that would like to attend. Thanks in advance!
  5. Pleas keep us up to date on your observations of Connie (pics would be great). We will be boarding Oct 1st! We too have a Sky suite 6115. Would like to read your observation of the ship overall. First time on this class of ship through X. We are Elite and love sailing X but just a little concern about this class of ship. It was all about the itinerary that drew us in. Cheers!
  6. Remember your selection of liquor brands are limited on the D offer. It is not any brand you want. I find they use the lower label brands if you are an on the rocks drinker. Just saying! Cheers!
  7. Still Reading, but this thread has been very very helpful! Thank you for starting it and to all who have shared. We Sail 14 days Starting June 2020 and will add to this once we return! With appreciation, Cheers!
  8. Thank you for posting. Would you be able to tell me what pier you left out of in Venice? We arrive in Venice on Connie in October. Thanks
  9. This is a great reason to have a “professional” TA. I have had the same TA for 25 years. They know the business, they have relationships and provide a lot of bookings with cruise lines. They have your best interest in mind based on the business you bring them. I personally don’t want to argue or make phone calls to any vendor about something I am not an expert about. I am not talking about the “ Big Box” TAs, a real personal professional TA. Cheers!
  10. Does Celebrity have the same program? I would assume they would being the same company. Pre-X is waived when added, no questions asked? Cheers
  11. Basic Economics......................What will the market Bear! Pay and they will charge...........how bad do you want it.? Is what we pay for cable in the US really worth it? We still pay for it. 😂 Cheers! 🍸
  12. We have always paid $175 PP for a 7 day cruise, but now it really isn’t about the price it is about availability, we will be on the Anniversary/Presidents cruise in November and when we went to book the UDP it was “sold out”. The three night and separate specialty restaurants were available so it was not about availability. When my TA called about it she was told they sold out of “that price” dining. We are sailing on a B2B again on Symphony in January, Went to book UDP on the January 18th cruise and only Jamies showing, but on the 25th cruising was able to buy the UDP for $175 PP. RCC needs to get it together with UDP! Cheers!
  13. Not sure what is up with ultimate dining package......we are on Constellation in October out of Rome and they want $299 PP with only three restaurants to select from. Will do my bargaining after we get on the ship to get deals along the way! Cheers!🍸
  14. Ok, one more........there are so many. 2005 Adventure of the Seas. We had just moved into a new 55+ community and two of our new neighbors had never cruised before. We suggested a cruise and all 6 of us went to San Juan to board Adventure. The first night in the MDR a staff person came up and asked if we would like to have dinner with the Captain this week. Of course we said yes! The night came and we met for cocktails, then was escorted to the MDR after being briefed on how we were to enter and how to stand when the Captain came in. The Ships Ambassador attended. The best part of the night was when the Captain asked my friends how many cruises they had been on and when they answered this was their first cruise another couple at the table who had sailed on 30 prior cruises wanted to know how they were invited to the Captain table when they had never been asked before this night! 😂 The Captain invited us to the Bridge the next day to sail out of St. Marteen! Lucky? Cheers! 🍸
  15. Watching the Philadelphia Eagles win the Super Bowl! Royal did a Fantastic Job providing food and entertainment during breaks! Thanks Royal! Cheers!
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